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With the development of the times, all walks of life are undergoing technological innovation, especially the LED lighting industry. For achieving various dynamic lighting effects and ensuring stable signal transfer, DMX came into being. 
DMX is a digital network communication standard that is compatible with a variety of light sources and is now mainly used for LED lights. DMX was developed in the 1980s and now has become pervasive and normalized. It is now ideal for stage lighting, high-end venues, and complex lighting effects.
Suntech is one of the leading LED outdoor lighting manufacturers in China, we provide kinds of DMX LED strip lights, DMX LED bar light, DMX LED flood lightand DMX LED spot light, for indoor and outdoor lighting, like hotel illumination, KTV decoration,  bar dynamic lighting, event lighting, etc. 
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Shenzhen Suntech Co, Ltd. is established in 2008, we are specialized in LED lighting products from the beginning. After years of development, we have shifted from only focusing on indoor lighting products to including both indoor and outdoor lighting products and providing the entire lighting solutions. We have DMX LED Dot Light, LED Mesh Screen, LED Spot LightLED Floodlight Outdoor, LED Linear LightLED wall wash lights outdoor to meet your different lighting demands. In addition, we have our own engineering team to customize the products and lighting plan for meeting your unique lighting requirements. The following are our main products, feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

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We provide 5 years warranty for all of our LED lighting fixtures and support all technical guidance from inquiry to installation.

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Depending on specific architectural style and lighting goals, our professional LED lighting designers can customize your lighting project renderings, meeting precise lighting specifications, effects and atmosphere.

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DMX512 LED Lighting Systerm: Complete Guide

This article will discuss DMX512 for lighting equipment. You'll get a comprehensive look at how it works, what it's used for, and whether it's applicable to your lighting design. If you are currently engaged in stage lighting design or have lighting design ideas, and want to know whether DMX is necessary for your lighting system, please read this article patiently. You will find the whole process interesting and possibly challenging, but the end result is worth it.
Table of Contents
1. What is DMX, what is DMX512
2. What is DMX LED Controller
3. What about DMX Receiver/Decoder
4. Know about DMX channel and DMX address
5. Features of DMX LED Lighting
6. DMX LED Lights for Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
7. DMX LED controller introduce
8. How to connect DMX controller to LED lights
9. How to test a DMX signal?
10. DMX LED Lighting Accessories:
         DMX Cable
         Power supply
11. Conclusion

What is DMX, what is DMX512

DMX, in simple terms, is short for Digital Multiplex Signal, which is a control protocol for LED lighting. It is proposed by the United States Stage Lighting Association (USITT). DMX stands for "Digital Multiplex" or just "Multiplex" and it sends a one-way command to LED lighting fixtures. These signal clusters operate LEDs simultaneously to achieve different effects. DMX system consists of three parts: controller, signal transmission cable, lighting fixtures. DMX was originally used to control dimming. But since then, DMX has become more and more widely used and more advanced, and now DMX is widely used in a variety of lighting and other special effects, such as media facade lighting, landscape lighting, commercial lighting, and interior lighting.
DMX 512, is a set of standard codes for communication networks. Where "512" represents the number of "channels" that can be transmitted at the same time. DMX512 can control 512 channels by one DMX cable. This is a primary way of linking controllers to dimmers and stage lighting. DMX512 information consists of 2 to 513 bytes, which are bytes transmitted over an EIA+485 compliant network with a baud rate of more than 250 bits per second. A byte in turn forms a frame with the start bit and the last bit.

What is DMX LED Controller

DMX512 controller has DMX512 standard control signal, can cascade multiple DMX lamps, and can be combined with DMX driver to form a DMX control system. The large-scale LED outdoor decoration project composed of DMX512 controller and DMX driver has been widely used.
The DMX controller uses the DMX protocol to control the lighting effects. The generated signal travels linearly through all connected lighting devices. Using the DMX console, the user can control the brightness of a single cable. The term "console" is a device used to control brightness, color, effects, and output. At some large high-end LED exhibitions, we can see DMX controllers. Among the DMX512 controllers on the market, there are also some that can convert the functions of stage lights into LCD, mobile phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, etc.

What about DMX Receiver/Decoder

The DMX receiver or decoder converts the DMX512/1990 digital control signal into a PWM control signal, so that the general LED lamps cannot be decoded on the DMX512 master control platform. DMX can control the LED digital lighting products designed by the LED driver IC through DMX, and can perform 0-100% dimming and edit different changing effects for each LED tube.
Used to manage lighting fixtures for communication. There is no limit to the number of receivers you can connect. DMX receivers can be controlled separately or combined to produce the same color and effect under the control of multiple receivers. The device is suitable for public places, such as bars, restaurants, etc. In such a large project, the DMX receiver is very valuable.

Know about DMX channel and DMX address

DMX channels have a property on each light fixture. Each fixture light has fixed channels that contain special characteristics such as light, rotation, color, flicker, etc. You can store a special set of commands in each channel.

In our lighting fixtures, channel refers to the color of the LED output. If you use RGB LEDs, each different color has its own dedicated channel (red/green/blue). So, you need 3 DMX channels to control the RGB LEDs and 4 channel dmx controller to control RGBW LEDs. This means that in the 512 channels of DMX, 170 RGB lights or lighting areas can be controlled at the same time. If you are using single color LEDs, one DMX space is enough to control 512 LEDs.

In DMX, every kind of light is realized by DMX decoder or driver. Once you've set it up, you can set up your lighting scene through your DMX.

DMX address can also be said to be another term for DMX channel. Your lights will be synced across 512 channels. By setting, the lights will be sent to the corresponding address in an orderly manner and received. A DMX address is a DMX channel, it's actually like a postal address: the light lives at the "X" number. The DMX controller can then transmit information to the lamp via one of its known addresses. Many light fairs today use several DMX channels. Therefore, setting the address is equivalent to determining where each lamp is to be located in the 512 channels.


Features of DMX LED Lighting

DMX has transformed some small events like big concerts, movie theaters, Christmas lights for families. Because of its many advantages, DMX Lighting is best suited for most lighting designers.


Programming lighting

Programming dmx lights can be easily operated on a laptop download easy dmx software to operate.. You can set a custom lighting effect to create an awesome light show. DMX can control color, pattern, angle, zoom, tilt, lighten/darken, etc.


Intelligent lighting

DMX controllers can bring your lighting projects to life. More and more lighting technology has always attracted us. Smart lights, also known as moving light bulbs or automatic light bulbs, are light systems that can be programmed to change the projected colors for more effects. Mainly used in cinemas, stage events and family gatherings to create a charming atmosphere and atmosphere.


Easy to use

The DMX cable can be easily removed, which can be very useful when you need to rearrange your performance while you are performing. You can control it with a laptop, which makes the system very convenient. You can easily control a lot of lighting equipment.


Energy efficient

DMX is a good solution because it operates at a low voltage and is common in homes. This is suitable for any venue size. Hundreds of lights can be easily manipulated at the same time.


DMX LED Lights for Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

All kinds of indoor and outdoor LED lights are matched with DMX controllers, including DMX strip lights/DMX pixel tape, flexible neon lights DMX, modules, recessed lights, wall washers, floor lamps, spotlights, downlights, architectural troffers, indoor linear lighting, etc.
DMX LED Lights are mainly used in some large-scale occasions, such as: bars, indoor concerts, etc. But the madrix controller is generally used in large-scale occasions, which is better and more stable. Another advantage of DMX is that it can be easily integrated with existing lighting systems. DMX enables you to easily integrate this system with your smart home technology to make your life more efficient and productive. Therefore, in recent years, it has also been popular with family members.
DMX systems are widely used in many outdoor lighting designs because of their excellent performance. They are very popular both in business and residential.
On the outdoor stage, the atmosphere of the scene is increased, the visual effect of the scene is increased, and people are dazzled. Since 1986, the technology of DMX has become more and more mature, and its application field has gradually expanded. You will find that DMX systems replace a lot of lighting projects, no matter how simple, how large, or how complex.

DMX LED controller introduce

The DMX512 Led controller is equivalent to the brain of a lighting device used to transmit DMX signals. In order to understand DMX, it is necessary to know where the DMX controller is installed and how it works. DMX controllers were originally designed for stage performances, but since then, LED applications have become diverse, and dmx controller for led lights has become more and more popular. First, you program the controller with one or more units that you want to control. It depends on the DMX controller and the number of units you can control.
After you have selected the units to be controlled, you can proceed to choose the color of the LEDs. While some basic controllers use rotary dials, DMX lets you pre-select the value you want. You can then set a gradient and dimming command to control the LEDs on the controller. The above guidelines and your previously selected colors will give you the lighting effect you need. The last step is the procedural effect. You can set them as basic effects or procedural effects for use in more advanced DMX modes.

How to connect DMX controller to LED lights

Only connect the DMX LED lights with the controller in the right way, the variety of effects can be displayed. In order for the addressable led strip DMX controller to control the LED lights, you must have the following three devices.
1. DMX Power supply for LED ligths. You have to make sure you have a large enough power supply for the LED lights you are going to use.
2. You also need a DMX receiver. They come in different sizes, with different wattages, so you'll want to reconfirm the number of LED tapes you want to control. The biggest advantage of DMX is that you can connect multiple DMX receivers through a single controller. You can also select each DMX receiver individually via specific controllers - giving you full control over the LED tapes connected to the DMX receiver.
3. Finally, you also need the DMX controller. There are many, from wall controllers to computer desktops. You can choose whatever you want.
By using a DMX controller, you can easily control the addressable LED lights.

How to test a DMX signal?

After mastering the basic principles, the operation of the entire DMX becomes much simpler. We first prepare all the parts, and then connect the power of the LED lights. The low-voltage signal in the power supply is transmitted to the fixed device through the DMX line, and is connected to the light-emitting diode device. Once all the parts are connected, the DMX controller can program the lights. You can set the "Scene" options to combine lighting fixtures from many different channel settings to create stunning lighting effects. You can see how do we test the DMX LED strips through this video.

DMX LED Lighting Accessories:

DMX Cable

DMX cable is a cable used for lighting. The cable is not for transmitting sound, but for transmitting different information or data between light source and light source. Lighting dmx cable is an excellent line between DMX controller and lighting device. These cables transmit information and data in the form of signals, making the communication between the light source and the light source a bridge. One cable is connected to the DMX at a time. The second lamp is connected to the output of the first lamp and indirectly to the DMX, thus forming a daisy chain.

Power supply

The power supply provides power to the lighting device. Since the DMX controller only provides lighting and not power, you must provide an independent power supply for the LED lighting to ensure it can function properly. DMX and LED lighting require a separate set of cables and power supplies.


I hope this article has helped you to understand DMX and provided you with guidelines to deepen your understanding of DMX so that you can avoid problems when using DMX to control your lights/lamps. DMX systems are not as complicated as you might think. As long as you use it correctly, you can create an amazing light and shadow show that will wow everyone. This article contains all the terms and information of the DMX controller to help you buy and use it in your project. SuntechLED company specializes in dmx outdoor lighting and dmx indoor lighting, there are many DMX products, such as: dmx led strip, dmx light bars, dmx spot light, dmx lights controller, DMX RGB flood light, etc. According to our experience, outdoor lighting will use outdoor DMX controller and waterproof DMX lighting, the waterproof grade of our company's products is IP67. If you have any needs, don't hesitate to contact us now!
  • If it is DMX, then the data needs to be transmitted in units. That is 1 and 0, or ON and OFF. Most of the data is transmitted in eight data blocks. However, this arrangement combines the two channels to provide 16-bit packets, which allows for more accurate control of particle size. 8 bits will do what you need, but 16 bits can be used for more complex systems.
    Each DMX channel uses its 8-bit data to provide a set of 256 possible values (or "step sizes") to control each light in the network. These properties include the mixture of colors, such as red or yellow, the intensity of the colors, their brightness levels, and many other properties. The advantage comes when you find that a 16-bit channel can provide 65,000 different values or "steps".
  • DMX channel values are assigned by binary-coded DIP switches. We won't go into detail about the rationale behind its numbers, but we've made a diagram that easily describes the relationship between each Dip switch number and its DMX channel value.
    If you want to know what's going on with DIP switch number 10, don't worry. Dip Switch 10 was used in testing and has no values. You can only use numbers from 1 to 9 for DMX addresses.
    DIP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    Value 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256
  • Without a doubt, DMX is the latest and greatest technology. However, there are still many problems to be solved. Let's discuss what to do when there is a problem with DMX lights flickering.
    1. Check the fixtures
    Please check the installation and installation on your computer panel. Make sure all the links are correct, that is, they are all plugged into their own world.
    2. Operation guide
    Please show the instructions for use and check whether the lamp is in a normal state. The wrong mode can affect the output, and while it's important, it's hard to diagnose because the lights work just fine.
    3. Cables and connections are important
    Some people use mic leads for DMX, but we recommend against using mics. They have the potential to cause loss of signal and flicker. Microphone cables are low impedance cables, and their capacitance makes it difficult to replace DMX cables, which are designed for this purpose.
    To prevent accidents, please use a DMX cable. This cable is specially designed for high bandwidth and high-frequency signals. DMX optical cable is an ideal solution, which can effectively solve the large-capacity data packet in the cable.
    4. Test lighting fixtures
    Inspect your lighting fixtures with Active DMX. This will help you spot the problem right away.
    5. There may also be a problem with the lamps
    Check that the problematic fixture is installed in the correct location and manner. Sometimes, not a thread, but a rope! You can plug a fixed tool into the console. If there is a problem, please contact the manufacturer for replacement or installation.
    6. Don't forget to check the console
    If you've established that all lighting fixtures are associated with their address, space, and mode, then you need to keep an eye on your console. Try repairing or using another laptop/PC for comparison.

    When you've gone through all the steps, and looked at the DMX parts one by one, you'll be able to summarize and spot the errors that messed up the output. Please contact the manufacturer for more information.

  • The XLR and DMX lines overlap a bit, making it difficult to tell them apart. Simply put, XLR is for sound and DMX is for lighting. Two different cables use the same type of cable and have the same shape, but there are differences on the inside. While there are some crossover features, XLR and DMX are not interchangeable until the user gets stuck.
    XLR cable
    The word "XLR" seems to encompass a lot of things. It could be an XLR cable, an XLR cable, or even a normal wired audio cable. Typically, microphone cables are called XLRs, although they also have other audio connections. DMX cables do use XLR cables, but their specific purpose gives them their name. If you don't understand all the options of XLR, you have to know exactly what "XLR" means.
    XLR cables are suitable for professional audio equipment such as microphones, mixers, amplifiers, and sound decks. Although there are several XLR connectors on the market, 3 plugs are the most common. Each pin is used for positive, negative, and ground. If additional signals require more pins, then there may be more than 3 XLR cables.
    DMX cable
    DMX cables are a modified version of XLR technology that can be used in lighting systems. DMX connectors are much like XLR connectors. You can easily get commercially available 3-5 pin DMX connectors; however, there are rarely two extra pins.
    Answer Can you use the XLR cable from the DXM controller; although you will find that the XLR cable is being used, we do not recommend it. This is mainly because the resistance of the XLR cable is 75 ohms than the resistance of the 110ohms DMX. This means that the XLR signal is not the same as the DMX signal, which can cause flickering, loss of signal, and signal degradation.

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