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Founded in 2008, Suntech LED is a leading LED exterior lighting manufacturer in China. We focus on the R&D, production and sales of high-quality LED mesh screenlinear lights, flood lightsexterior led spot lightsLED wall wash lightsDMX LED dot lights. We are happy to helping you meet all your exterior/outdoor lighting and optimization requirements. Whether for residential facade lighting or commercial buildings, you can get high quality outdoor facade illumination fixtures and great solutions from us, and all our lights come with a 5-year warranty. Ask for a quote now!

Best Exterior Facade Lighting Fixtures

SuntechLED provides the latest lighting technology and the most professional facade led lighting and media facade lighting solutions. Our LED lighting fixtures can be used for LED building facade lighting and LED landscape lighting. We provide ODM & OEM customized services to meet your needs. Here share our several lamps that are often used in architectural facade lighting.
RGBW DMX LED Spot Flood Light Outdoor
LED Flood Lights specially designed for LED building facade and landscape perfect lighting. Adopting high thermal conductivity die-casting aluminum shell, sealed by high thermal conductivity and weather-resistant PU glue + sealing ring double waterproof; the appearance of the lamps is exquisite and generous; the lamps are connected by the national standard customized flexible cable, which can be bent and deformed at will; adjustable angle greater than 180 degrees The mounting bracket is more convenient for different application environment conditions; the appearance and luminous color can be customized; it is mainly used for decorative lighting and lighting of building outlines, overpasses, monuments, columns, flower beds, and other places. Get your unique facade flood lighting design now!

Flexible LED Pixel Mesh Screen

A flexible LED pixel mesh screen with flexibility and transparent structure can be easily applied to various scenes. A flexible LED Pixel Mesh screen is also called an LED media curtain. The product uses an ultra-flexible design. It can be bent freely, presenting creative shapes such as arches, circles, waves, etc., and the size can be customized. High flexibility to perfectly match the building facade and media facade. This product type is especially used for building exterior walls, such as screens and field lighting. Get instant quote now!
Flexible LED Pixel Mesh Light
DMX LED Pixel Point Light For Facade Lighting
LED dot lights are a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly decorative light for indoors and outdoors. Each LED has a built-in microcomputer chip so it can be programmed and controlled at will. The full-color changing effect and multiple led point light sources form a dot-matrix screen. A variety of pictures, text and animation effects can be changed. It is a supplement to the linear light sources and floodlighting. Its beautiful appearance can meet the design requirements of points, lines, and surfaces for decorations such as buildings. Get competitive wholesale rates now!

LED linear lights specially designed for facade linear lighting in outdoor landscape lighting and media facade lighting. Adopt high thermal conductivity extruded aluminum shell, flame-retardant plastic PC end cover, and waterproof with high thermal conductivity and weather-resistant PU glue; the small size of the light bar, exquisite appearance; the connection between the light bars through the national standard customized flexible cable; product length and color can be customized, easy facade lighting installation for large curves or curved surfaces; suitable for contouring of building facades, and decorative and brightening of internal and external surfaces. Get instant quote now!
Outdoor Indoor Architectural Linear LED Lighting For Bridge, Museum, Hall
Outdoor LED Wall Washer Light
LED media facade wall washer lights have been widely used in various places, such as the lighting of corporate buildings, government buildings, historical buildings, and entertainment places; The scope involved is wide, from the original indoor to outdoor, from the original local lighting to the current overall lighting. LED wall washer lights will develop into an indispensable part of the outdoor media lighting project. Get instant quote now!

       LED Digital Controller       

LED facade LED digital controller is 32-65536 level grayscale control. Truly restore the image color and details. Three-primary-color independent brightness control. Realizes the simple, effective, and accurate adjustment of white balance.
★ Support ARTNET MADRIX software 
★ Support Most of the led lights with IC Chips 
★ Support all kinds of light sources of point, line, and surface 
★ Fits for regular and irregular shape of lights project 
★ Support Multiple synchronizations, support SD card 
★ Support IC Type: DMX512, UCS1912, TM1803, TM1804, TM1809, TM1812, UCS2903, UCS2909, UCS2912, 8205,8206,16703, WS2811, etc

Artnet Madrix Pixel Strip Led Dmx 512 Controller For Landscape Illumination

LED Facade Lighting Projects Gallery ​​​​​​​

The creative design of the facade lighting project from SuntechLED explores the use of light and as a facade "material" to form an integral part of the building. Outdoor facade lighting breathes legendary energy into the monotony of the building at night. As a professional company in the field of facade lighting and control, SuntechLED is committed to providing complete, sustainable and intelligent lighting solutions. We are happy to share some of our experiences in this dynamic field with you.

View More Outdoor Facade Lighting Projects​​​​​​​

To view more LED facade lighting fixtures. SuntechLED has extensive experience in the modern facade lighting industry. To provide you with high quality and wholesale price products. Technical support for customized LED facade lighting solutions based on your building. For your facade lighting projects, SuntechLED facade lighting experts will provide free consultation and evaluation. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or send an email to sales@suntechleds.com. We'd be glad to assist you.​​​​​​​

Facade LED Light Application

Facades are often referred to as the main facade or the facade exterior of a building. Architecturally, they are one of the most important exterior design elements, as they largely determine the overall feel of the structure. Lighting the facade to accentuate and accentuate the key features of the building, and accentuate the surroundings, can also turn a boring building into a truly eye-catching one, attracting visitors and clients alike.

★Ambient lighting
★Beautify buildings

★Attract tourists

★Create a landmark

 Top LED Facade Light Manufacturer 

SuntechLED, one of best facade lights suppliers in China. Not only has a huge local customer, but also has done many led facade lighting projects in USA, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Nigeria, India, Dubai and other regions!

High-quality service, excellent quality, and perfect after-sales service have gained the satisfaction of many domestic and foreign customers. Please contact us to provide you with a free one-stop outdoor LED facade lighting solution.
Facade lighting project in China

Why Choose SuntechLED For LED Facade Lighting?

SuntechLED focuses on the most advanced LED facade lighting products and design the whole architectural lighting solutions for our customers. Over the years, we have provided total solutions for outdoor lighting projects such as outdoor architectural lighting, facade lighting, landscape lighting, stadium lighting, street lighting, and lighting. Design, production, distribution, installation, your facade project will be completed under professional guidance.


We have no MOQ requirements and you can purchase any quantity that is needed.
Fast Delivery
We’re so confident in our lighting products that we offer a 7-10 day lead time on all orders.
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We always provide high-quality lighting at an affordable price.
We have a team of experts who can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.
Customer Service
We’ll get you the answers to all of your questions, quickly and effectively.
5 Year Warranty
Quality is our culture. We stand by our products with a 5-year warranty.

More Than Just an Outdoor LED Facade Manufacturer

Our prompt support, adherence to high standards, customer-centric solutions, and sound advice underpins our growing reputation as we always strive to provide a variety of optimal solutions to help your business grow.
We offer seamless, logistics support that meets your needs. We can assist you with product handling and delivery that is always on time and within budget.
Lighting designLighting Design
When it comes to structure and style, we are devoted to seeing things from an innovative perspective. We can customize our fixtures to bring forth the exact lighting specifications, effects, and ambiance that you desire.
Lighting solutionLighting Proposal
Whether you choose from our existing collection of lighting designs and solutions or you want to build something new, we can help you have a distinctive and memorable plan.
Installation supportInstallation Support
We do more than just build and deliver your project. Our qualified engineers can support you through the entire process and assist you with the installation when you need it.

LED Facade Lighting Ultimate Buying Guide

Table of contents
1. What is LED facade lighting?
2. Why need LED facade lighting?
3. Types of outdoor facade lighting
4. How do you light up building facade?
5. What need to consider to get the best facade lighting fixtures
6. Common types of facade lighting fixtures
7. 2 important points for building facade lighting design
8. 6 guidelines to follow for exterior facade lighting
9. Conclusion

1. What is LED facade lighting?

Facade lighting is a key element of the building, using different lighting techniques to enhance exterior views and enhance the aesthetics of the building. The most important and attractive part of the façade at night is the lighting effect, the facade lighting highlights the tectonic and core features of the building. If not a good lighting scheme to highlight the features of the architecture, the structure of a building can appear bland and inconspicuous at night.

In addition to this, there are several other factors decide the final facade design: the acoustic performance, light transmission ability, and the energy produced. Exterior design, structure and facades have a significant impact on the appearance of a building. With perfect facade lighting, it looks more beautiful and elegant.

2. Why need LED facade lighting?

When people see the outer wall, they have already formed a preliminary view of the building. Visitors inevitably make assumptions based on the style of the outdoor area inside the building. From decorative lights to landscape lights, outdoor lighting can make or break the look. Why is architectural lighting so important?

Outdoor lighting affects the perceived value of a building.
As with indoor lighting, outdoor lighting can speak to a building's value, and its use can enhance a building's curb appeal.

Outdoor lighting enhances safety.
Well-lit sidewalks, driveways and porches allow guests to enter and exit your home easily and safely. Highlight areas of your landscape for nighttime use.

Outdoor lighting sets the stage for outdoor entertaining.
Outdoor lighting can help you extend the season of outdoor gatherings. A well-lit entertaining space will keep your party going after dark.


3. Types of outdoor facade lighting


1) According to lighting function classification:

Safety and Security
An important way to aisle lighting visitors. Not only do street lights greatly improve safety by illuminating dark sidewalks that can lead to dangerous falls, but they are also an easy way to increase curb appeal. Proper lighting of walkways, stairs, pond areas and other trip hazards can help ensure safety.
Suitable lamps: floodlights

Entrance lighting
Lighting rule of thumb: The size of the exterior lighting used to illuminate the front door should be proportional to the door itself.
Door sconces should be anywhere between 1/4 and 1/3 the size of the front door. In general, outdoor sconces and lanterns should be installed at eye level. The center of the light source is 5.5 to 6 feet from the ground and 8 to 10 feet apart.

Column/Fence Lighting
Installing LED outdoor light fixtures will not generate excessive heat, so homeowners can rest assured knowing that their outdoor LED lights will illuminate their property with minimal fire risk. Also, compared to other light sources that can get very hot, children playing in the yard do not get burnt from low temperatures.

2) Sort by style and location:

Wall lamp
These can be installed in a variety of locations, including decks, next to entryways, garage doors, and even sheds. They serve both functional and decorative purposes. Since they come in a variety of designs, they can easily add personality to enhance your decor or look.
A great choice for modern outdoor areas or indoor &outdoor living spaces, the spotlights are also designed as up-down downlights that can be mounted on walkways, decks or balconies and provide ambient lighting to illuminate backyard, pool areas, front porches or main entrances.
Backyard Lights
A fan favorite of backyard lighting, these lights can best be described as a close cousin to the fairy string lights, but with tiny bulbs. They effortlessly brighten a space and create an unparalleled ambiance.

3) According to the type of facade:

Solid facade
Solid facades represent smooth walls without design and are one of the most common elements in any building. Options such as natural lighting technology are the best option for these facades as they have no design changes. Most solid exterior walls are large, smooth surfaces that can effectively accommodate a wide range of exterior lighting.
Vertically divided facade
These facades often need to change orientation because the structure itself is vertical. Designers have found options such as narrow beams to be a good option for these buildings. Vertically split structures require the creation of separation between walls and building sections. In addition, downlights and top lights can be installed to further enhance the vertically divided facade.
Perforated Facades
Perforated facades are the most accessible type of light. It allows designers to mix and mix different types of light fixtures in their surroundings to create the perfect texture and accentuate architectural features. Additionally, factors such as energy costs, project size and maintenance costs all play a critical role.

4. How do you light up building facade?

1) facade lighting exterior install ways

Light up the groove
Installing lights in recesses is one of the easiest and easiest ways to accentuate the facade of a building, especially when you can't install lights on exterior walls, and this method works for all major types of exterior walls. It is designed to illuminate elements such as windows and sashes in buildings with linear wall washers and linear LED lights, and to keep the actual facade dark. This helps create interesting contrasting patterns on the building.

Install spotlight
spotlight is one of the most common LED light fixtures used as exterior wall lights. They are mounted directly on the outer wall and emit a narrow beam. They can be used to emphasize the symmetry of a building or to create interesting patterns such as cross lighting or up and down lighting.

Floor lighting
Finally, you can light up the façade by illuminating all the recessed ground units. However, make sure the light fixtures emit a wide beam, as they are installed very close to the building. You might consider outdoor lights such as in-ground or floodlights.


2) 3 facade lighting design ways

Uniform lighting
Uniform lighting means spreading the same intensity of light across the entire façade, and floodlights are the most common uniform lighting choice for designers because they provide balanced lighting throughout the building.  Designers need to place these lights close to the building, placing the light on top of the structure and it will be distributed evenly across the surface, resulting in an even lighting effect. If you want to create a colorful facade with DMX control, Suntech can help you, their quality DMX LED flood lights will give you beautiful and safe lighting.

Local lighting
Spot lighting focuses on specific points on vertical façade structures such as façades, columns or building slabs. Interestingly, these spot lights also offer energy efficiency. Designers can also mix different types of these lights to create better collective designs.

Hidden lighting
Recessed lighting is the most sophisticated lighting method, but can help create the perfect façade lighting design. It can help create a dramatic look, elevate the building structure, and enhance its overall appearance.

Contour lighting
Contour lighting is another effective option for illuminating architectural structures as it makes buildings glow and creates a more dramatic design. Most building experts recommend LED line lights for this purpose.

5. What need to consider to get the best facade lighting fixtures

LEDs have a range of light color temperatures. Every bulb has a correlated color temperature (CCT), which corresponds to the Kelvin (K) temperature scale. When the Kelvin number is lower, the light is warmer. The higher the Kelvin, the cooler and bluer the light. An LED at 2700K produces a very warm, almost golden white light, while 7000K is a very cool white light. Deciding what light color to use is a matter of personal preference.

1) Efficiency of LED lighting

It's not just a buzzword - efficiency is the name of the LED game. LEDs are more than five times brighter than incandescent lamps. They use only about 20% of the electricity to produce the same amount of light.

2) Brightness of LED

Brightness is measured in lumens, while light bulbs consume energy in watts. A standard 60W incandescent lamp produces 800 lumens, while an LED consumes 13-15 watts to produce 800 lumens. 
(Know more about lumen and watt.)

3) Color temperatures

4) Color rendering index

CRI is a quantitative measure of how accurately LED light bulbs render color compared to natural light sources. A CRI of 80% to 90% is the most common LED CRI level on the market today. The higher the CRI level, the better the color rendering, and the higher the color reproduction of the object.

5) Dimming

While it is true that most newer LED technologies are dimmable, this is not the case. Before you buy an LED fixture, it's important to determine if it's compatible with a dimmer, and note that most dimmable LED fixtures require a specific type of dimmer.

6) Life of LED lights

The longevity is one of the most important factor which reflect the quality of LED light fixtures. The service life of LED lights is 2-10 times that of other ordinary lights. Some manufacturers offer warranties as long as 5-10 years for LED outdoor lighting options. So next time you start looking to buy outdoor LED lighting, be sure to check the warranty period. A lamp with a lifespan of 5-8 years makes your investment worthwhile.

6. Common types of facade lighting fixtures



Floodlight is a point light source that can illuminate evenly in all directions. The beam angle can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the light appears as a regular octahedron icon in the lighting space. Flood light is the most widely used light sources in rendering production, and standard floodlights are used to light up the entire scene.

LED linear light

The LED linear lights are suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, outlines the outline of buildings, and can also be used to create front-facing media advertising walls.

Wall washer

They can be used to outline large buildings, they can illuminate flat exterior walls and add life, or you can place them away from surfaces and let the light wash over the walls like water.


The exact opposite of a wall washer, as this technique places the light close to the facade and creates instant drama through features such as pillars, openings and architectural details.

Underground light

Some buildings require lights from the bottom to the top, so designers need buried lights. Due to the high light intensity, these lights can cover large areas, but setting the correct lighting angle plays a crucial role in the outcome of these facade lighting projects.

7. 2 important points for building facade lighting design


Learn about the best lighting areas

Making the perfect facade design doesn't require filling the area with endless lights to brighten everything up. Instead, it's most important to understand the most cost- and energy-efficient methods. It starts with evaluating the existing structure and design. Designers should understand the darkest point of a building and then choose fixtures and lighting methods accordingly.

Avoid imitating natural light anywhere

Most designers and building owners try to mimic natural lighting through their facade designs. While it's good to add some natural elements here, it's better not to make the whole building look like that. Facade lighting has many variations and design choices to decide. Sticking to a natural design will ultimately limit the potential of the project.

8. 6 guidelines to follow for exterior facade lighting

1) It should be consistent with the purpose

The design of the lamp should be such that it is synchronized with the purpose of the structure. For example, Beijing's Water Cube is the national swimming center built for the 2008 Olympics. If you look at the facade lighting of this structure, it changes to reflect the movement of the water it represents. This is mostly for aesthetic purposes, but you can see how it enhances the design and purpose of the structure.

2) should comply with the regulations

Since this involves external lighting, you don't want the authorities to question it. That's why building facade lighting should be designed to meet your community's regulations. For example, if you're using it to light your home, you'll want to make sure it meets nearby brightness limits -- if any.

3) Using energy-saving lamps

It avoids wasting energy and is better for the environment because it has no harmful emissions.

4) Should achieve the best artistic effect

There are many ways to illuminate the facade of a building. You can also use several light fixtures. From spotlights to floodlights and LED strips, media facade lighting and wall washes - all of which can provide dramatic effects. You can also use different shades and directional lighting techniques. It is important that the lighting does not overwhelm the design of the building.

5) Light pollution should be avoided

Before installing exterior wall lights, be sure to check the regulations on light pollution. This is especially true if you are building or your home is near a busy road. At night, vehicles rely on lights to see and get directions. You don't want your building or home to be so dazzling to them that they miss important signs. It's not just brightness. The angle and position of the lights are also important. If you have moving light fixtures, it shouldn't end up blinding anyone - whether driving or passing by.

9. Conclusion

Facade light is the perfect way to enhance and add to the life of any structure and building that is otherwise bland. These lamps are available in different design variations, multiple installation options and multiple color options, and in practice also need to add elements that blend well with the design environment.
For professional help with facade design, please contact the professionals at Suntech.
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