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UCS2904 RGBW LED strip 12v 24v.jpg
UCS2904 RGBW 4 In 1 LED Strip

Light strips can be seen everywhere in our daily life, especially addressable light strips. Because of its dreamy color, high flexibility and chasing flow effect, it has a wide range of applications, such as DIY home life, shopping mall decoration, building lighting, etc. This article mainly introduces you to the ucs2904 digital light strip.

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SK9822 vs WS2812B LED Strip Light.png
SK9822 vs WS2812B LED Strip Light

In the previous article, we also compared the APA102 LED strip with the WS2812B LED strip. Like APA102, SK9822 uses standard SPI interface for control (with separate data and clock channels), and its performance is more stable than WS2812B. Although its PWM frequency speed is not as good as APA102, it is much better than WS2812B. The SK9822 is also slightly more expensive than the WS2812B and requires an additional wire. However, when data accuracy is the most important issue for you, the SK9822 Addressable LED Strip is more valuable.And SK9822 has no specific timing requirements, making it easier to control. Another useful feature of the SK9822 is an additional 5-bit brightness control register, which allows you to dim the LED strip while still having 24-bit color control. This is what WS2812B does not have.

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SK9822 VS SK6812.jpg
SK9822 VS SK6812

We've blogged a lot about addressable LED strip comparisons,This guide will tell you the difference and common features between SK9822 and SK6812. Let's read on!

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TM1814 VS SK6812.jpg
TM1814 vs SK6812, What Is The Difference

Our website has published a lot of addressable strip comparison blogs, this article will help you better understand the difference between TM1814 and SK6812, thus you can choose the more suitable strip lights to your projects.

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WS2812B vs APA102

In this article, we will introduce the difference between ws2812b and apa102 LED strip light. We have compared the differences between the two kinds of led strip lights and summarized the similarities of them.

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RGB vs RGBIC LED - Is RGBIC Better than RGB?

This article will tell you the difference between RGB and RGBIC LED strip lights. Below I have posted a comparison of RGB vs RGBIC LED Strip Lights. The main difference is that there is without IC Chip in the RGB LED strips, while the RGBIC LED strips contain built-in IC or external IC. So RGBIC LED strips can be individually controlled compared to RGB LED strips.

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What Kind of Lights Do Nightclub Use?

Nightclub LED lights are commonly used include strobe lights, stage lights, DJ lasers, dance floor lights, etc. Proper lighting can attract more customers. In this guide, we will discuss what lighting is commonly used in nightclubs and how to improve lighting design ideas for nightclubs.

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DMX Stage Lighting Basic Guideline for Beginners.jpg
DMX Stage Lighting: Basic Guideline for Beginners

If you are new to stage lighting, some of the basic techniques involved, such as needing to understand what each technique is and how it works, may be a little difficult. Digital Multiplexing (DMX) is one such technology. DMX is a digital communication protocol, which is what allows you to control certain stage lighting fixtures remotely.

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How Many Types of Stage Lighting Are There

How many types of stage lighting are there? In this article, we'll cover some of the basics of stage lighting that will help you understand it better.

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What is the basic rule for lighting a stage.jpg
What are the Basic Rules for Lighting a Stage?

The stage lighting design is to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the stage lighting system, etc., and the process requirements allow the use of various types of lights and other auxiliary equipment. We will introduce the basic rules and design principles of stage lighting.

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Where Do You Position Stage Lights?

Generally speaking, all DMX stage lighting layouts involve some basic layout. With the right approach, you'll be able to meet most needs quickly and efficiently. If you are designing your first stage lighting layout or upgrading your stage lighting layout, then this article will be of great help to you. This article mainly introduced the type of stage lighting design and guide you to choose the best lighting fixtures to improve your stage performance.

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DMX vs XLR: How to Tell the Difference Between XLR and DMX Cables

Simply put, XLR is for sound and DMX is for lighting. Two different cables use the same type of cable and have the same shape, but there are differences on the inside. While there are some crossover features, XLR and DMX are not interchangeable until the user is cornered. So, what are the differences, can you mix them together, and you need to? Mention DMX and we think of XLR. DMX VS XLR is always being compared by us. We will detail the difference between XLR and DMX in this article. Let's look at the specifics.

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DMX Lighting Control is Not Difficult as You Thought

Lighting control is the use of automatic control technology and intelligent management technology to control and manage the opening, closing, adjustment, combination, scene mode, etc. of the light source or lighting equipment of the building and environmental lighting to achieve the linkage of build

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What is DMX512? How does DMX512 controller work?

DMX512 is a digital communication network standard commonly used to control stage lighting and effects. Originally intended as a standardized method of controlling dimmers, it is now the primary method of connecting controllers and dimmers, as well as more advanced fixtures and special effects equipment.

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2835 SMD VS 3528 SMD

2835 SMD VS 3528 SMDApr 30, 2021 Many friends are asking what does 2835 and 5050 mean? In fact, LEDchip is named according to the size of the chip. The reason why it is called 2835 is that the LE

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LED strip: 24v DC VS 12v DC

When you are ready to buy led strips, you may come across two choices: 12V DC and 24V DC. And the price and performance specifications of the two are the same, so you might think, "What is the difference? Which one should I choose?"In fact, as long as you choose the right accessory (such as a power

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What’s The Difference Between RGB and RGBW LED Lights?

What’s the difference between RGB and RGBW LED lights?Apr 16, 20211. What is RGB2. What is RGBW3. RGB vs. RGBW4. Other TipsWhen you need to purchase a colorful LED strip and send an inquiry to the LED strip supplier, you may be asked which model you will need, RGB OR RGBW. What’s the difference? Now, this article will help us to see the difference between RGB and RGBW in detail.

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How to connect LED lights to DMX controller?

Suntech LED is specilized in DMX LED lighting system, we mainly provide DMX How to use the DMX512 controller correctly? Is there anything need to pay attention to? To use the DMX512 system correctly, it is mainly to master the application of the DMX512 connection method. Let's take a look at the cor

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How does the WS2812B LED light work?

WS2812B integrates control circuit and RGB chip in 5050 chip original package. It is an internal IC, also known as built-in IC or embedded. They are in many cases WS2812 or also known as WS2812B. Voltage DC5V, individually addressable.

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What is WS2818?

WS2818 is a 3-channel LED driver control circuit, its internal include intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit. Also include a precision internal oscillator and a 12V voltage programmable constant current control part, which achieves highly consistent col

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