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SuntechLED is one of the top LED outdoor lighting manufacturers and suppliers in China. SuntechLED Wall Washers are perfect for functional lighting, providing an amazing wash of color for the exterior or interior of buildings. Wall wash lights provide stunning lighting solutions in nightclubs, bars, shows, or events. Our LED wall washers are available in monochrome, RGB or RGBW color changing and can be controlled via PWM dimming or DMX control. Static and color-changing options are available.
Since SuntechLED establishment in 2008, we have rich experience in commercial LED wall washer lighting design. No matter what effect you are looking for - the possibilities are endless with SuntechLED's wall washers. For customized solutions, OEM and ODM services are available. Ask for a quote now!

Types of LED Wall Washer Light

Outdoor IP67 waterproof
SuntechLED offers a wide range of 24VDC LED Wall Washers for indoor and outdoor LED lighting projects. A variety of specifications are available. Used for facade lighting or landscape lighting in specific areas, suitable for LED building facade lighting, bridges lighting, stages lighting, etc. CE, RoHS and FCC certified, ensuring high performance and long life.
Outdoor LED Wall Washer Light

LED Wall Washer 24V/36V RGB RGBW DMX512 Bar Architecture Lights

 Based on the standard DMX512 protocol, it supports 16.7 million colors (24 bits)
 High brightness, high energy efficiency
 High quality LED transparency and optimal beam control ensure uniform brightness
 The thinness light design can provide suitable lighting for the narrow space of the building
 Flexible mounting bracket, convenient light angle adjustment, maintenance free and high energy efficiency
 The light mixing distance is short, can support close installation
 50000 hours long life
 Able to be customized

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RGBW Recessed Linear Wall Washer Facade Illumination Outdoor

30 Leds/m 24V Recessed LED Linear Wall Washer Facade Illumination

 Standard DMX512 Control Protocol
 Industry-leading wireless button-type anti-smash connection design
 High thermal conductivity glue full potting waterproof design
 Outdoor lightning protection and Electrostatic (ESD) special protection design
 The product adopts the original adjustable mounting bracket design
 Support RGB/W current separately adjustable (low light and high gray)

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LED Wall Washer Light Osram

Outdoor Osram Waterproof LED Wall Washer Light Fixture For Landscape

 Exquisite and simple appearance, modern industrial aesthetic standards
 Integrated heat dissipation structure design, high-quality heat-dissipating aluminum material, good heat dissipation
 Flowing water structure design, hidden drain hole to ensure long lifespan
 Tempered glass illumination surface, good resistance to UV and corrosion.
 Middle wires outlet design to connect multiple lamps
 Fixed bracket and rotating bracket are both for options, can be installed according to the installation conditions on site

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Customized Wall Washer Lights

All of our LED wall washers can be used indoors and outdoor, and they can be recessed installed or surface installed. If you have a customized demand for LED wall washer lights outdoor or indoor, SuntechLED can provide Custom-Made Wall Washers with custom color, size, length, color rendering index and various accessories.
Wall washer lighting

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SuntechLED has extensive experience in wall wash illumination. To provide you with high-quality and wholesale price products. Wholesalers, distributors, dealers, traders and agents are welcome to purchase in bulk from us. Technical support for customized outdoor lighting solutions. For your architectural exterior wall wash lighting projects, SuntechLED experts will provide free consultation and evaluation. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or send an email to sales@suntechleds.com. We'd be glad to assist you.

LED Wall Washer Applications

The LED wall washer is controlled by a built-in microchip. Dynamic effects such as gradient, jump, color flashing, random flashing, gradient alternation, chasing and scanning can be achieved through the DMX512 controller. Wall washers are widely used indoors and outdoors to illuminate buildings, walls, artwork or to brighten parks, gardens and streets at night.
★Architectural Illuminations
★Functional Local Lighting
★Landscape Lighting
★Billboard Lighting
★Special Facilities Lighting
★Entertainment & Stage Illuminations
★Parking Lot Pathway Lighting
★Mood Lighting
★Bridge and Channel Lighting

Best LED Wall Washer Lights Manufacturer in China​​​​​​​ 

SuntechLED, is one of the top LED wall washer light suppliers and factories in China. Not only has a huge local customer, but also has done many outdoor lighting projects in USA, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Nigeria, India, Dubai and other regions!

High-quality service, excellent quality, and perfect after-sales service have gained the satisfaction of many domestic and foreign customers. Please contact us to provide you with a one-stop wall wash lighting solution.
Media facade lighting project in China

Wall Washer Lighting Projects Gallery ​​​​​​​

The creative design of the media facade lighting project from SuntechLED explores the use of light and media as a facade "material" to form an integral part of the building. Outdoor facade lighting breathes legendary energy into the monotony of the building at night. As a professional company in the field of media facade lighting and control, SuntechLED is committed to providing complete, sustainable and intelligent lighting solutions. We are happy to share some of our experiences in this dynamic field with you.
SuntechLED is a manufacturer and supplier in China focusing on outdoor LED lighting fixtures, we also have DMX series LED lights for stage lighting, media lighting, and event lighting. The DMX pixel dot light, DMX RGB flood lightDMX LED spotlight, and DMX LED bar light are here for you to choose from. We not only provide quality LED lights, but also provide the best service to you.

Why Choose SuntechLED For LED Wall Washer?

SuntechLED focuses on the most advanced LED wall wash lighting products to satisfy every customer. Over the years, we have provided total solutions for outdoor lighting projects such as outdoor architectural lighting, facade lighting, landscape lighting, stadium lighting, street lighting, and media lighting. Design, production, distribution, installation, and your outdoor lighting project will be completed under professional guidance. Provieding the best LED wall washer price.


No MOQ requirements and you can purchase any quantity that is needed.

Fast Delivery

We're so confident in our lighting products that we offer a 7-10 day lead time on all orders.

Lower Price

Provide high-quality lighting at an affordable price.


From design to production, delivery, and after-sale expert service.

Customer Service

Efficient pre-after sale service. One-stop buying source to save your money and time.

5 Years Warranty

High-quality promise. We stand by our products with a 5-year warranty.
We will be your best partner. In addition to providing the safest and highest quality LED linear wall washer, we always strive to provide our customers with the best customer experience. To ensure optimum performance, all our LED wall washers are CE, RoHS and FCC certified.
Frequently Asked Questions
Got more questions? We are happy to answer all your queries.
  • Please let us know the quantity, dimension, color, voltage, control mode requests, etc. Then we will guide you to finish the project. It will be better if you can provide a lighting diagram, so we will provide the specific quotation ASAP.
  • A normal LED wall washer lights order takes 7-10 business days to complete, excluding transit time, which can take anywhere from 7 to 15 days, depending on your location. Custom and bulk orders may take a few days longer.

  • Yes, we support samples for you to check the quality before a large order. Usually, the sample needs 5 -7 days after receiving your payment.

  • SuntechLED put the product quality in the first place. That’s why we provide 5 years warranty for all of our wall wash lights and other architectural lights. Every product is 100% tested before shipping.
Have More Questions?
We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products and company.

More Than Just an LED Wall Washer Light Manufacturer

Suntech LED have been focusing on outdoor LED lighting solutions for more than 10 years, and our main products including LED wall washer, architectural flood light, outdoor spotlight, LED pixel dot light, and media mesh screen. We also support custom products.
High-quality products, one-stop service, professional technical support. Your satisfaction is the goal we always pursue. 
Let us help your business grow.

Lighting Design

Depending on specific architectural style and lighting goals, our professional LED lighting designers can customize your lighting project renderings, meeting precise lighting specifications, effects and atmosphere.

Lighting Solution

Do you want a one-stop cost-effective facade lighting ideas and solution? Please consult our experienced LED lighting designers now. Return you a satisfactory lighting solution.


Whether you are choosing existing lighting fixtures or customizing new lighting fixtures, please do not hesitate to tell us your needs and let us help you create a personalized high-quality facade lighting project.

Installation Support

We do more than sell led facade lighting products. Don't worry about after sales. Our professional engineers can provide you with technical support throughout the installation process. Let's light up the world together.
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Wall Washer Lighting Buying Guides

LED interior wall wash lighting or exterior wall wash lighting  is widely used in architectural lighting, commercial lighting, park and square lighting, etc. Exterior or interior wall washer lighting can not only brighten the space, but also beautify the building. This article will guide you to select the high quality wall washers and help you to complete the installation.
Table of Contents
1. What is LED wall washer
2. What’s the purpose of a wall washer
3. LED wall washer vs. LED light strip, what’s the difference
4. Why choose SuntechLED wall wash fixtures
5. Five steps for you to choose the best wall washers
6. Customize your LED wall wash lights
7. How to install the LED wall washer lights
What is LED wall washer?
LED wall washer is a kind of lighting fixture, which is usually used for facade lighting of buildings such as hotels, shopping malls, and residences, as well as landscape lighting such as parks, squares, bridges, and skyscrapers. With the wall washers, the light spreads evenly on the surface, as smooth as water flowing over a flat surface. The left picture shows the stunning lighting look of wall washers, the facade wall washer lights emit a uniform warm yellow light that surrounds the entire building, making the building very conspicuous at dark night.
When install the wall wash fixtures, you can choose a suitable angle according to the distance between lights to the wall and the height of the lighting wall. What’s more, the color, beam angle, and length of light fixture can also be chosen. Furthermore, the LED is featured in high luminous efficiency, energy saving, and long lifespan. This is why the commercial wall wash lighting are so popular in modern lighting projects.

What’s the purpose of a wall washer?

There are two main purposes for choosing a wall washer to achieve illumination: wall washing and wall grazing.
Wall washing is more used for ordinary surface to realize the lighting function. Lighting the wall washer on a smooth wall shows the flatness of the wall and visually increases the space, and creates a more spacious sense. The wall washing is not for emphasizing the wall itself but pursues the brightness and the entire lighting effect.
Wall grazing refers to placing the wall wash light close to the corner of the wall so that the light goes vertically up or down. This mainly used for the uneven walls to highlight the texture of the wall. Due to there are raised parts of the wall, there are shadows, which creates a effect of effect of alternating light and dark.

LED wall washer vs. LED strip, what’s the difference?

LED wall washer: 
•LED wall washer is stronger and more resistant to corrosion, suitable for harsh outdoor environments.
•LED wall washer is brighter than LED strip, can be used for high-altitude and long-distance lighting projects.
•LED wall washers have stronger waterproof performance, the inner fully glued waterproof and the outer structure waterproof, double protection.
•LED wall wash light is suitable for building lighting fixed above 5m.
•LED wall washers are usually 0.5m or 1.0m long. And the weight is more bulky and heavy than LED strip.
•These lights are suitable for installation on the exterior walls of buildings, and the illumination angle can be adjusted.
•These wall wash lights can light up more areas with even light.
•They are perfect for outdoor large-scale facade lighting projects.
LED light strip:
▪ LED strip have different waterproof grade, can be used indoor and small outdoor lighting.
▪ LED strips can be made to 5m, 10m or longer, and can be customized as you need.
▪ The beam angle of LED strips is 120°and cannot be adjusted.
▪ LED strips are more suitable for indoor illumination and decoration due to the flexible, thin, and can be cut as needed.
▪ The brightness of the LED light strip is lower than the wall washer, which is not enough to light up the exterior of building.

Why choose SuntechLED wall wash fixtures?

SuntechLED is a professional manufacturer of high quality facade wall washers in China, we have been in this business for years and have rich experience in commercial, residential, and industrial facade lighting solution. We provide perfect solutions for different architectural lighting projects and are well received by our customers. We provide 5 years warranty for all of the wall washers and other facade lighting products.
If you have any unique lighting requirements, we also support custom. Please feel free to contact us if you have any good lighting idea, and we will reply to you ASAP!
Professional design: SuntechLED has a professional engineer team to design the lighting effect as you request and show the final effect by video to you.
Strict quality control: After the products be produced, we do a lot of tests to confirm the quality. Temperature rise test, aging test, fault test, waterproof test are the 4 main tests.
Temperature rise test is essential for any electrical products. The wall washer is a high power LED products, the heat dissipation is a very important factor which will affect the lifespan of the lights.
Aging test: All of our wall washers need about 24 hours of aging test before leaving the factory.
Fault test is a key test item in product certification testing. We fully consider the safety of the product to avoid currents generated when external factors or internal components fail, and then cause a short circuit.
Waterproof test: It is to ensure that the LED wall washer can work normally in harsh outdoor environments. Our wall washers are IP66, IP67, IP68 to choose and is durable with excellent performance.
And we cooperate with OSRAM and CREE which ensure the LED quality and the long life of the wall washers.
Trusted Customer Service: If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our service team will reply to you with professional suggestions and solutions within 24 hours.

Five steps for you to choose the best wall washers

It may be difficult to choose from so many kinds of similar LED wall wash lights outdoor, here we will help you to figure it out.

(1) Check the voltage and power

The voltage of the lights determines the power supply to be used and the distance to re-supply the power. The power consumption and lumens together reflects the luminous efficiency and heat dissipation. SuntechLED use high-quality LED and low thermal resistance heat dissipation material to reduce the power consumption with same lumens.

(2) Confirm the brightness you need

Different lighting scenarios and functions require different levels of brightness. For example, the architectural lighting for a shipping mall at long distances and at heights needs high brightness to highlight the building at night. If lighting for a residence, the brightness can be lower. The light source is very important for brightness. SuntechLED use the high-quality LEDs from OSRAM and CREE for our LED wall washers.

(3) Know the raw material of the radiator

The radiator is part of the wall washer and is made of high-quality metal to dissipate heat. It can extend the life and improve the quality of lighting. SuntechLED uses high-quality aluminum housing for heat dissipation, which ensures the quality of LED wall washer.

(4) What IP Rating do you need?

The IP rating represents the weather resistance of the lights, and this is the key factor that you have to consider. Wall washers are generally installed on the exterior of buildings and need to be resistant to harsh weather outside the home. SuntechLED conducts 13 different tests on the product before leaving the factory to ensure that the facade wall washer lights are enough waterproof and heat resistant. All our products are guaranteed for 5 years and stand the test of time.

(5) single color, RGB or RGBW

If you just want to brighten the building and don’t need to be colorful and cool, a single color is okay. As you can see any hotel uses a warm white single color to light up the whole building. If it’s a media lighting project that needs the dynamic effect, then you need to choose the RGB or RGBW with controllers to display a variety of wonderful lighting effects. The RGB is enough to achieve the colorful lighting, if you also the white color to rich complete the illumination, the RGBW is suitable for you.

Customize your LED wall wash lights

Usually, the large lighting project needs the specific lighting design to realize the final fabulous lighting results. SuntechLED fully understand this and are ready for provide you a customized solution. The following points tells you how the wall washers will be customized.

Beam angle:

The beam angle of LED is a key parameters for a wall wash light, and every kinds of beam angle can reach a different lighting effect. For a specific scene, you need to customize the angle to achieve the corresponding lighting function. SuntechLED support to customize the LED beam angle from 15°, 30°, 45°, 60° to 10°x65°, 20°x65° and 20°x45°.
You can also adjust the beam angle of the entire wall washer by adjusting the mounting fixture.

Color temperature: 

The color temperature can affect the the overall tone of a building or landscape. You can choose the warm white, neutral white, and cool white color as the need atmosphere. The warm light brings a cosy feel to your building, and cool light gives a vibrant and fresh sense. You can customize the color temperature (CCT) from us between 2500K to 6500K.


For outdoor lighting, there are two selections for you: high voltage AC100-265V and low voltage DC12V, 24V, or 36V. We recommend you the low voltage lights which is safe and you can install them by yourself. And you don't have to worry about electrical safety even in rainy or wet conditions. Besides being safe and easy to install, they are also less expensive than high pressure outdoor lights.
Here is a product table with 24V and 36V wall washers for your reference.

How to install the LED wall washer lights

LED wall washers installation can be divided as a permanent fixture or removed when not in use. Whether it is a permanent installation or a temporary installation, the installation steps are same.
(1)Keep safe: Turn off the circuit, use insulating gloves, and have installation tools and accessories ready.
(2)Confirm the installation place: Locate the area where the fixture will be installed and mark it with tape or a marker. Measure the connection distance from the lamp to the power supply, the matching cable should increase the length by 15%.
(3)Start to install: If it is installed on the plane of the concrete structure such as the ground, you need to use a professional hole puncher to punch holes according to the size, and then install the base. If it is a wooden structure plane, it can be directly tightened and locked with screws.
(4)Connection: After fixing the light fixtures, connect the lights and power supply, also with the LED controller if it’s pixel light.
(5)Checking: Turn on the power after checking the wiring connection and see if the light is on normally.
SuntechLED provides high-grade LED outdoor wall washer lighting and also match all the installation accessories, so you can install the fixtures easily and save the repair cost.
• The led wall washer is only suitable for installation on a flat surface.
• Before connecting the power supply, please check the voltage marked on the indoor wall washer or outdoor wall washer to ensure that the input voltage is consistent.
• During installation and transportation, pay attention to shock-proofing to avoid damage to the lights.
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