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Intelligent DMX RGBW House Facade Lighting Control Systems

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Project information

Location: Yunnan, China

Item category: Architectural Lighting

Type of lamp:
Pixel Dot Light
Wall Washer Light
LED Flood Light
LED Linear Light

Details: The designer used search lights on the roof of the house. Two beams of light shine toward the sky. At the top edge of the house, the designers used linear lights and pixel dot lights. People install linear lights on the outside of the eaves and large diameter pixel dot lights on the inside of the eaves. On the walls, people used floodlights and wall washers to decorate, showing the layers of the walls. The city is brightly lit and colorful at night. Different light displays determine how we feel about the night view of the house. In the evening, when the lights are on, a little yellow halo light sets off a quiet and peaceful night. When night fell, the house is lit up and it is beautiful.

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