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Wireless DMX512 Decoder/editor RGB Lighting LED Controller For Pixel Dot Light

Product Code: MR-218DW ★ Support ARTNET MADRIX software ★ Support Most of the led lights with IC Chips ★ Support all kinds of light sources of point, line, and surface ★ Fits for regular and irregular shape of lights project ★ Support Multiple synchronizations, support SD card ★ Support IC Type: DMX512,UCS1912, TM1803, TM1804, TM1809, TM1812, UCS2903, UCS2909, UCS2912, 8205,8206,16703, WS2811 etc


MR-218DW  Controller

System Features

1. Controller’s output support standard USITT DMX512/1990 Universal Protocol and expand DMX512


2. Controller signal output ADRI/PO terminal can achieve DMX512 channel automatic addressing,Support DMX512AP-N / NB, UCS512, MY7221, WS2821, and other driver chips;

3. MR-218DW Controller addressing signal output compatible differential signals output,Improve the addressing signal transmission distance, in favor of the project application for long-distance transmission and effective addressing;

4. Three-primary-color independent brightness control, which realizes the simple, effective, and accurate adjustment of white balance.

5. Precise gamma correction algorithm. It better conforms to the visual photographic characteristics of the human body, and the display color is more sufficient and rich, so as to perfectly reflect the animation or video effects of the designer.

6. Support 120-frame frequency maximum, to guarantee demands for HD display and 3D display of the image;

7. Adopt Ethernet interface and UDP network protocol, to guarantee stable transmission, the maximum transmission distance is 100m.

8. LCD display module, to timely display the controller parameters and state.

9. Dual-network interface, which can realize cascade connection between controllers and automatic inspection of the controller, and the connection status is displayed intuitively through the software.

10. 8-port output, the single port output is standard 512-channel, expand protocol load points by client basis chip characteristics self-testing.

11. Support dual-way backup, the display will not be influenced if a controller is broken or the network cable is disconnected.

12. Can set self-adapting 1000M / 100M or forced 100M, to guarantee stability of large project.

Design Concept

1. 1000Mbps/ 100Mbps optional: adapt to different project schemes;

2. Two-way redundancy of the system signal: doubled stability;

3. Four-color independent algorithm: energy-saving, environmental-friendly, and with pure color;

4. Integrated synchronous and asynchronous control: online in priority, automatic switching to the offline effect without online signal, to realize video source backup;

5. Large independent development and design video edition, playing and wiring design software: stronger adaptability, more supported languages, and higher openness;

6. It is used in various shaped screens, multiple screens, building screens, pixel light screens and other complicated applications at home and abroad;

7. Support IP group function, and adopt switch parallel connection scheme: reduce system-level cascade chain length, and improve stability;

8. Add fiber optic conversion module located, Control system supports fiber-optic signal transmission;

9. Support wireless network transmission, wireless bridge connection, and Internet remote control;

10. With the Internet control software, Support Internet remote control;

11. The system supports automatic, timed, and holiday preset playing;

12. Support mainstream 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and so on.


1. Synchronous and asynchronous play of contents of video and image files of multiple formats;

2. Can install all Windows operating systems and support languages of various countries;

3. The player software is reserved with sufficient interfaces, so as to be compatible with other international general protocols, and support the personalized design demands of the customers;

Output port definition

MR-218DW controller uses 8pcs 5pin terminal interface output signals. 5Pin Terminals Sort sequentially from left to right, as shown below:

DMX512 decoder editor RGB lighting LED controller for Pixel Dot Light 2

Controller Three View Size Chart (Unit: mm)

MR-218DW Front view

DMX512 decoder editor RGB lighting LED controller for Pixel Dot Light 3

MR-218DW Top view

DMX512 decoder editor RGB lighting LED controller for Pixel Dot Light 4

MR-218DW Rear view

DMX512 decoder editor RGB lighting LED controller for Pixel Dot Light 5

Controller Basic Parameters

Artnet Madrix pixel strip led dmx 512 controller for landscape illumination 6

* MR-218DW is suitable for DMX control LED mesh lightDMX LED dot lights and other DMX LED lights.

Looking for more DMX LED lighting controllers? Please click: DMX pixel controller

Controller Install Applications 

1. Online mode (connected with the computer )

MR-218DW Controller connects with the computer Ethernet port,as shown below:

DMX512 decoder editor RGB lighting LED controller for Pixel Dot Light 6

2. Offline mode

MR-218DW connect with the offline master controller,as shown below:

DMX512 decoder editor RGB lighting LED controller for Pixel Dot Light 7

3. Integrated synchronous and asynchronous mode

Connected with the computer and offline master controller (when the mode is selected, the computer online works in priority, and the offline effect is automatically switched to without online signal), as shown below:

DMX512 decoder editor RGB lighting LED controller for Pixel Dot Light 8

Engineering Case Description And Sketch Map

For example in DMX512 point light source composed of 96 points × 18 dots matrix screen,use MR-218DW controller,the wiring is arranged in the vertical S type,controller for each output port to control 3 lines point light source, totally need of 32 DMX512 interfaces. The following diagram for example:

DMX512 decoder editor RGB lighting LED controller for Pixel Dot Light 9

Attention matters

1. Cat.5e twisted pair Application Notes

Controller and offline master controller and switch these three devices between each other using a crossover cable is better,One head is 568B, the other head is 568A. Above any equipment and computer room with a straight line,that is both 568B or 568A,Do not define the order of the straight line.

addressable rgb led artnet dmx master controller DMX lighting 10

2. Wire and connecting method from lights to the controller

(1) Controller output port to the lamp, if the distance is too far,Recommended for the use of 485 dedicated lines or Cat.5e kind, shielded cable connection,the best connection way is: Orange-A; Orange white-B; Green-addressing+ ( ADRI/PO+); Green white-addressing-(ADRI/PO-); Other connect to GND(Ground).

(2) At the end of each road signal that is between A and B to add a 120R terminal resistance.

(3) Do not connect the two wires that are intertwined to receive the signal, such as orange and orange white connect to A+or B- at the same time.

3. Controller connects to ground application notes

MR-218DW Controller using metal case,rated supply voltage is AC100V-240V,Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the effective grounding of the controller equipment and the effective grounding of the metal outer box. And the output port of the controller is exposed to the metal contact surface,therefore, according to the requirements of safety regulations,to ensure safe use of the operator,signal output port GND signal must be effectively grounded.

For more details, please download specifications for reference on this page. MR-218DW.pdf


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