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Differences between 850nm and 940nm IR LED

What is infrared light?The light visible to the naked eye is called visible light, and the wavelength of visible light is 380-760nm. The order of the wavelength of visible light from short to long is: purple light→blue light→cyan light→green light→yellow light→orange light→red light. Light with a lo

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What is DMX512? How does DMX512 controller work?

What is DMX512 protocolThe DMX512 protocol is a data dimming protocol proposed by the United States Stage Lighting Association (USITT). It provides a protocol standard for communication between lighting controllers and lighting equipment. The proposal of this agreement provides a good standard for t

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2835 SMD VS 3528 SMD

2835 SMD VS 3528 SMDApr 30, 2021 Many friends are asking what does 2835 and 5050 mean? In fact, LEDchip is named according to the size of the chip. The reason why it is called 2835 is that the LE

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What’s The Difference Between RGB and RGBW LED Lights?

What’s the difference between RGB and RGBW LED lights?Apr 16, 20211. What is RGB2. What is RGBW3. RGB vs. RGBW4. Other TipsWhen you need to purchase a colorful LED strip and send an inquiry to the LED strip supplier, you may be asked which model you will need, RGB OR RGBW. What’s the difference? The

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How does the WS2812B LED light work?

In this article, we will learn how to use the Arduino development board to control individually addressable RGB LED lights or LED strips based on WS2812B.Let us first take a closer look at the LED strips. It is composed of SMD5050 RGB LED lights, which integrates a very compact WS2812B LED driver IC

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What is RGB LED Light?

What is RGB LED Light?Mar 10, 2021In our lives, we always hear the term RGB. For example, when we watch TV, cameras, and computers, colorful patterns appear. This is the visual effect that RGB brings to us. You want to know what RGB stands for, what is its purpose, or when it comes to computers, gad

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SM16703 VS WS2811 digital strip light

SM16703 VS WS2811 digital strip lightAug 02, 2019SM16703 LED strip DC24vWS2811 LED strip DC12vWS2811 strip light is the external IC addressable pixel tape that launched firstly in the market, earlier than WS2812B, WS2813 and WS2815. It only has one data line but is stable , can be made to DC12v , te

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WS2801 VS WS2811 VS WS2812 digital pixel LED strip

WS2801 LED stripis an external IC pixel LED strip , it has 4 pins including positive , negative , data and clock line. Usually made to DC5v and 32leds per meter WS2811 strip light is an external IC programmable LED strip too with 3 pins with positive, negative and data line. Usually made to DC12v .

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SK6812 VS WS2812B VS WS2813 addressable LED strip light

SK6812 VS WS2812B VS WS2813 addressable LED strip lightJul 03, 2019WS2812B LED strip is an IC built-in strip light each pixel is individually programmable and addressable. Voltage is DC5v SK6812 strip light is the same as WS2812B strip light, Voltage is DC5v too. LED strips based on the SK6812 and W

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WS2812B VS WS2813 programmable pixel LED strip light

WS2812B VS WS2813 programmable pixel LED strip lightJul 02, 2019Clear picure of WS2812B pixel digital strip light:Clear picture of WS2813 programmable strip light:WS2812B LED strip is the IC built-in strip light each LED is individually programmable and addressable.WS2813 LED strip is the IC built-i

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WS2813 VS WS2815 VS WS2812B digital programmable LED strip

WS2813 VS WS2815 digital programmablel LED stripJul 02, 2019Brief introduction of WS2813 and WS2815The WS2813 strip light is an updated version of the WS2812B, similar to how the WS2812B is an improved version of the WS2811, but with break continue function , while one IC is broken, the signal can s

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WS2818 VS WS2811 VS UCS1903 digital LED strip light

WS2818 VS WS2811 VS UCS1903 digital LED strip lightJul 02, 2019Brief introduction of WS2811 UCS1903 and WS2818 LED strip.Picture of WS2818 LED stripPicture of WS2811 LED strip (UCS1903 LED strip looks the same)WS2811 strip light is the external IC addressable pixel tape that launched firstly in the

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