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SuntechLED company is a manufacturer and supplier of pixel LED lighting fixtures in China. We are always committed to providing customers with high quality products and the best services, keeping friendly and long-term cooperation with our customers. We not only provide LED lighting products but also offer complete technical support for installation and control systems. So you will enjoy the one-stop service experience when choosing SunetchLED.
The 360° viewing LED tube, also called LED meteor shower light, use double sides PCB, emit 360 degree light without shadow. We have designed two kinds of signal protocol LED rigid strips for the clear 3D tube lamp: DMX and TTL/SPI, so you can select as you like. 
 3D LED Meteor Lights by Color
3D LED Meteor Lights by Voltage
3D LED Meteor Lights by Diamater
  • D30 LED Meteor Lights 360 Degree
3D LED Meteor Lights by Control Mode
  • DMX 3D LED Digital Tube Lights
  • SPI/TTL 3D LED Digital Tube Lights

3D LED Connectable Meteor Lights 50cm 100cm 150cm 200cm

Different Models of the 12V 24V 360 Degree Multicolor LED Tube Light

SPI/TTL Signal
Model Size
Color LED Qty Pixel Qty Power Voltage Control Method IP Rating
ST-TTL-32 500 15/20/30 RGB 32 PCS 16 PCS 6 Watt DC12V TTL IP20
ST-TTL-64 1000 15/20/30 RGB 64 PCS 32 PCS 12 Watt DC12V TTL IP20
ST-TTL-96 1500 15/20/30 RGB 96 PCS 48 PCS 18 Watt DC12V TTL IP20
ST-TTL-128 2000 15/20/30 RGB 128 PCS 64 PCS 24 Watt DC12V TTL IP20
DMX Signal
Model Size
Color LED Qty Pixel Qty Power Voltage Control Method IP Rating
ST-DMX-30 500 15/20/30 RGB/RGBW 30 PCS 5 PCS 6 Watt DC24V DMX512 IP20
ST-DMX-60 1000 15/20/30 RGB/RGBW 60 PCS 10 PCS 12 Watt DC24V DMX512 IP20
ST-DMX-90 1500 15/20/30 RGB/RGBW 90 PCS 15 PCS 18 Watt DC24V DMX512 IP20
ST-DMX-120 2000 15/20/30 RGB/RGBW 120 PCS 20 PCS 24 Watt DC24V DMX512 IP20

Features of the Clear Tube LED Meteor Shower Lights

1. 360-degree luminous, uniform, and brilliant light.


2. PC clear tube, strong resistance performance, and gorgeous lighting effect.


3. 256 levels of gray change, achieve full color RGB & RGBW.


4. Matched with the male and female waterproof connectors, fast connection.


5. SPI/TTL and DMX512, 2 kinds of signal protocols to meet various applications.


6. Combined with our LED controller, easier to operate.

4 Kinds of Control Methods of the 3D Media Shower Lights

Madrix Control Madrix Control:
Recommended controller: T790K, YC3000
Online Computer Control Online Computer Control:
Recommended controller: T-790K
Main control + sub control Main control + sub control:
Recommended controller:  
Main controller: XB-Z2/MR-BF12B,
Sub controller :T-780K/MR-218DW
Built-in program Auto loop playback Built-in program Auto loop playback:
Recommended controller: K-8000C, K-1000C

Multiple Applications of 360 Degree Meteor Tube

Widely used in indoor and outdoor buildings, hotels, nightclubs, stages, shopping malls:
 Nightclub, Bar, and KTV entertainment lighting.
 Stage background lighting and music lighting.
 Home backyard lighting and tree decoration.
 Party decoration and lighting.
 Advertising and sign illumination.
 Holiday, festivals, events, exhibitions lighting.
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