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DMX Troubleshooting Guide: Stop my DMX lights from flickering

In this article, we will show you how to deal with DMX lighting settings. Whether or not there is a problem with the lighting equipment, the DMX console can't control the lights, we'll guide you through a few issues, troubleshooting DMX lighting get you started right away. Please follow the chapters below.

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Outdoor Kitchen Lighting Ideas for Your Best Outside Dining

The right lighting and fixtures can all change your entire outdoor cooking and dining experience. Outdoor kitchen lighting is generally used for three main purposes, first they need to illuminate the area where food is prepared and cooked, second to create a lively atmosphere for parties and third of course to make the area safer. To help you get started, we've curated a selection of questions to answer modern outdoor kitchen lighting ideas. Let's read on!

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2022 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition Review

Guangzhou Lighting Fair is the largest and most functional Guangzhou Lighting Fair in Asia. Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition is currently the largest and most functional exhibition in Asia. The world's largest LED and ASIA international lighting exhibition. Also known as "Guangzhou Lantern Fair" or "Canton Fair".

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Choose the Right Light Distribution for Road Way.png
LED Lighting Distribution Type for Road Way Lighting

The importance distribution of light is actually in the luminaire itself. With the right distribution of light, you can reduce the number of light fixtures and get better sustainable projects.

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5000K vs 6000K Light, Which Is Better For Your Home Lighting

With so many options, buying LED lights can seem challenging. Whether you need cool, neutral, warm, or adjustable LEDs depends on how you use them, where you are, and how your application needs to look and feel. When it comes to color temperature, we often get a lot of questions about the difference between 5000 K and 6000 K LEDs, which is why we decided to explain some important aspects to our readers to help them understand the basic color temperature. At SuntechLED, we want to simplify sourcing LED lighting equipment.

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Compare: Kelvin vs Lumens vs Watt

1. What is Kelvin 2. What are Lumens 3. What about Watt 4. Lumens To Kelvin, is it possible? 5. Lumens To Watts, how to convert? 6. Conclusion

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2700K VS 3000K for Bathroom and Living Room

Lighting is a very important part of interior design, there are all kinds of different light fixtures to choose from, but not every light is the same color, white light is our first choice, below we will discuss the difference between 2700k and 3000k light to help you do make a more suitable choice. To help you decide which light is best for your needs, we've covered the differences between the two and how they compare!

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LED Lighting Certifications: What Does ETL and ENERGY STAR Mean?

As informed consumers, this allows us to purchase certified lighting products with greater confidence. Knowing the types of certifications you'll encounter when buying a light bulb or lighting device can help make it easier for us to buy. Follow me to see what led certificate are there, let’s go.

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Recessed VS Surface VS Suspended Mounting.png
Difference Between Recessed, Surface, and Suspended Lighting

LED lighting : Recessed VS Surface VS Suspended Mounting Overview:1) What is recessed mounting?2) What is surface mounting?3) What is suspended mounting?4) What’s the difference between recessed,surface and suspended light mounting?5)Why choose Suntech?

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SMD 3528 VS SMD 5050 LED Chip

LED strips can be manufactured with various LED chips. The different numbers relate to the different physical dimensions of the chips. Numbers like 5050, 3528, 2835 are related to chip size, that is, the numbers 3528 and 5050 you see refer to the size of the chip in millimeters. At present, there are smaller and more efficient LED chips on the market, with sizes of 2835, 3014, 3020, etc., and each has its own merits when used properly. No "one" chip can rule them all.In this article, I will introduce the regular two with you.

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850nm vs 940nm.jpg
Differences between 850nm and 940nm IR LED

The infrared LED lights on the market are also called infrared emitting diodes or infrared lights, and the wavelengths are mainly 850nm and 940nm. We are often asked by others "What is the performance difference between 850nm and 940nm IR illumination?" The main difference between 850nm and 940nm IR LED is that the 850nm LED light source produces a slight red light, which can be seen a little, while the 940nm is completely invisible. Let's take a look at the specific differences!

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color temperature-Suntech.jpg
Do you know how to choose the right color temperature?

Color temperature is an important factor when considering buying LED lights. This article will tell you what color temperature is and how to choose the right one for your LED lights.

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Common Problems about LED Lighting.jpg
Common Problems about LED Lighting

When using LED lights, there may be many common problems such as flickering, humming, not bright enough bulbs, glare, etc. If these problems are not dealt with in a timely manner, you may damage your circuit or light bulb, or other financial loss.

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How to choose a power supply for your LED strip.jpg
How to choose a power supply for your LED strip?

LED power supply is an indispensable component for lighting LED lamps, and many users do not pay much attention to it. Do you know what type of power supply you should choose to drive your LED strips?

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What you should know before buying COB light?

What you should know before buying COB light?Dec 02, 2021Overview:1、What is COB Led?2、What are the advantages of COB light source?3、Where are the main applications of COB?4、Why choose the COB?5、How to choose LED COB lights?6、Difference between COB LED and SMD LEDWhat is COB Led?COB lamp is a kind of

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How to Choose a Cutting RGB LED Strip? How to install the RGB LED Strip Light

1. What is LED? Why choose LED strip?LED, full name is Light Emitting Diode. It is a solid-state semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy into visible light, and can directly convert electricity into light. The light-emitting diode is made of III-IV compounds, such as GaAs, GaP, GaAsP

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10 Advantages of Addressable LED Strip

10 Advantages of Addressable LED StripNov 18, 2021Contents1.Do you know what an addressable LED strip is?2.How does the addressable light strip work?3.The advantages of addressable LED Strip.With the advancement of the technology of the LED industry, LED flexible light strips are environmentally fri

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Analysis of 10 common LED terms

1. What is the luminous intensity (luminosity) of the LED?Answer: Luminous intensity (luminosity, I) is defined as follows: The luminosity of a point light source in a particular direction, that is, the amount of light emitted by an emitter in a unit time, also called luminosity, and the common unit

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What are the advantages of LED flexible neon strips?

Neon strips have uniform and continuous light characteristics and have been widely used in the decorative lighting market for many years. There are neon lights that shine in places of decoration and lighting such as commercial facade, billboards, subtitles, hotels and bars, generalization of buildin

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Do you know the industry terminology for LED strips?

Contents:1.LED Size2.Number of LED lights3.IP Protection4.Color Temperature5.Degree6.Emission Angle7.Voltage Due to the many types and specifications of LED light strips, many people often cannot distinguish some terms related to light strips, such as 5050 and 3528. Corresponding to this phenomenon,

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The working principle and application of RGB Light Strip

Since Thomas Edison introduced the light bulb to the world, people's lives have changed a lot. We have gone from using the basic version of light bulbs for lighting, and further developed them into complex tools that not only can illuminate our house, but also become an ornament that can change various colors. RGB light strip is an innovative one. As LED strips become more and more popular, you may have encountered RGB strips. Did you know that these strip lights can change color? So how does RGB LED work? Where are they used? This article will tell you the answer, let's take a look!

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