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RGBW DMX LED Spot Flood Light Outdoor

Product Code: SHA205. LED flood light CREE / OSRAM for architectural building, facade lighting, landscape lighting, illumination.


SHA205 Flood Light

Product  Features of SHA205

★ Standard DMX512 control protocol

★ Built-in anti-pull connection design for waterproof connector

★ High thermal conductivity adhesive, fully potted and waterproof design

★ Special protection design for outdoor lightning protection and static electricity (ESD)

★ Product flexibility, wide application, multiple installation methods

★ The lamp can be adjusted at an angle greater than or equal to 180°

★ Optional anti-glare cover

★ Professional optical design, fine and uniform light mixing, long projection distance

★ Support RGB/W current individually adjustable (low brightness and high gray)

Product Description

SHA205 projection light is a high-power LED floodlight product specially designed for outdoor landscape lighting. Adopting high thermal conductivity die-casting aluminum shell, sealed by high thermal conductivity and weather-resistant PU glue + sealing ring double waterproof; the appearance of the lamps is exquisite and generous; the lamps are connected by the national standard customized flexible cable, which can be bent and deformed at will; adjustable angle greater than 180 degrees. The mounting bracket is more convenient for different application environment conditions; the appearance and luminous color can be customized; it is mainly used for decorative lighting and building facade lighting, overpasses, monuments, columns, flower beds, and other places.

Product Size (Unit: mm)

RGBW DMX LED Spot Flood Light Outdoor 0

Installation Method

SHA 155 out door DMX LED flood light for facade lanscape lighting 1

Technical Parameter

RGBW DMX LED Spot Flood Light Outdoor 1

Product Selection Table

RGBW DMX LED Spot Flood Light Outdoor 2

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Other models for your to choose from:

SHA155 DMX LED flood light

SHA190 Landscape Flood Light

SHB135 LED Architectural Flood Light

SHB160 Programmable LED Flood Light

We also support custom service, welcome to send email to sales@suntechleds.com if you have any questions.

SHA Series Floodlight Application

Illuminate your world with light

Today’s floodlights are more sophisticated and specialized than ever before. They can bolster security and safety while brightening outdoor spaces for increased usage and enjoyment. Consult a lighting designer today for the best flood light options to brighten your driveways, trees, parking lots and fields.

SuntechLED is a premier LED outdoor light supplier and manufacturer in China, we provides a series of professional LED floodlights for illuminating large areas, industrial environments, and other applications.

SHA series high-efficiency floodlights are suitable for outdoor lighting of sports facilities and football fields of any level, as well as TV broadcasting for amateurs and professionals. Our products are suitable for lighthouses to illuminate large areas. The products we have developed are made entirely of stainless steel and are designed for highway and highway tunnels and underground passages. A series of LED floodlights used in indoor and outdoor industrial environments, warehouse interiors, and commercial spaces illumination will meet kinds of your needs.

LED floodlights for illuminating suntechleds

Suitable for: Motorways, streets, roundabouts, cycle paths, footpaths, urban centres, Historical town centres, public and urban parks, public and private gardens, sports areas, sports fields, airports, railways, large areas, parking areas, tunnels underpasses, industrial and wall mounted.

RGBW DMX LED Spot Flood Light Outdoor application media lighting event lighting

This video shows one of our floodlight lighting projects. It is mainly used in the lighting of the facade of the municipal building.

How do LED floodlights work?

LED floodlights use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to generate light. The LED in the floodlight is a semiconductor, which converts electricity into light by passing current between two leads (metal pads called SMD). When the required wattage level between the leads is reached, the energy is released in the form of photons to provide light. Traditional floodlights use heat to generate light, while LEDs do not, which is why they consume such low power in comparison. They also remain cool to the touch, because no heat is required to produce light, and the radiator is used to reduce wasted heat energy, thereby increasing the efficiency and lifespan of the floodlight.

How to choose the most suitable floodlight?

How to Choose the Right Outdoor LED Floodlights

Why choose Suntech? 

We have a team of experts:

Our experts can guide you to find a suitable design for your home or project. Our team can help in everything from product selection to project recommendations to technical specifications. For industry members, our account managers become part of your team, bringing your design vision to customers and keeping your project going on schedule.

There are many things to discover:

Our carefully planned series represents the best in modern design today. Here, modernity is not the only appearance but innovation and possibility in new fields of technology, materials, and art. We celebrate the many ways that design helps bring modernity to light.

You will get the best price:

If you find a better price for the same product from other sources, please let us know. We are happy to match a competitive price with another authorized retailer to ensure you get the best value of authentic modern design.

We are the leading outdoor LED facade lighting manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China. Our main products are pixel dot light, LED linear wall washer, exterior LED spotlight, LED floodlight outdoor, LED facade media screen, etc. 

We can customize the LED lighting fixtures according to your needs. Welcom to contact us now! We can produce single-color, RGB, RGBW color-changing LED  facade lights.

If you are inerested in DMX LED lighting fixtures, please check here: DMX LED flood light | DMX LED spotlight | LED pixel bar DMX

No matter if you are looking for an LED lights supplier or if you need custom-made lights, we can all help. Send inquiry to get an instant quote now!

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