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Established in 2008, SuntechLED is a professional intelligent and interactive architecture facade lighting factory in China. We specialize in R&D, production and marketing for high-quality LED pixel dot lights, led linear lights, LED wall washer lights, floodlights, and LED mesh screen for outdoor facade lighting. All of our lights are provided with a 5-year warranty. Provide free facade lighting design and solution consultation. 
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Best Media Facade Lighting Fixtures

SuntechLED provides the latest media lighting technology and the most professional media facade lighting solutions for outdoor architectural floodlighting. Our facade lighting fixtures are specialized in lighting up buildings and landscapes. If you want to install a DMX lighting system for your faacde, we can help you. We provide ODM & OEM customized services to meet your needs.
RGBW DMX LED Spot Flood Light Outdoor
Outdoor Media Facade Flood Lights are high-power LED floodlight products specially designed for outdoor landscape lighting. Adopting high thermal conductivity die-casting aluminum shell, sealed by high thermal conductivity and weather-resistant PU glue + sealing ring double waterproof; the appearance of the lamps is exquisite and generous; the lamps are connected by the national standard customized flexible cable, which can be bent and deformed at will; adjustable angle greater than 180 degrees The mounting bracket is more convenient for different application environment conditions; the appearance and luminous color can be customized; it is mainly used for decorative lighting and lighting of building outlines, overpasses, monuments, columns, flower beds, and other places. Get competitive wholesale rates now!
A flexible LED pixel mesh screen with flexibility and transparent structure can be easily applied to various scenes. A flexible LED Pixel Mesh screen is also called an LED media curtain, is made of pixel dot lights. The product uses an ultra-flexible design. It can be bent freely, presenting creative shapes such as arches, circles, waves, etc., and the size can be customized. High flexibility to perfectly match the building facade and transparent media facade. This product type is especially used for building exterior walls, such as architecture screen facade and field lighting or illuminated facade. Get instant quote now!
Flexible LED Pixel Mesh Light
DMX LED Pixel Point Light For Facade Lighting
LED dot lights are a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly decorative light for indoors and outdoors. Each LED has a built-in microcomputer chip so it can be programmed and controlled at will. The full-color changing effect and multiple led point light sources form a dot-matrix screen. A variety of pictures, text and animation effects can be changed. It is a supplement to the linear light sources and floodlighting. Its beautiful appearance can meet the design requirements of points, lines, and surfaces for decorations such as buildings. Get competitive wholesale rates now!
LED linear lights are low-power LED products specially designed for outdoor landscape lighting and media facade lighting. Adopt high thermal conductivity extruded aluminum shell, flame-retardant plastic PC end cover, and waterproof with high thermal conductivity and weather-resistant PU glue; the small size of the light bar, exquisite appearance; the connection between the light bars through the national standard customized flexible cable; product length and color can be customized, Can adapt to the installation of large curves or curved surfaces; suitable for contouring of building facades, and decorative and brightening of internal and external surfaces. Get instant quote now!
Outdoor Indoor Architectural Linear LED Lighting For Bridge, Museum, Hall
Outdoor LED Wall Washer Light
LED media facade building wall washer lights have been widely used in various places, such as the lighting of corporate buildings, government buildings, historical buildings, and entertainment places; The scope involved is wide, from the original indoor to outdoor, from the original local lighting to the current overall lighting. LED wall washer lights will develop into an indispensable part of the outdoor media lighting project. Get instant quote now!

LED Digital Controller

Media facade LED digital controller is 32-65536 level grayscale control. Truly restore the image color and details. Three-primary-color independent brightness control. Realizes the simple, effective, and accurate adjustment of white balance.
★ Support ARTNET MADRIX software 
★ Support Most of the led lights with IC Chips 
★ Support all kinds of light sources of point, line, and surface 
★ Fits for regular and irregular shape of lights project 
★ Support Multiple synchronizations, support SD card 
★ Support IC Type: DMX512, UCS1912, TM1803, TM1804, TM1809, TM1812, UCS2903, UCS2909, UCS2912, 8205,8206,16703, WS2811, etc

Artnet Madrix Pixel Strip Led Dmx 512 Controller For Landscape Illumination

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SuntechLED has extensive experience and latest media facade technology in the outdoor media facade lighting industry. To view more LED facade lighting fixtures: LED linear wall washer, exterior LED spot lights, DMX LED flood lights. To provide you with high quality and wholesale price products. Technical support for customized media facade lighting solutions based on your building. For your facade lighting projects, SuntechLED facade lighting experts will provide free consultation and evaluation. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or send an email to sales@suntechleds.com. We'd be glad to assist you.

Media Facade Lighting Applications

Media facade lighting is a large number of individually controllable lights or LED transparent mesh screen lighting layers installed on the surface of a building. Media facade lighting takes into account both artistic aesthetics and commercial promotion, and through the display of text, graphics and animation screens, the building facade can be turned into a dynamic world. SuntechLED provides complete, sustainable and smart media facade lighting solutions.

★Create Building Illumination

★Show Visual Advertise Brand

★Commercial architectural Lighting

★Display Promotion Content

Leading LED Media Facade Manufacturer and Supplier in China​​​​​​​ - SuntechLED

SuntechLED is one of the top LED outdoor lighting manufacturers and suppliers in China. Not only has a huge local customer, but also has done many media screen facade lighting projects in USA, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Nigeria, India, Dubai and other regions!

High-quality service, excellent quality, and perfect after-sales service have gained the satisfaction of many domestic and foreign customers. Please contact us to provide you with a free one-stop outdoor media facade lighting solution.
Media facade lighting project in China
SuntechLED is also an experienced DMX lighting supplier, we have DMX LED flood lights, DMX LED spotlights, LED pixel bar DMX, and DMX LED dot lights for meeting your various applications. And we support OEM&ODM products according to yuor detailed requirements. Welcome to contact us!

Media Facade Lighting Projects Gallery​​​​​​​

The creative design and idea of the media facade lighting project from SuntechLED explores the use of light and media as a facade "material" to form an integral part of the building. Outdoor facade lighting breathes legendary energy into the monotony of the building at night. As a professional company in the field of media facade lighting and control, SuntechLED is committed to providing complete, sustainable and intelligent lighting solutions. We are happy to share some of our experiences in this dynamic field with you.

Why Choose SuntechLED For LED Media Facade?

SuntechLED focuses on the most advanced LED media facade technology to satisfy every customer. Over the years, we have provided total solutions for outdoor lighting projects such as outdoor architectural lighting, facade lighting, landscape lighting, stadium lighting, street lighting, and media lighting. Design, production, distribution, installation, your media facade project will be completed under professional guidance.


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FAQ about LED media facade
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Can I Get a Quote For The Lights?

    For a quote, simply contact our customer service department, which is available 24/7. You can drop us a message through our website or email us at sales@suntechleds.com. 

  • What is Your MOQ For The Order?
    You can order as few as one unit of whichever product you like. We deliver the product under your specifications.
  • What Is The Turnaround Time On My Order?
    A normal Digital LED Media Facade Lighting Building order takes 7-10 business days to complete, excluding transit time, which can take anywhere from 7 to 15 days, depending on your location. Custom and bulk orders may take a few days longer.
  • Can I Get a Sample Before Place The Order?

    Yes, we offer you samples beforehand to test out and be satisfied before purchase. Sample time ranges from 3 to 7 days, depending on the item.

  • What Is a Facade In Architecture?
    Usually refers to the front or exterior of a building. Front facades tend to be more imposing or decorative.
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Depending on specific architectural style and lighting goals, our professional LED lighting designers can customize your lighting project renderings, meeting precise lighting specifications, effects and atmosphere.

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Do you want a one-stop cost-effective facade lighting ideas and solution? Please consult our experienced LED lighting designers now. Return you a satisfactory lighting solution.


Whether you are choosing existing lighting fixtures or customizing new lighting fixtures, please do not hesitate to tell us your needs and let us help you create a personalized high-quality facade lighting project.

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Media Facade Lighting Products Buying Guides

Media Facade lighting has always been a hot topic. As long as a building is born, the interactive building facade lighting idea is indispensable to the attention of developers and architects. Whether it's simply adding a free-standing media screen to an existing structure, elegantly blending media elements becomes an integral part of the building's structure facade display. Or push creative boundaries through media screens to tackle unconventional architectural forms. This guide will take a deep dive into what Media Facade lighting is and what Media Facade lighting products we should buy. Read on!
Table of Contents
1、What is the Media Facade lighting?
2、What are the main types of LED Media Facade?
3、Where is Media Facade Lighting Used?
4、How to Choose Media Facade Lighting?
5、What should you pay attention to when choosing a media facade product?
6、How to Install Media Facade Lighting?
7、Why Choose Media Facade Lighting from SuntechLED?

1、What is the Media Facade lighting

The façade is the outer layer of the building that creates the first impression and connects its external and internal environments. Media façades can transform any building façade or entire structure into an extraordinary dynamic world.

It is made by seamlessly integrating LED video lights or mesh screens into the structural façade.
Specifically, a large number of individually controllable lights or LED transparent mesh screen units are attached to the facade, or even woven into the surface of the building as part of the structural material. Therefore, the custom-made media façade is a huge screen capable of displaying text, pictures, animations and videos.

Displaying images or videos on building facades has become a compelling medium as brands create new and innovative ways to connect with audiences. Media façade lighting offers many possibilities to communicate with the audience and strengthen the emotional connection with the brand. Due to their size, colour and appeal, the media façade installations stand out in the urban night space as a city landmark that captures the attention of visitors.

2、What are the main types of LED Media Facade?

Since installing media facades is so important to modern architectural design, whether you are an architectural designer or an advertising agency, we better know more about LED media facades.

What kind of products are suitable for media facades or screen facades of large buildings?

There are two main categories, they are Media Mesh Facades and Media Facade Elements.

The media mesh façade is approached in the form of an LED screen. It is composed of panels of the same size with a large facade.

The media facade elements mainly include LED pixel dots and LED media bars. They can be placed more flexibly anywhere in the building, such as in architectural lighting, but for playing video.

(1)Media Mesh Facade

●Flexible LED Media Mesh
LED Media Mesh is a highly transparent and extremely lightweight LED screen that can be installed on the solid facade of a building. When making large transparent media façades, especially over 500 square meters, the flexible dot LED mesh media is the most popular with designers. For large areas, its pixel pitch tends to exceed 50mm.
A large architecture led illumination project is assembled from hundreds of LED mesh modules, each consisting of a string of LED pixels and a lightweight plastic or aluminum frame. Flexible led mesh is a very flexible product, it can be used not only for rectangular surface walls but also to form irregular shapes such as diamonds, triangles, circles, etc. on building facades. Therefore, it has been warmly welcomed by architects, designers, integrators, and advertisers.
●Rigid LED Curtain Mesh
Compared to Flexible LED Mesh, Rigid LED Mesh Curtains have a smaller pixel pitch. With its high resolution, it is enough for tiny sizes around 30~50 square meters. But at the same time, it's an equally good option for large outdoor media. It maintains a clear, lightweight, and slim design. Plus, it's IP67 rated and weather resistant, making it well-suited to harsh weather conditions.
●LED Glass Mesh (Transparent LED display)
LED Glass Transparent Mesh is an indoor and higher resolution LED exterior wall screen. It can play high-definition images and videos, with great colors and maximum transparency.

①high illuminance & high light transmission & high resolution
②Frameless and seamless
③Not afraid of water or dust
④High transparency

(2)Media Facade Element

●LED Video Strip
The LED Video Strip is an ultra-thin high-brightness video lighting fixture. When a group of LED pixel facade strips are arranged together over a large area of a interactive building facade, they are also capable of playing animations and videos. The standard LED Video Strip is one meter, but can also be customized to different lengths.
●LED Media Tube
LED Media Tubes are another type of high-resolution LED video lighting. LED architectural mesh façade is the combination of thousands of LED video tubes, you can create stunning LED mesh media façade on indoor or outdoor structural surfaces.

It also has a wide range of pixel pitch options such as P6.5, P10, P25, and P50; and multiple mounting options. By deploying video tubes at different distances, you can easily adjust the resolution and transparency of the media facade. Overall, this is a smart product that combines the advantages of lights and screens. Designers love to use it to create creative-led facades.
●LED Pixel Dot
LED Pixel Dot is the most creative LED element. It is not only an integral part of the flexible LED mesh, but can also be installed on uneven surfaces of buildings in the form of flexible light strings alone. It is suitable for a pixel facade architecture.

With their customizable pixel spaces, flexible cables and flexible mounting, we can easily attach them to rough surfaces. It can actually make transparent media facades of various shapes. For example, use many LED light strings, or you can make 3D media facades.

3、Where is Media Facade Lighting Used?

Media facade lighting is often used in buildings, especially in urban centers with high foot traffic or high traffic around them. You may also see this lighting on other important structures such as bridges, empty walls, and monuments. Some screen facade lighting buildings have become landmarks in the city, attracting tourists from all over the world to visit.

4、How to Choose Media Facade Lighting?

When we choose a lighting method like media facade lighting, it depends on many factors, let's take a look at what factors will be considered!

Design of the Building

The most important thing to consider before installing media facade lighting on any building is the design of the building itself. The facade lighting ideas of a building determines what type of facade lighting it is suitable for, which will determine the type of lighting you should use in most situations.

While most buildings with media façade lighting today incorporate it into their basic design, this lighting can also be installed on existing building structures. You need to consider the size and shape of the facade and, more importantly, what materials should be used.


Display Design

The second thing to consider is what you will be showing on the facade with these lights. This will determine which fixtures you need and how many fixtures you need. There is a lot of flexibility in lamps for media facade lighting, but the design still matters.


Another deciding factor was the purpose behind the media facade lighting. Are you installing these lights for marketing or decorative purposes? This factor is also critical!


Installing media facade lighting on building facades is a very expensive project. Therefore, it is also crucial to consider the total cost of the project.

5、What should you pay attention to when choosing a media facade product?


Viewing Distance

Each screen will have a recommended minimum viewing distance and optimal viewing distance. Although the viewing distance can be roughly calculated, it is a bit subjective. For direct-view LED screens, we often say that the minimum viewing distance is about 1 meter (3.28 feet) per 1mm spacing, for example, P30mm is 30 meters. The best viewing distance is 3 times the distance from the LED screen.

When less than the minimum viewing distance, you can still watch the screen, but you will see the individual LEDs. LED media facades typically cover large areas and are often viewed from great distances. Therefore, the minimum viewing distance of the media facade screen has a wide range, such as P50mm mesh 30~50m, P100mm mesh 70~100m, etc.

Brightness, Viewability

In the past, LED media facades were only viewed at night. Now, for some iconic buildings, media walls are also expected to work during the day, drawing attention to architectural lighting.

Making media facade lighting that's not bright enough or too bright is a waste of your money. Therefore, it is important to determine the proper brightness for your application.


Weight Limit

When building a media facade, the weight limit of the facade is one of the key factors in determining whether the chosen type of LED facade is safe. The designer should not only consider the self-weight of the LED facade, but also the weight of the support frame. Take the P90mm LED media network as an example, the weight of the screen is 2KG per square meter. The support frame installed on the wall is about 7~8KG per square meter.

Weather resistance

LED media curtain walls are generally installed outdoors, exposed to rain, ultraviolet rays, and sometimes extremely harsh environments, such as salt spray areas near the sea, and the ambient temperature in desert cities is very high.

First of all, you must understand whether the product materials used in the transparent media facade are of reliable quality and product branding. Then confirm whether the LED curtain wall product you choose is really suitable for your project environment, which is very important to guarantee your investment.


When it comes to repairs, first of all we need to know how to repair or replace the broken parts of the facades of high-rise buildings.

A good media screen facade architecture design should always focus on how to simplify product maintenance and allow maintenance workers to carry out maintenance easily.

6、How to Install Media Facade Lighting?

The installation process of media facade lighting is usually done by design and construction companies working with professionals such as engineers and technicians to complete such installations.

Here's a simplified installation process for this type of lamp:

Step 1: Determine where to install the light fixtures. Depending on the screen design of the façade, these lights can cover the entire exterior of the building or only a certain location.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate media light type to support the design.

Step 3: Create the electrical connections for the individual lights.

Step 4: Install the light according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 5: Check the different displays on the lights using the central controller.


7、Why Choose Media Facade Lighting from SuntechLED?

SuntechLED is a leading outdoor media facade and screen facade lighting LLC in China. Our company specializes in the design, development, production and sales of LED decorative lighting products; provides customers with high-quality, highly professional LED lighting solutions; and provides customers with free OEM&ODM design services and integrated lighting solutions. A variety of facade types are available.

The quality of the facade pixel media LED lights is certified by CE, RoHS, FCC, etc. Powered by OSRAM LED lights, these exterior wall lights are very energy efficient and come with a 5-year warranty. After a series of tests before leaving the factory, 100% qualified products will be sold to customers. If you choose us, it will be the best decision you have made!
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Media Facade lighting is one of the hottest trends in digital facade architecture and urban screen facades design, and choosing the right Media Facade lighting products is crucial. Click here to contact us and help you choose the Media Facade lighting products that are best for you.
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