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LED Pixel Dot Light For Facade & Landscape Lighting

LED led dot light, Usually used for facade, architecture, landscape lighting or display. They are small or medium-sized, with pixel pitches ranging from 30mm to over 100mm, and are full color, tunable white, white and monochrome. The pixel LED lights come in strands...


LED building facade lighting display with Pixel LED Dot Light


Features of Suntech LED Point Light:


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Natively provides ultra-smooth dimming curve and blending details, truly amaze your audience OSRAM led chip ensure lumen output, and the thick tinned copper cable can reduce the voltage drop on the length of each string. Durable materials, with a 5-year warranty as the standard, are carefully designed to withstand the test of time. Excellent protection against moisture and corrosion, fully potted and encapsulated to be waterproof and anti-shock and vibration.

LED dot light advantages:


5-year warranty

Use high-quality OSRAM &CREE led chip, provide CE, ROHS and RoHS certification.


Anti-UV & Anti-static materials

The surface of the poured glue will not turn yellow, Under the conditions of thermal expansion 

and contraction, the colloid will not deform, and water vapor cannot easily penetrate and cause 

pixel-led necrosis.


Built-in protection circuit

Hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, 

power plants, substations, distribution stations, and various external signal disturbances 


8 hours aging test

High standard outdoor simulation test before delivery

waterproof connectors & wire

Glue filling and waterproofing process

waterproof grade IP67,The glue protects the PCB 360 degrees,and the PCB and the shell are not in contact, The small holes of the connector are also filled with glue to prevent water from entering from the end port;

3 Kinds Cap to choose

Provide flat cap, transparent ball cap&diamond cap to choose:

SPA040 with flat cover SPA040 with transparent ball cap SPA040 with diamond cap

SuntechLED is a professional outdoor architectural lighting manufacturer and supplier specialized in architectural lighting, we have media mesh screen, outdoor LED floodlight, external LED spotlights, LED linear wall washer, etc. If you are interested in outdoor DMX lighting, we have DMX LED dot light, DMX architectural flood light, DMX controlled spotlight, DMX LED bar light. And we can customize the LED lighting fixtures according to your needs. Welcome to contact us now!

Measurement (Unit:mm)

Flat cover measurement: For more dimensions, please find the specification

     Led dot light flat cover size

Frame installation with flat cover measurement                                        Base installation with flat cover measurement  

For more product details, please download the product specificationLED-pixel-dot-light.pdf

More LED pixel dot light options: 

DMX LED Pixel Point Light 

SPA090 DMX LED Dot Light

SPA138 LED Pixel Dot light

SPZ Series Pixel Dot Light

Suntech LED is a professional outdoor architectural lighting manufacturer, we also have LED wall washer lights, exterior led flood lights, DMX LED dot lights, DMX LED flood lights, outdoor mesh lights, etc. We can customize the LED lighting fixtures according to your needs. Welcome to contact us now!


How to connect LED Pixel Dot Light?

There will be a jack connector between each string of lights. Just plug the connection port into another 

connection port. Please see the picture below. And click the complete connection guide to know the actual connection process.

connection guide


When using wires to connect, the distance between the LEDs should not exceed 3m, if the distance exceeds 3m, a signal amplifier should be used.

With this accessory, you can put the controller indoors, and dot light can also receive your control commands

Signal amplifier

mid-way power connector

If you need to install a power supply that is to be used to supplement the brightness, then you may need a Mid-way Connector like the picture on the right.

The use of accessories is designed to counter the effects of voltage drops. Simply add more syringes and power supplies to continue the expansion until the data limit of the system is reached!

How to installation LED Pixel Dot Light?

PC single base installation method:

PC single base installation 1PC single base installation 2

Frame installation method:

frame installation 1

frame installation 2

What is LED Pixel Dot Light Used for?


1. LED pixel lights or LED point light sources are usually used for wall display of buildings, 

LED media facade, decorative facade lighting and lighting advertisements for large buildings.

2. Christmas decoration, signage, logo advertising, playground lighting, amusement equipment 

decoration, playground lighting also need LED pixel point light sources.

3. LED outdoor LED string lights, stage lighting, signage, background LED landscape lights 

and architectural decorative pixel LED lights with controller,will help people make exquisite 

architectural advertisements.

led dot light with aluminum profile

pixel dot lighting effect

How to Control Pixel Dot Light?

1、 The main controller is equipped with sub-controller and signal adaptor. The main control and sub-control 

working voltage is AC220V. The working voltage of the signal adaptor is the same as the working voltage of 

the pixel light.

2、 Each sub-controller has 8 ports. The TTL sub-controller can carry 512 (RGB) pixels per port. The DMX sub-

a controller can carry 170 (RGB) pixels per port. It is used with the signal adaptor and supports 200 meters 

long-distance transmission.

3、 The main control and sub-control, sub-control and sub-control are connected by CAT5 twisted cables, 

the maximum distance of each section is less than 120 meters; the maximum transmission distance between 

the sub-controller and the signal adaptor is less than 120 meters. In this case, the maximum distance from 

the signal adaptor to the first pixel light is no more than 2 meters.

4、 It is recommended that the maximum point spacing should not exceed 2.5 meters, and each the intermediate 

power supply can support the power supply distance of 6 meters left and right (can be adjusted according to the 

project conditions).

Generally speaking, Pixel led light IC includes many methods, such as ws2811 / 2811 ic, dmx512 / Dmx addressable, 

WS 2811, UCS 1903, SM 16703, WS 2801, and so on.


How can you wholesale led dot light from China?

A good wholesaler will help you more. Not only for a good price but also not worry about the quality.

You can search for LED pixel dot light wholesalers in Google. You can search "LED Pixel Dot Light For Facade

& Landscape Lighting" on Google. Then you can find suppliers from China. Now China is a big market of led 

lights, you can find some good factories here.

For example: Suntech is a reliable outdoor lights factory in China with 14 years of experience in the LED industry.

Pixel dot light rank

To know more about our facade light product, please come to the facade lighting details page.

Why should you choose us?

1. For per-sale service we can provide professional design service.

design service

2. For the after-sale service we can provide technical support, include wire diagram, installation 

drawing, for oversea project, if clients' need, we can dispatch guide installation on site.



Q: Can I have a sample order of led product?

A: Yes. We welcome the sample orders to check the quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.

Q: How about the deliver time ?

A: For samples , the lead time is 5-7days,For mass production ,the lead time is 12-15 days 

after receiving the deposit payment.

Q: How about shipment?

A: For small order, we can ship it by DHL,FedEx,UPS,TNT,etx. For big order ,we can ship it by sea or by air.

Q: What kinds of payment methods do you accept?

A: You can make the payment to our bank account, Western Union or PayPal etc. 30% deposit in advance,

70%balance against the copy of B/L.

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