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If you're looking for a DMX lighitng control system for your LED lighting project, you've come to the right place. SuntechLED will help you get the right controllers and guide you through the whole control system. We do control system for outdoor building lighitng, landscape lighting, stage lighting, event lighting, signage lighting, and other pixel lighting projects. Our DMX LED controller is compatible with the outdoor DMX LED dot light, DMX LED flood light, DMX LED spot light, DMX LED bar light, and DMX LED strip lights

Master-slave control integrated controller

Controllers only support offline control without connecting to a computer. Pre-programmed and saved to the SD card, insert the SD card to the controller to select the effect to achieve simple effects and control.
DC5V, DC12~24V Input  
Offline control
32 to 65536 degree gray control
One output port
Support up to 1024 pixels (DMX lighting support up to 512 pixels)
4 channels: RGBW
DC5V~24V Input
Offline control
32 to 65536 degree gray control
8 output ports, each port can support up to 1024 pixels (DMX light support up to 512 pixels)
4 channels: RGBW
K-1000C and K-8000C can only be used for offline control. And they can be used in a single unit, or in multiple cascades for driving more LED pixels.
(1) If the total lights are below 80000 pixels, recommend to use K-1000C DMX pixel controller.
(2) If the total lights are 8000 pixels to 20000 pixels, K-8000C dmx led pixel controller is recommend.

DMX Master controller: 

DMX Slave Controller:

AC 100V~240V
Online & Offline control
Support 150,000 pixels in offline
Support remote online download and offline program update.
The maximum transmission distance is 100m.
AC 100V~240V
Offline control
Output support standard USITT DMX512/1990 Universal Protocol and expand DMX512 Protocol
The maximum transmission distance is 100m.
MR Series Control System connection modes:
1. Offline mode: 
Connect with the offline salve controller MR-218DW to achieve the DMX lighting control. The MR-BF12B can also be connected with the MR-218A slave controller to control the LED lights with TTL protocol.
2. Integrated synchronous and asynchronous mode: 
Connected with the computer and offline slave controller.  Computer  
online works in priority and the offline effect is automatically switched to without an online signal.
AC 100V~240V
Support up to 150,000 pixels, which greatly meets the needs of customer projects.
The system supports automatic, timing, festival preset effect playback.
AC 100V~240V
Input Artnet Protocol, based on Ethernet control protocol, to achieve lighting control.
supports the standard DMX512/1990 and SPI General and extended protocols
YC Series Video Player Online & Offline Connection:
1. Offline control: 
Connect the YC-3000A slave controller to YC-S608D master controller, and cascade the YC-3000A controllers. SD card storage, YC-S608D can support up to 32G, and can preset up to 99 program files.
2. Synchronous and asynchronous integrated control: 
Connect the YC-S608D with PC and sub controller YC-3000A.
Online priority, no online signal automatically switch offline effect, real backup video source.

DMX Stage and Theater Lighting Control

If you want to make cool lighting effectrs for your bar, KTV, or night club, you may need to connect the control  to the console to display the dynamic light match the rhythm of the music.
AC 100V~240V
32 to 65536 degree gray control
8 output ports, each port can support up to 1024 pixels (DMX light support up to 512 pixels)
Enhance TTL and 485 (DMX) signal output
The max distance between the two K-8000Ls is 150 meters
The controllers have 16 programs in advance( chip 1903)
4 channels: RGBW
The K-8000C now have an upgraded model: S-8000L pixel LED DMX controller. The content played by the S-8000L controller can be stored in the SD card, and the SD card can store up to 32 effect programs (K-8000C can store 16 effect programs). On-load RGBW lights control, and the white light can be adjusted individually (console adjustment).

DMX LED Lighting Projects Display

Online & Offline control
Support up to 100,000 pixels or 50 sets sub-controllers.
For the IC of DMX lights, the controller has its own write address function.
LedEdit-K software can be used for one-click address writing
Online & Offline control
8 port outputs, each port can load up to 170/512/1024 pixels.
Controller with DMX/1903 IC can be controlled by MADRIX LED controller software.
Loaded DMX512 lights, can output 250K/500K/750Kbs rate.
AC110-240V input
2 kinds of signal protocol output : ① DMX512/1990 international standard protocol and DMX512 extended protocol; ② SPI/TTL serial protocol.
8 port outputs, each port can load up to 170/512/768 pixels (depends on different IC types).
T-780K has DMX512 write function and address test. The single port or all ports carry the DMX512 IC write address and perform address test on the luminaire.
When it is controlled with MADRIX software, each port can carry 1/2/3/4/5/6 units of lamps (one unit = 170pixels).
T-780K provides an LCD screen display that shows the model, ID, and operating status of the controller.

Software compatible with the DMX Controllers

LEDEdit-K LED Light Program Software

Features of LEDEdit-K software:
• Compatible with WindowsXP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10, and perfect combination with mainstream design software Auto, CAD, CoreIDAW, Flash.
• Use the software's built-in "automatic wiring function" or Auto CAD or CoreIDAW to arrange fixtures and wiring.
• Use the flash animation design software to design the lighting change effect, and finally use the LedEdit-K software to integrate the production LED lighting control data, so as to realize the actual lighting change.

LEDPlayer-K Video Player Software

Features of LEDPlayer-K software:
Compatible with WindowsXP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10.
Any port, any light test and positioning can be performed online.
The maximum number of split screens in the software can reach 16, which can realize different engineering requirements such as extended screens and parallel screens.
Online address writing function for DMX IC lamps.

Frequently Asked Questions about DMX LED Controller

  • If you want to control the LED strips in the different zone by controlling through one LED controller, here are two options:
    (1) If the DMX LED strips have below 300 pixels, you can use one K-1000C control. If there are 2000 pixels, one K-8000C controller is ok to drive all the MDX LED tape lights. Using the signal amplifier to keep the signal stable at the distance between strips is more than 5 meters.
    (2) If there are more LED strips with more pixels, you can adapt the XB-Z2 master controller+T-780K salve controller (sub controller) control system. You can set one slave controller for each zone, and then connect them to the master controller. For more details, you can contact, and we will reply to you soon.
  • For architectural lighting, auto control is important, so we need to make a building automation system. The MR series controller is suitable for architectural lighting and outdoor lighting projects. The master controller MR-BF12B supports online control with PC programming, and the slave controller MF-218A (for SPI/TTL protocol) and MF-21BDW (for DMX protocol) can meet all models of floodlights, wall washers, and LED bar lights. And it is also a professional control system for controlling the facade LED mesh screens. 
    Welcome to contact us for more details.
  • For stage sighting, there is usually a console to drive all DMX stage lights. The K-8000L (upgraded as S-8000L) controller is especially for stage lighting, theatre lighting, concert lighting, etc. Perfect for connecting with the main console and DMX LED spotlights.
Have More Questions?
If you haev any questions about LED lighting control or need to find a controller for your lighting project ,welcome to contact us. 
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