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LED media facade mesh lighting is the use of LED mesh screen lights to cover the surface of a building or structure, so that the facade forms a dynamic media screen to realize the large-scale videos and pictures display. The flexible LED screen formed by LED mesh lights can activate the entire building, making the facade be vivid and attractive. LED meshes installed on the exterior walls of large buildings are generally transparent in order not to block the outlook of the facade itself. The transparent media facade screens are like the second skin of the building, this highly transparent design not only reflects a modern lighting style, but also adds an elegant touch to the building while achieving functional lighting.
The left video shows the fabulous lighting effects of the transparent LED mesh screen of a skyscraper. With programming and controlling, the beautiful dynamic image display on screen. With the media facade lighting, the LED mesh screen can be a multimedia player to show the advertisement and any creative images to create wonderful view experience.
Have an idea to make a graceful media facade architecture? Contact Suntech and we will help you make it happen!

Multiple applications of LED Mesh

 Installed on the building facade surface, highlighting the shape and outline of the building to create a beautiful LED building facade lighting.

 For outdoor performances such as concerts and award ceremonies, the LED mesh can be the backdrop of these events.

 Installing the mesh screen on the exterior facade of the gymnasium, can light up around and attract more visitors.

 The flexibility feature provides strong adaptability to the LED mesh and can be used on any surface.

 The high IP rating (IP66 or higher) of the outdoor mesh lights ensures the durability in harsh environments.

What kind of LED pixel mesh you need

No matter how large a media facade wall you want to create, we can provide you with a perfect solution. Just let us know your budget and the size of the media screen. We have different installation methods to match the facade with different shapes and materials.
DMX LED Pixel Point Light For Facade Lighting
Outdoor LED Grid Mesh consists of multiple small creative pixel dot lights. We have 50mm and 62.5mm screen pixel pitches to choose from, and custom pitches and size is supported. The flexible and transparent mounting grid makes custom LED video solutions easy. This flexible led screen is also suitable for indoor media promotion, stage lighting, and theater media video playback due to its small pixel pitch, lightweight, and easy installation.
Suntech designs this special grid LED mesh from the perspective of flexibility and lightness, completely meeting your various needs.
LED RGBW Pixel Dot Light For Facade & Landscape Lighting
The PC mounting LED Mesh is organized by linear LED lights. LED strip mesh can surround huge building facades, to form a rectangular digital screen that shows an amazing visual enjoyment. The flexible LED mesh is a screen and can fit uneven walls completely. The flexible LED mesh can be rolled up and is easy to store after being disassembled.​​​​​​​
The LED pixel pitch can be customized according to the height and display distance of the media screen.
Suntech Outdoor Lighting Projects Display

Suntech LED--More than a LED Lights Manufacturer

Suntech LED is an integrated lighting project supplier integrating high-quality product supply, lighting design, control system design, wiring installation and other technical support. We cooperate with domestic and foreign distributors, traders, brand owners, and engineering companies to provide quality products at wholesale prices. It also cooperates with the professional team that undertakes the project to help them complete the scheme design, recommend suitable products and equip them with a full set of installation accessories.

Why Choose SuntechLED for LED Media Mesh Facade?

Suntech is established in 2008, we have more than 10 years of manufacturing outdoor  pixel LED mesh experience, which ensure us to provide  reliable and trustable LED mesh products for you. Every order of the indoor and outdoor LED pixel meshes have to pass the strict quality inspections and kinds of tests before shipping to our customers. Moreover, all the facade lighting LED mesh use Cree and Osram LEDs and have 5 years warranty. 
Last but not least, we are committed to provide you with the best service. Our professional technical team will provide you with the lighting design and installation guidance of your project. 
Any questions? Welcome to talk to our service team.

No MOQ limitation

We support sample orders to check the quality before placing the formal order.

Short lead time

We are confident about our fast lead times. Usually the lead time for sample order is 5~7 days.

Support OEM&ODM

We support custom LED screen to completely meet your requirements and create the perfect lighting effect.

Professional makes perfect

We are have accumulated rich experience in the 10 years of business, committed to providing perfect solution for our clients.

Reasonable Price

The prices of our LED spotlights includes the material cost, technical support, installation guidance, and after-sales maintenance. Solve all your problems.

5 Years Warranty

The high quality of the products ensures us to give you a 5-year warranty. Feel free to contatct us if any problem is using.

Other Products that You May Need

SuntechLED is the  premire LED outdoor light supplier and manufacturer in China, focusing on architecture and landscape lighting. Our main products are ​​​​​​​ LED mesh lights, pixel dot lightsoutdoor spotlights, linear LED lights, LED wall wash lights outdoor, exterior led flood lights, etc. If you install a DMX lighting system with DMX LED flood light, DMX LED spot light, DMX abar light, we can also help you and our professional engineer team will guide you to finish the control system. The below are some architectural LED lighting fixtures.

LED Media Mesh Lighting Buying Guides

Table of contents
1. What is LED mesh light

2. What is transparent LED media mesh screen

3. Features of LED mesh
4. Why do I need a LED mesh facade

5. What should I consider when buying LED pixel mesh
6. Why choose Suntech LED Media Mesh

7. FAQ​​​​​​​

8. Conclusion

1. What is LED mesh light

The mesh outdoor lights is a LED screen that uses many LEDs to create lighting for moving text, patterns, and videos. They are mainly used for facade lighting of high-rise buildings to improve the overall outlook of the structure, and they can be used indoor and outdoor. The screen LED outdoor can be used for building facade lighting, outdoor lighting engineering, stage media mesh screen, outdoor LED display for advertising, etc. This flexible LED mesh can also be used for the lighting of special-shaped surfaces. LEDs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and can be used almost anywhere with different mounting styles and light designs and malleable mesh structures. You can even install a mesh screen outdoor on the building surface to convert a wall of the building into an LED media facade to display pixel videos and pictures. If you want to make an LED pixel mesh screen for indoor display or as a background wall, LED mesh is also suitable. LED mesh screen is currently the best way to replace the traditional media video screens which can realize the same display effect, and it’s more durable and easy to maintain. Therefore, the pixel mesh LED screen facade has become the trend for large-scale screen displays.

2. What is transparent LED media mesh screen

The transparent LED media mesh is also a LED dot screen which is transparent.
Compared with traditional LED mesh screen, transparent led display outdoor doesn't block light and is suitable for installation on glass or other transparent surfaces. Such as skyscrapers, shop windows and other walls that require light transmission, it is necessary to apply transparent LED mesh to turn the entire wall into an LED mesh video wall to achieve the function of media facade lighting.
For a transparent LED mesh, the transparency is an important factor to consider when buying, and this is the main factor that determines its final application.

3. Features of LED Mesh

The LED mesh screen has various functions and is suitable for multiple applications, in addition, it has many key features.

(1) Saving time and cost

The LED mesh is composed by LED dot light, it can be rolled up together for storage and you can even disassemble the LED lights from the mounting base when you don’t need them. Due to they are flexible and foldable, when you ordered a large number of the mesh lights, it will save a lot of transportation costs from the manufacturer’s place to your country and then to the installation place. Since it’s easy to install, so it will also save time and labor cost for your to install them.

(2) Black, white, or transparent LED mesh, choose according to your needs

If you want to install the LED screen on a dark wall or use it as a background wall to display pictures or achieve the cool lighting effect for a stage, then black installation materials and black framed LED lights are more suitable. If the background will is white or in light color, you can choose the white color. The black mesh mounting base will integrate with the black or dark background walls.
However, if you need to install LED mesh on glass walls of a building facade lighting to create a interactive building facade or where with good light transmission are required, transparent LED mesh is perfect.
The frame color of the LED mesh is depend on the application and the installation environment.

(3) Multiple installation method

If you apply the PC strip mounting method, you just need to fix the PC strip with steel cable to the mounting base, please notice the space between each LED strip.
If use the PC grid to install the LED mesh, please connect the two ends of each grid and fix the whole mesh organized by the little grids.
If the lighting surface is not a flat surface, you will need the PC single base installation. In this method, there are two options for you: fixed PC mounting base and flexible PC mounting base. You can select one according to the wall material. For the fixed PC mounting base, first measure the distance and confirm the installation place, then fix the mounting base, finally, lock in the LED light into the PC base; for the flexible PC mounting base, first lock in the LED light into the PC base, then fix the PC base to the wall or other surface.
Another simple install way is aluminum profile frame. Inserting each dot light into the aluminum profile, and you just need to fix the aluminum profile frame with screws during installation.

(4) Lightweight and slim

Each LED light is lightweight, and the matched mounting accessories is also lightweight, this is helpful for transportation. The overall lightweight makes it easy to install them, which also makes their application range wider and can be applied to surfaces of various materials.

(5) Fully customizable

This is one of the reasons why the LED mesh screen outdoor is so popular for media facade lighting projects. The size of the screen, the spacing between lights, voltage, color, etc. can be customized. Do you need a super large LED screen to highlight the walls or active a unique space? The pixel LED mesh screen can realize all the image and animation effects which all kinds of application application scenarios. If you have any requirements or ideas about your LED mesh, feel free to contact us. Our professional team from Suntech will help you to complete the whole project and will guide you to finish the installation and control system.

(6) Detachable LED string lights

The entire LED mesh screen is composed of pixel LED light strings, and you can simply disassemble a string of LED strings for inspection and maintenance. And you can also detach the LED screen to organize to other shapes as you need. After reprogramming, other lighting or decoration functions can be realized. If it is a harsh outdoor environment, you can also choose to use this LED light string to replace the ordinary waterproof LED strip. The LED dot light has better performance and is more durable.

4.Why do I need a LED mesh facade

LED media screen facade are widely used for billboard display and LED media facade lighting, and architecture LED illumination. You can customize the pixel LED screen to achieve fabulous effects. Following are some benefits of buying a LED mesh.

(1) Like the second skin of the architecture

The transparent LED mesh will not affect the building itself. You can see the original outlook of the building after power off the mesh screen in daylight. Creating a LED mesh facade or LED mesh media is really cool, and the LED pixel mesh will not influence the appearance of the building at not, instead, it can improve the outlook and enhance the elegance of the buildings.

(2) Suitable for any environment

Usually, the LED meshes have an IP66 or higher protection class. They can work in -20℃ to 50℃ temperature and can be stored at -40℃ to 70℃.

(3) Energy saving

LED products is well known by the low voltage consumption and environment friendly. The heat generated by each pixel LED light does not exceed 0.5W which is much lower than the LCD screen. And there is a certain spacing between each LED, which increases air circulation and helps to dissipate heat.

(4) Durable and long lifespan

LED is famous for its duration and long lifespan, so does the LED mesh. Due to the heat generated is low and the ventilation is good, which guarantees a long life of the LED mesh. Suntech use LED from Osram and Cree, and we test every product before ship to our clients. Suntech is focusing on the duration and and weather resistance. What’s more, the LED mesh is also impact resistant. You can use LED mesh for up to 10 years with no fading, just with simple maintenance and clearance.

5. What should I consider when buying LED pixel mesh

(1) Where to install the mesh screen

First, please tell the mesh screen suppliers where you want to install them and the inform the LED facade detail. It will be better if you can send the facade lighting images to shows what effect you want. After knowing the specific application, we can provide the correct product and design a better plan for you.

(2) The size of the facade full screen

This is important for us to help you to design the whole lighting project, we need to know the length and height of the needed screen, and how far will the screen be from the people. So we can confirm about how to make facade full screen from choose the right model to design the suitable LED pitch for achieving the best effect. If you any any mesh ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will talk with you to provide a feasible plan.

(3) Confirm the control mode

Usually, there are TTL signal and DMX signal for control. The LED mesh suppliers will give you the suitable control system according to your needs and match the right controllers and assemblies.

(4) Indicate voltage requirements

The voltage requirements decide the power supply for the mesh LED media project. Also, the voltage is related to the voltage drop, which will affect our power supply equipment for you.
Last but not least, if you have a project drawing now, feel free to contact Suntech. So you will get a quick reply with the mesh specifications and then receive the specific quotation.

(5) Warranty of the LED media mesh

For large outdoor lighting projects, the warranty is really important. If buying poor quality LED mesh with short-term warranty for media mesh facade lighting, it will cost a lot for maintenance in the future because each maintenance requires manpower, material resources and economic costs. Therefore, choosing the mesh LED with 5 years or longer warranty will be a wise decision.

6. Why choose Suntech LED Outdoor Media Mesh

Suntech is one of the top outdoor LED screen suppliers in China, we have been focusing on LED mesh display manufacturing and facade architecture lighting projects for more than 10 years. We have exterior linear wall washer, DMX LED spot light, DMX outdoor bar light for architectural lighting and landscape lighting. We always provide our customers with the best LED media mesh and always provide the best service, which makes us stand out from many screen mesh manufacturers. Next, I will explain why Suntech is your best choice from the following 3 aspects.
(1) Top quality: Suntech always put the product quality at the first place. We cooperate with OSRAM and CREE LED company and all the LED media mesh products are using the LEDs from them. Every product we manufacture undergoes rigorous testing, and we provide 5 years warranty for all of the outdoor LED lights. It takes dozens of tests before we ship the LED mesh to our customers. The outdoor LED mesh lights require the optimal quality absolutely, and you will never be disappointed with the product quality from Suntech.
(2) Best service: If you have any ideas about the facade lighting or outdoor lighting projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us right now! As a specialized custom display manufacturer, we have the professional customer service team is stand by and will reply to you within 24 hours. You can express roughly what kind of effect you need, then we will show you the similar effect video and provide the feasible plan according to your budget. What’s more, we have great media facade lighting technology. You just need to send us a picture of the facade or other surface and pay a small design fee, then we will make out the final lighting effect video for you before production. And we provide technical support from buying to installation and maintenance. We also provide full technical support from buying to installation and maintenance.
(3) Fast shipping: After confirming all the details of the product, we support sample orders for you to have a initial test. For sample orders, the lead time is usually within 10 working days and we will ship the sample by Express to let you receive them soon. For the large project or mass orders, we will quote you a confirmed lead time before you place the order. Because usually project orders have deadlines, and Suntech will fully consider your deadline to ensure you can receive the goods and complete your project smoothly.

7. FAQ

How can I get the quotation for my LED mesh project?
Please let us know your requirements of the size, voltage, wattage or lumen, and color ect. And we can also guide you to confirm the detailed requests. Just start to contact us, you will get what you need.

What’s your MOQ for the LED media mesh?
We have no MOQ limitation on the project lighting products. And we also support sample orders, just let us know your needs.

Can I customize the LED screen from Suntech?
Sure, you can send us your design requests of the lighting event and we will discuss with you and customize according to your requirements.

What’s the lead time of my order?
Usually, we will finished the design and production of samples within 7~10 days. For bulk orders, it depends on the quantity. Please don’t worry, we will check and confirm the lead time with you before you place the order.

8. Conclusion

This articles introduced the features of the LED mesh and gave fully suggestions for choosing the best LED mesh screen and supplier. If you have any other questions, welcome to contact Suntech for more professional advice.
LED facade light project
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Can I Get a Quote For The Lights?

    Please let us know the quantity, dimension, color, voltage, control mode requests, etc. Send an email to sales@suntechleds.com, and we will reply to you ASAP.

  • What is Your MOQ for the LED Mesh?
    There is no MOQ limitation. We will provide the whole set of devices for your project, a small project is okay. 
  • What is the Turnaround Time On My Order?
    A sample order of the customized LED Media Mesh order takes 7-10 working days to complete. For bulk orders, may take a few days longer, mainly depending on the quality.
  • Can I Get a Sample Before Place The Order?

    Yes, we offer you samples beforehand to test out and be satisfied before purchase. Sample time ranges from 3 to 7 days, depending on the item.

Have more questions?  Welcome to contact Suntech: sales@suntechleds.com
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