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CREE RGB Programmable LED Flood Light For Facade Lighting

Product Code: SHC190. LED flood light CREE / OSRAM for architectural building, facade lighting, landscape lighting, illumination.


SHC190 Flood Light

Product  Features

★ Standard DMX512 control protocol

★ Built-in anti-pull connection design for waterproof connector

★ High thermal conductivity adhesive, fully potted and waterproof design

★ Special protection design for outdoor lightning protection and static electricity (ESD)

★ Product flexibility, wide application, multiple installation methods

★ The lamp can be adjusted at an angle greater than or equal to 180°

★ Optional anti-glare cover

★ Professional optical design, fine and uniform light mixing, long projection distance

★ Support RGB/W current individually adjustable (low brightness and high gray)

Product Description

SHC190 projection light is a high-power LED floodlight product specially designed for outdoor landscape lighting. Adopting high thermal conductivity die-casting aluminum shell, sealed by high thermal conductivity and weather-resistant PU glue + sealing ring double waterproof; the appearance of the lamps is exquisite and generous; the lamps are connected by the national standard customized flexible cable, which can be bent and deformed at will; adjustable angle greater than 180 degrees The mounting bracket is more convenient for different application environment conditions; the appearance and luminous color can be customized; it is mainly used for decorative lighting and lighting of building outlines, overpasses, monuments, columns, flower beds and other places.

Product Size (Unit: mm)

CREE RGB programmable led flood light for facading lighting 0

Installation Method

SHA 155 out door DMX LED flood light for facade lanscape lighting 1

Technical Parameter

CREE RGB programmable led flood light for facading lighting 1

Product Selection Table 

CREE RGB programmable led flood light for facading lighting 2

Product Application

The wide beam of floodlights is used for many objects and areas in many ways. These videos from SuntechLED show some of the applications of floodlights in facade lighting.


Exterior wall lighting

The facade is one of the most critical areas in the building. It is the front area of the building facing the street. Different lighting technologies combine LED floodlights to highlight these areas. The main purpose of this lighting with floodlights is to highlight the main facade, such as the company's logo.

LED flood light used for Exterior wall lighting

Buildings and monuments

Buildings and monuments can enhance the value of an area. Some of these buildings are a symbol of national pride and culture. Floodlights are used to illuminate these structures at night while enhancing their architectural brilliance. Lighting techniques such as emphasis and wall washing are often used to highlight monuments. The precise wide beam emitted by the LED floodlight achieves this goal and is the best choice for illuminating such buildings.

LED flood light used for Buildings and monuments

In-depth Understanding of The Flood Lights 

What are Flood Lights?

Floodlights are excellent lighting equipment that can emit a broad beam. As the name suggests, floodlights are used to flood an area with light. This is the best way to provide a lot of unnatural light to an area. LED floodlights are very energy-efficient, and the output lumens per watt are higher than that of any other traditional lighting system. They are used for multiple purposes and also allow a range of lighting technologies to be used.

Differences between the LED flood light and the LED spotlight?

Before you understand the differences, you must know what a beam pattern is. Beam angle or pattern is a measurement of the angles that are formed between a cone of light’s brightest point (the center) and the points on both sides of the center where the light’s intensity is 50 percent as bright.

LED flood light and the LED spotlight

In the picture, we can clearly see that a larger beam angle means a wider spread of light across an area, and, likewise, a small beam angle means a narrower spread of light.

Beam difference

Differences between the LED flood light and the LED spotlight

Spotlight-The LED spotlight will project a beam of light at an angle of 45 degrees or less on the narrower side. This beam expansion is concentrated in a more specific area and can be guided more simply.

Floodlights-This type of LED bulb can produce a large beam spread and can project light from 50 to 120 degrees. Since this is a larger beam, compared to spotlights, this kind of light covers a very large space without affecting energy efficiency (wattage) or brightness (lumens).

Which one to choose-Spot light or Flood light? 

Focus on details: When you want to highlight specific points or details, you can see LED spotlights, such as artworks in museums, features in landscapes, or display items.

Uniform brightness: If your project needs to illuminate a large space that needs to be wide and evenly distributed, then outdoor LED floodlights are the choice you want. These lights are used in parking lots, warehouses, other commercial spaces, and driveways.

How to calculate the coverage area of the floodlight?

Although it is helpful to have a rough idea of what you can use to set up spotlights or floodlights, being able to measure the coverage of each light in feet can make your lighting project run more smoothly. When you need to do this, keep this formula:

Distance to bulb x beam angle x 0.018 = beam width (feet)

For example, if you want to use a 90-degree floodlight to cover an area of 20 feet:

20 x 90 x 0.018 = 32.4 feet

After mastering this formula, you can now start your next lighting project.


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