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Stadium High Mast Lighting Manufacturer and Supplier of China

We specialize in manufacturing high quality LED High Mast Flood Lights for indoor and outdoor stadium field lighting. Compared with the traditional metal halide lights, LED outdoor stadium lights are energy saving and durable so can save much cost in using and maintenance. It's time to pick up good LED floodlights for your football, basketball, cricket court lighting projects!

Features of High Mast Light for Sports Lighting

 High Light Efficiency to save energy:
    160lm, 170lm, 180lm, 190lm models are all available.
 Excellent Cooling Performance:
High pure thermal conductive module. Folding Aluminum Fin Heat sink is made with high pressure Folding technology.
 Module Rotatable:
Modules are rotatable ±25° and individual modules can be mounted on the same sturdy bracket for maximum flexibility.
 Professional Optics
The optical lens is made of PC with a light transmittance of 92%.
 Marine Grade Aluminum Housing
 IP66 and IK10 Protection Rate.

LED Sports Field Flood Lights for Stadium High Mast Lighting

Why Choose Suntech for Your Outdoor Sports Field Lighting

Suntech adheres the customer-centric and quality first as our development concept. We are enterprising and constantly innovating, striving to create perfect products for our customers and the LED lighting industry. With professional indoor and outdoor LED lighting knowledge and rich experience, we have delivered our products to United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Poland, Korea, and all over the world. 
We sincerely look forward to establishing a friendly and sustainable cooperation with you, and we will provide the most competitive prices with high quality and premier service.
Please send us your requirement for lighting up the specific field, and we will make a DIALux diagram for you to ensure the perfect lighting effect.

LED Sports Arena Lighting & Highway High Mast Lighting Projects

LED Sports Field Lighting Knowledge You May Need

Lighting in Football Stadium-LED Sports Lighting Guide
With the continuous development of society, the lighting standards and requirements of sports fields are also getting higher and higher. As the lighting method of future sports fields and arenas, LED technology has received extensive attention. LED Sports Lighting provide the uniform and wide coverage lighting needed in the air and on the ground on the sports field. As sports become more and more popular among young people, portable stadium lights and led floodlights for football pitches are also becoming more and more popular, and the demand has also increased greatly in recent years. This article will help you better understand and master the football field lighting guidelines.
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Flood Light in Cricket Stadium, how many watts do you need?
Nowadays, many cricket pitch owners are replacing their lights with LED lights, which are the best choice because they are brighter, more energy efficient and more durable. Sometimes we also ask cricket stadium lights watts for up to 10,000 to 50,000 watts of professional pitch lighting for LED pitches and can save even more money. It is therefore important that we know the number of electric lights used on the pitch.
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Tennis Court Sports LED Lighting Design Guideline
In recent years, the sports court lighting market has developed rapidly, and people of all ages have participated in the sport. And a common factor the driving market growth is the replacement of traditional lights with LED lights. To fully enjoy each sport, it must match its sports light fixture needs. Whether participants or spectators, expect good visuals on the pitch or field. When it comes to sports, this calls for proper lighting to make the indoor environment brighter and more comfortable.
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