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SMD 3528 VS SMD 5050 LED Chip

Different numbers are related to different physical dimensions of the chip. The numbers 5050, 3528, 2835, etc. are related to the chip size in millimeters. Some LEDs are brighter than others, and some emit more light per watt. Difference between LED 3528 and 5050 LED strip lighting can be

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Do you know how to choose the right color temperature?

Color temperature is an important factor when considering buying LED lights. This article will tell you what color temperature is and how to choose the right one for your LED lights.

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Common Problems about LED Lighting

When using LED lights, there may be many common problems such as flickering, humming, not bright enough bulbs, glare, etc. If these problems are not dealt with in a timely manner, you may damage your circuit or light bulb, or other financial loss.

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How to choose a power supply for your LED strip?

LED power supply is an indispensable component for lighting LED lamps, and many users do not pay much attention to it. Do you know what type of power supply you should choose to drive your LED strips?

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What you should know before buying COB light?

What you should know before buying COB light?Dec 02, 2021Overview:1、What is COB Led?2、What are the advantages of COB light source?3、Where are the main applications of COB?4、Why choose the COB?5、How to choose LED COB lights?6、Difference between COB LED and SMD LEDWhat is COB Led?COB lamp is a kind of

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All Things You Need to Know about How to Choose a Suitable LED Strip

1. What is LED? Why choose LED strip?LED, full name is Light Emitting Diode. It is a solid-state semiconductor device that can convert electrical energy into visible light, and can directly convert electricity into light. The light-emitting diode is made of III-IV compounds, such as GaAs, GaP, GaAsP

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10 Advantages of Addressable LED Strip

10 Advantages of Addressable LED StripNov 18, 2021Contents1.Do you know what an addressable LED strip is?2.How does the addressable light strip work?3.The advantages of addressable LED Strip.With the advancement of the technology of the LED industry, LED flexible light strips are environmentally fri

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Analysis of 10 common LED terms

1. What is the luminous intensity (luminosity) of the LED?Answer: Luminous intensity (luminosity, I) is defined as follows: The luminosity of a point light source in a particular direction, that is, the amount of light emitted by an emitter in a unit time, also called luminosity, and the common unit

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What are the advantages of LED flexible neon strips?

Neon strips have uniform and continuous light characteristics and have been widely used in the decorative lighting market for many years. There are neon lights that shine in places of decoration and lighting such as commercial facade, billboards, subtitles, hotels and bars, generalization of buildin

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Do you know the industry terminology for LED strips?

Contents:1.LED Size2.Number of LED lights3.IP Protection4.Color Temperature5.Degree6.Emission Angle7.Voltage Due to the many types and specifications of LED light strips, many people often cannot distinguish some terms related to light strips, such as 5050 and 3528. Corresponding to this phenomenon,

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The working principle and application of RGB Light Strip

The working principle and application of RGB Light StripOct 28, 2021Since Thomas Edison introduced the light bulb to the world, people's lives have changed a lot. We have gone from using the basic version of light bulbs for lighting, and further developed them into complex tools that not only can il

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Introduction of Led

1. What is LED?LEDs are solid-state semiconductor devices that can convert electricity directly into light. the internal of the LED is a semiconductor chip, one end is the cathode and the other end is connected to the anode of the power supply, which encapsulates the whole chip. Made of epoxy resin

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What is LED linear lighting?

"LED linear" is a word we often hear in the field of commercial and home interior design. Nowadays, more and more scenes are applied to linear elements, and the market for linear lighting is also growing. But what exactly is it? How do we use it? Through this article, we will learn more about LED li

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How to use UV disinfection and precautions?

How to use UV disinfection and precautions?Sep 30, 2021Overview: How does UV-C disinfection work5 Uses for UV DisinfectionMain benefits of using UVC lightPrinciples of UV DisinfectionPrecautions for UV disinfection lampsTraditional disinfection methods have been used for a long time, but are they re

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What are the common causes and treatments for LED flashing?

In our daily life, the failure of LED lights is inevitable. Have you also experienced the trouble of flashing lights? So what caused the flickering of the LED lights? If we live or have been living under flickering lights, then we may understand that they are not just a problem of inconvenience to u

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Waterproof level of LED flexible light strip

Waterproof level of LED flexible light stripSep 10, 2021 LED waterproof flexible light strips areLED light strips that are made of LED flexible light strips with waterproof treatment. Usually, the waterproof strip grades are IP20, IP54, IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68, etc. IP is the international code

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How to dissipate heat from LED lights?

Overview:Why LED will produce heat?How to cool LED light? 1. Led chip packaging heat dissipation2. LED light heat dissipation 1) Aluminum profile 2) Thermally conductive plastic shell 3) Cooling Fan In recent years, LED technology has been hailed as the next generation of lighting technolo

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Advantages of COB light strip

As a linear lighting product, LED strips are widely used in the field of lighting. With the continuous update and iteration of lighting products, COB flexible strip has stood out in the huge lighting market by virtue of its own advantages.The full name of COB is Chips on Board, which means that the

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2 Kinds of LED Sorting Methods

The human eye has a very high resolution for the color and brightness of the light and is particularly sensitive to color differences and changes. The sensitivity of the human eye to light of different color wavelengths is different. For example, for light with a wavelength of 585nm, when the color

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