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Outdoor LED Wall Washer Light

Led wall washing light is widely used in modern urban landscape design and application. Compared with other lighting source products, it can better set off the artistic characteristics and cultural value of urban landscape.


In recent years, LED wall washing lights have been widely used in various places, such as the lighting of corporate buildings, government buildings, historical buildings and entertainment places; The scope involved is also more and more wide, from the original indoor to outdoor, from the original local lighting to the current overall lighting and media facade lighting, are the improvement and development of the level, with the increasing progress of the times, in the next few years, led wall washing light will develop into an indispensable part of the lighting project.

Parameters of Wall Washer


Monochrome; RGB/W each 65536 grayscale; 

Light source: High power 2525 / 3535 / 5050 / 3030 

LED quantities: 18-36pcs

Material: Sprayed aluminum housing + optical glass cover

Lifespan: 50,000h

Weight: 1.76Kg/m

Measurement: 1000*42.09mm

Operating Voltage: DC24V / 36V

Maximum power: 18-54W/m

RGB Light intensity: 2700LM/m

White light: 3500LM/m

Beam angle: 15°/ 30°/ 45°/ 60°/ 10°x65°/ 20°x65°/ 20°x45°

Electric grade: Class III

Operating temperature: -20°C to 50°C

Storage temperature: --40°C to 70°C

Protection level: IP66

wall washer size

For more product details, please download the product specification. Wall-washer-light-specification-Suntech.pdf

Features of wall washing lights

① Based on the standard DMX512 protocol, it supports 16.7 million colors (24 bits)

② High brightness, high energy efficiency, durable

③ Asymmetric light distribution design, especially suitable for wall washing lighting

④ High quality LED transparency and optimal beam control ensure uniform brightness

⑤ The thinness light design can provide suitable lighting for the narrow space of the building

⑥ High grade material and high protection grade (IP66) can withstand any harsh outdoor environment

⑦ Flexible mounting bracket, convenient light angle adjustment, maintenance free and high energy efficiency

⑧ The light mixing distance is short, can support close installation

⑨ 50000 hours long life

⑩ Able to be customized

Application environment: indoor, outdoor

Selection Table of wall wash lights

outdoor led wall washer light landscape lighting product table

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Wall Washer Lighting Picture & Video Display


                                           WA042 wall washer


               White                                  Warm white                              Yellow


                Red                                       Green                                       Blue


                       seven colors transformation

Why choose LED wall wash light from us?

SuntechLED is a leading LED outdoor light supplier in China,  we put the quality first. All of our LED wall washers are made of OSRAM and CREE brand LEDs, and we provide 5 years warranty for all of the LED wall washers and other ourdoot lighting fixtures. Welcome to contact us if you have any needs.

Angle adjustable mounting bracket installation




* For more details, please check the guidance of installing the wall washer lights.




Application of LED wall washing light

At present, the technology of microelectronic products has been greatly improved, and the effective control of the on-off technology of LED wall washing light has been realized. The digital dimming and color mixing function can realize the colorful change of light source. Therefore, in the lighting design, we can fully consider the color change characteristics of LED wall washing light, and according to the actual needs, reasonably arrange and combine the color of LED light source to achieve a variety of color conversion changes.

Led wall washing light is controlled by built-in microchip. In small engineering applications, it can be used without controller. It can achieve dynamic effects such as gradual change, jump, color flicker, random flicker and gradual change alternation. It can also achieve chasing, scanning and other effects through the control of DMX.

·Application place: external wall lighting of single building and historical building group. The interior and exterior lighting of the building and the interior local lighting. Green landscape lighting and billboard lighting. Medical, cultural and other special facilities lighting. Bars, dance halls and other places of entertainment atmosphere lighting, etc.

Suntech LED specializes in outdoor architectural and landscape lighting, our main products are LED wall washer light, DMX RGB flood light, LED facade media screen, dot lights LED, and DMX LED strip lights. We provide 5 years warranty for all of the products and will offer technical support for the complete lighting projects.

For the newest news, the installation of 720m wall washing light belt in the "big butterfly" Century Hall of the 10th China Flower Expo(21 May till 2 July 2021) had already been completed, below is the photo of the lighting:


LED Wall Washer for Architectural Lighting & Facade Lighting & Media Lighting

Led Linear Wall Washer -Architectural LIghting & Facade Lighting & Media Lighting


1. Please read the installation manual carefully before using the product.

2. The product is handled gently and gently to avoid damage to the product. Installation, maintenance and maintenance must be handled by professionals;

3. The external power supply must be cut off during wiring to prevent people from getting an electric shock or damaging the lamp;

4. When the external power cord is connected, the corresponding measures of waterproofing and water leakage must be taken;

5. The male and female waterproof protective covers for the products shall not be removed before the products are installed and connected;

6. Quality Assurance: Under normal conditions of use, quality assurance is based on the proper storage, installation, use and maintenance of the product.

(Note: Product damage caused by improper installation and use, in violation of product operating procedures, is not within the scope of product quality assurance.)

Installation instructions:

1. First, fix the light firmly with screws;

2. Connect the light with the power cord firmly, and wrap the unused ends with waterproof tape;

3. When installing and wiring, a branch power supply can connect up to 8-10 wall washing lights in series; Or connect the power cord after 50 meters;

4. After the installation, please check the installation circuit first, confirm that the installation is correct, and connect the corresponding control power supply after there is no electrical short circuit;

5. If there is any problem in the installation, please consult our technical personnel.


Q1. What is wall washing light?

Led wall washing light is used for architectural decoration and lighting, the lights flows through the wall just like water and can outlining the outline of large buildings. 

Q2. Where should wall washing lights be placed?

Linear wall washing light is generally used for stair outline or external control wall lighting, and high-power wall washing light is generally used for floor lighting or roof lighting.

Q3. How can we install a wall washer light?

High power LED wall washing light can be installed and used either individually or in combination. Unreasonable installation of controller wiring will cause all lights not to light up.

Wiring description of external control LED wall washing light controller:

The information wire of the controller is three core wire, A1 is connected with blue, B1 is connected with green, and red is connected with GND. The signal must enter from the male end of the LED wall washing light and exit from the female end. The power supply is two core wire. The brown of the two core wire is connected with the positive pole of the switching power supply, and the blue is connected with the negative pole of the switching power supply.

Q4. How far can wall washer light be from wall?

According to the power, beam angle and wall height

Generally speaking, the distance from the wall ÷ The wall height of 1:10 ~ 1:3 is suitable

Q5. How to choose a wall washing light?

1. Choose regular wall light manufacturers

Regular and powerful manufacturers are more trustworthy in terms of quality and construction technology support. Therefore, if you really don't know how to choose, choose a regular light manufacturer.

2. Select the appropriate wattage led wall washing light according to the irradiation height 

The power and luminous angle of the light also affect the illumination height of the wall washing light. The higher the power, the brighter the wall washing light is, and the higher the irradiation height will be. For the same power, the smaller the beam angle, the higher the irradiation height. We usually use 30 ° When lighting 1-3m, use 18W, 3-4m, 24W, 4-5m, 36W. Of course, there are no standards for these, the specific situation of specific analysis, can let the light manufacturers give you a suitable lighting scheme.

3. Select the power according to the light absorption of the wall

The color and smoothness of the wall also have an impact on the power we choose to wash the wall. There are some deep walls or uneven walls are more light absorption. If the lighting is also 2 meters, in the case of appeal, we choose the power of the wall washing light to be higher than the general power. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out on-site debugging and select appropriate lights.

4. Select the color according to the design effect picture

The commonly used wall washing lights are monochrome constant light and DMX512 external control. As the name suggests, the color of monochrome constant light wall washing light has not changed, it has always been a color. The color of the wall washing lamp of DMX512 can be changed, and various effects can be achieved through editing.

Q6. Can I have a sample order for led light?

A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.

Q7. What about the lead time?

A: Sample needs 3-5 days, mass production needs 10-15 days.

Q8. Do you have any MOQ limit for led light order?

A: Low MOQ, 1 piece for sample checking is available.

Q9. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

A: We usually ship by sea, it takes around 30-50 days to arrive. Airline and DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT is also optional.

Q10. How to proceed an order for led light?

A: Firstly, let us know your requirements or application.
Secondly, we quote according to your requirements or our suggestions.
Thirdly, customer confirms the samples and places deposit for formal order.
Fourthly, we arrange the production.

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