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254nm 255nm 265nm 275nm LED UVC LED Chip

The COVID-19 has increased the demands of anti-virus products and sterilization devices, and has pushed the development of disinfection. The LEDs have become the most popular UV disinfection prooduct due to it don't contain mercury, emit specific wavelength, and energy saving and will replace the traditional UV lamp.
Suntech LEDs provide 15mw, 20mw, 30mw UVC LEDs, and 50mw, 60mw, 100mw, 150mw, 200mw, 350mw high power UVC LEDs. We not only provide the UVC LED chip products, but  also produce UVC LED light strips, 222nm Far UVC lights. If our current existing products cannot meet your requirements, we can customize the UVC products for you.
All of our UVC LED products have been certified by CE, RoHS, and FCC testing.
Welcome to send your inquiry to us and we will provide you with effective and cost saving product.

UVC LED Features & Applications:

 UV LED chips: 255nm, 260nm 270nm, 275nm 
 SMD3535, SMD3939, SMD6868 for different power of UVC LED
 Can be made to flexible strip, rigid board to suit different application scenarios
 No mercury included, environmentally friendly
 Beam angle 120° with flat quartz lens, or 30°/60° with dome quartz lens
 No warm-up required, full light output immediately when turned on
 Air Disinfection
 Surface Sterilization
 Water Disinfectioon
 UV Curing
 Medical Health
Chemical industry treatment

254nm 255nm 260nm Deep UVC LED Chips for UV Disinfection

 UVC LED Chips Selection List

Model Voltage LED size Power Consumption Optical Power Wavelength View Angle
UVC3535-255NM-1W-V 6V SMD3535 1W 30mW 255~260nm 120 Degrees
UVC6868-255NM-3W-V 6V SMD6868 3W 50mW
UVC6868-255NM-4W-V  11~13V SMD6868 4W 100mW
UVC6868-255NM-11W-V 16~19V SMD6868 11W 150~200mW
UVC3838-255M-2W-D 6V SMD3838 2W 30mW 255~260nm 120/60Degrees
UVC3838-255NM-3W-D 6V SMD3838 3W 50mW
UVC6868-255NM-6W-D 21~25V SMD6868 6W 100mW
UVC6868-255NM-7W-D 21~25V SMD6868 7W 150~200mW
Model Voltage LED size Power Consumption Optical Power Wavelength View Angle
UVC3535-270NM-3W-V 6V SMD3535 3W 30mW 270~280nm 120 Degrees
UVC6868-270NM-4W-V 11~13V SMD6868 4W 50mW
UVC6868-270NM-9W-V  16~19V SMD6868 9W 100~150mW
UVC6868-270NM-11W-V 16~19V SMD6868 11W 200mW
UVC3838-270NM-2W-D 6V SMD3838 2W 30mW 270~280nm 120/60Degrees
UVC3838-270NM-3W-D 6V SMD3838 3W 50mW
UVC6868-270NM-6W-D 21~25V SMD6868 6W 100mW
UVC6868-270NM-7W-D 21~25V SMD6868 7W 150~200mW
* The voltage of UVC LED chips can be customized, feel free to contact us if you have any needs.
If you need more powerful UVC LED diode for making large area UV light sanitizer, we have 350mw UVC LED for you.
If you are looking for more UV LED products, please come the this page for more details: Ultraviolet LED Strip

How does a UVC LED sterilizer work?

Bacteria and viruses multiply through cell division based on genetic information, causing infection and disease. DNA and RNA hold the genetic information necessary for this proliferation to occur. Irradiation with UVC light changes the helical structure of DNA and RNA held by bacteria and viruses, thereby inactivating these bacteria and viruses, thereby reducing their proliferation to achieve sterilization.
Risks of UVC light disinfection:
・Do not directly irradiate human eyes and skin, may cause health problems to humans and living things (damage caused by acute and chronic ultraviolet radiation).
・Prolonged exposure may cause discoloration and deterioration of organic materials (usually resin and plastic-based materials).
・This method cannot be used for sterilization in shaded or inaccessible places.
If you need the flexible UVC LED strips or rigid UVC LED modules, we have the 265nm, 275nm UV LED strips. 
Below are the CE, RoHS, and FCC certificates display of the UVC LED strips. 
UVC LED products certificates
The UVC disinfection products are usually need to be customized, welcome to talk with us if you have any needs.

UVC LED Disinfection knowledge you need to know

Does UVC LED produce ozone?
We know that traditional mercury UV lamps produce ozone, which does harm to the respiratory tract, especially to people who have asthma or allergies. The UVC LED lights don't produce ozone, and they emit UV light at a specific wavelength. Actually, UVC LED lights don't generate any harmful material to humans except emit light in a specific wavelength.
Why prefer UVC LED to the traditional UV lamp?
 Traditional UV lamps emit light in multiple wavelengths, only some of which are in the effective UVC spectrum, and the efficiency in the 254-280nm band is less than 45%. But LED can directly emit UVC light within the required wavelength, with higher efficiency and lower power.
 UVC LEDs can emit more wavelengths closer to 265nm and are more effective in destroying viruses.
 LED is more environment friendly.  Traditional UV lamps can cause problems with mercury pollution, and UVC LEDs do not produce any harmful substances.
What materials can UVC light pass through?
The penetration of UVC light is very weak, cannot pass through materials such as walls, plastics, metals, etc., only through quartz glass, and has limited penetration ability. That's why the UVC LED products all apply the quarts lens to protect the LEDs.
Is UVC dangerous for skin?
Yes. UVC irradiation can caurse severe skin burns when exposure to strong UVC light. And do not look directly at UVC lights, this will caurse eye damage and photokeratitis. 
When using UVC LED lights, please avoid exposure to the emitted light, and take the necessary protective measures, like wearing gloves and goggles. 
Why UVC LED is expensive?
1. The manufacturing technology is difficult, and there is currently a shortage of semiconductors with efficient and reliable AlGaN. 
2. Need special ceramic packaging and quartz lens.
3. Chip structure is difficult to optimize.
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UVC LED Disinfection
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