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Flexible LED Pixel Mesh Light

Flexible LED pixel mesh light with flexibility and transparent structure can be easily applied to various scenes. This product type is especially used for building exterior walls, such as screens and field lighting.


LED Mesh Features

Flexible Design 

Flexible LED Pixel Mesh Light, also called LED media curtain, is a kind of flexible LED  mesh screen. The product uses an ultra-flexible design. It can be bent freely, presenting creative shapes such as arches, circles, waves, etc., and the size can be customized. High flexibility to perfectly match the LED building facade lighting and media facade lighting.

Flexible LED Pixel Mesh Light

Built-in Smart Chip  and Electronic driver

Smart chip technology: Each mesh pixel is automatically addressable and easy to configure. Built-in smart chip and  DMX controlled LED mesh curtain. Built-in electronic driver, with overheating and overload protection.

Mesh light smart chip

High  Transparency  

High transparency maximizes the natural light get inside of the building. Don't block natural light. High permeability, go through light, air, and smoke easily. LED mesh display also ensuring the screen has great ventilation and wind-resistance function.

Mesh light High Transparency


Fast  Locks  

Fast inter-panel locking makes the installation and removal of the large screen relatively fast and easy. No tools are needed. Save time. If the pixel fails, it is easy to maintain. Both single LED strips and LED dot can be taken out for repair or replacement, which make service much more convenient. 


IP67 Design & UV proof

Outdoor protection grade: IP66/IP67, UV resistant, class III electrical safety level, is a reliable solution for indoor and outdoor.  The IP67-rated & UV-proof programmable led mesh lights work well in outdoor rainy weather or under strong long-time sunlight.

Waterproof connectors  

 Head and tail of the panel, with waterproof connectors.

LED mesh waterproof connectors

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 Flexible media facade LED mesh light aging test picture. ↓ Flexible curtain LED mesh display RGB outdoor DMX controlled.

Mesh light aging test 1

Mesh light aging test 2

Specifications of Flexible LED Mesh







Pixel Pitch






Pixel Density






Panel Size







10000 cd/m⊃2;





Max Power Consumption






Ave. Power Consumption












Panel Weight






Panel Resolution


Unit Consumption


Gray Scale


Waterproof Grade




Operating Temperature

-20°~ +50°

Storage Temperature

-40°~ +70°

Power Source


Input Voltage


Viewing Angle


Refresh Rate



5 Years

 *Custom is available.

For more product information, please download the specificationsFlexible-LED-Pixel-Mesh.pdf

We are the leading LED outdoor light supplier and LED media mesh lighting manufacturer in China. We can produce single color, RGB, RGBW color-changing LED outdoor lights. The main products are LED mesh, LED architectural wall washer, linear light, DMX RGB flood light, etc. Send an inquiry to get an instant quote now!

Accessories of LED Screen Mesh

▇ Video Controller

Mesh light video controller

▇ Master Controller

Mesh light master controller

▇ Slave Controller

Mesh light subcontroller 1

Mesh light subcontroller 2

▇ Cabling

Mesh light Accessories cabling


▇  Hanging Beam

Mesh light hanging beam


▇ System connection

The pixel LED mesh system reshapes the large-scale media experience. The sophisticated, scalable, translucent LED system can elegantly transform any surface into a bright palette for full-color (RGB) graphics, text, and video animation.

Mesh can be controlled by DMX and DVI input signals, and smart chip technology and smart software can even control the most complex media scenes to the greatest extent.


Wiring diagram

Mesh light Wiring Diagram

Video show how to install

                  Here shows the work effect of our Flexible Pixel LED Mesh                     

Transparent LED Mesh with PC Strip Install Mount

LED Pixel Mesh Screen Installation with Transparent PC Grid

PC Grid Installation of Pixel LED Mesh Display

For more installation methods and installation precautions, please check the LED pixel lights buying guidance.

Details of LED Mesh Screen

Details of pixel LED curtain mesh light

Flexible pixel curtain wall LED mesh lights transparency

LED mesh curtain

Transparent LED Mesh curtain display RGB/RGBW

pixel led mesh

Soft and flexible LED Mesh Screen for stage&building facade

programmable led mesh

Fast installation



Quality test



Media LED Mesh Application

High-tech Urban Lighting Project

Bridge Lighting Project

Stadium Lighting Project

Commercial Lighting

media mesh lighting

Suntech LED is a professional outdoor architectural lighting manufacturer, we also have LED wall washer lights, exterior led flood lights, DMX LED dot lights, etc. We can customize the LED lighting fixtures according to your needs. Welcome to contact us now!


This video shows the application of an outdoor LED mesh display on the railway station platform.

Do you know which pixel pitch is best suitable for LED Mesh Display?

For indoor viewing: The pixel pitch with the range of 4mm to 20mm is more suitable; For outdoor viewing: The pixel pitch with the range from 25mm to 50mm or higher is more better-because the viewing distance is usually greater. Outdoor LED Mesh displays are usually much larger than indoor screens.

Mesh light pixel pitch

When choosing the pixel pitch of an LED screen, two factors need to be considered
The best viewing distance selection of LED Mesh display screen: When selecting the pixel pitch, first consider the distance from the viewer's position to the LED screen. The general calculation formula for the best viewing distance is: pixel pitch (mm)/(0.3~0.8) (mm/m) = best viewing distance (m). For example, the best viewing distance for a 16mm pixel pitch LED Mesh screen is 20~53 meters; viewers at a distance of 25 meters will be able to see the LED screen clearly; however, when viewing from a longer distance (for example, 55 meters) , The sharpness is usually lower, but it is acceptable. But if the distance is farther (for example, 70 meters), you will definitely not be able to see the LED Mesh display clearly. (Based on normal vision.) At this time, you need to re-select a better pixel pitch.

Mesh light pixel pitch best suitable for LED Mesh Display

Pixel pitch and outdoor LED Mesh display

For outdoor LED Mesh screens, Suntech ST-PMAU-01 and /ST-PMAU-02 are recommended for close viewing, and ST-PMAE-01/ST-PMAE-02 and ST-PMXT-01 for long-distance viewing.

Why choose us

We are a professional supplier of LED lighting products, we have our own factory, and most of our products have obtained international certification.

Suntech flexible LED pixel mesh light with high IP Rating. It is flexible and lightweight, it is a type of flexible LED curtain screen, with ultra-flexible design, make it can be curved to achieve all kinds of shapes according to customer’s needs. The panel size and space can be customized according to customers' project requirements.

Through the hook and loop connection and the modular large panel, it can be quickly installed and disassembled without screws, which is easy to transport, install and maintain.

You can freely customize any pixel pitch and get stable results.

The biggest advantage is that our mature customization capabilities can maintain the same quality for any customized shape or pitch.


Welcome to contact us for further details.


Q1: Can I get OEM/ODM customized products for special applications?

 A: Of course, we provide OEM and ODM service, design, and produce per customers' requirements.

Q2: How to place an order?

 A: Please provide your requirements or questions to us by email, we will confirm with you for the detailed information, then we will send you a PI to confirm. Then, if everything is all right we will arrange the order as soon as possible once received your payment.

Q3: If products have problems, how should I do?

 A: If the goods have some problems, please send a picture or video to our E-mail, and we will check it and analyze the problem. We will do our best to help you solve the problem.

Q4: How long can I get my order?

 A: The lead time is 3-7working days. Sometimes it is shorter or longer.

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