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Addressable RGB LED Dot Pixel Point Light Facade Lighting Digital Programmable

Product Code: SPZ series Lamp type: LED pixel light Light source: 3535 / 5050 / 3030 Material: High thermal conductivity aluminum+Flame retardant PC IP rating: IP67 Warranty: 5 years Outdoor LED pixel light applies to facade lighting, Landscape Lighting, and architectural lighting.


SPZ Series Pixel Light

The SPZ series pixel light is a low-power LED string light product specially designed for outdoor landscape lighting and outdoor facade lighting. It adopts an engineering-grade flame-retardant plastic PC shell and is sealed with high thermal conductivity and weather-resistant PU glue for waterproofing; the lamp point is small in size and the appearance is exquisite; the lamp string is connected through the national standard customized flexible cable, which can be bent or deformed at will, and supports special-shaped elevation installation; Product spacing and color can be customized; suitable for large-area display or lighting such as building facades, bridges, and sky screens.

Product Features

★ A new generation of dual-channel real-time backup control protocol

★ Standard DMX512 control protocol

★ Integrated anti-pull connection design

★ High thermal conductivity adhesive, fully potted, and waterproof design

★ Special protection design for outdoor lightning protection and static electricity (ESD)

★ Product flexibility, wide application, multiple installation methods

★ Innovative high-voltage work to support longer power supply distance

★ Support RGB/W current individually adjustable (low brightness and high gray)

Product Size (Unit: mm)

Pixel dot light product size

Technical Parameters

Pixel dot light product Technical Parameters

Product Selection Table

Pixel dot light product model table

Similar Pixel Dot Lights you may interest: 

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SPA030 Landscape LED Dot Light

SPA040 LED DMX RGB Pixel Dot Light

SPA138 Amusement DMX Dot Light

* The SPB018 mini LED dot light can be made to a LED mesh and install on the surface of the building to form a LED facade media screen.

Suntech LED is a professional outdoor architectural lighting manufacturer, we also have LED wall washer lights, exterior LED spot lights, LED floodlight outdooroutdoor mesh lights, etc. We can customize the LED lighting fixtures according to your needs. Welcome to contact us now!


Pixel dot light product Installation

How to Connect the DMX LED Pixel Lights System?


System Connection

1、The main controller is equipped with a sub-controller and signal adaptor. The main control and sub-control working voltage are AC220V. The working voltage of the signal adaptor is the same as the working voltage of the pixel light.

2、Each sub-controller has 8 ports. The TTL sub-controller can carry 512 (RGB) pixels per port. The DMX

sub-controller can carry 170 (RGB) pixels per port. It is used with the signal adaptor and supports 200

meters long-distance transmission.

3、The main control and sub-control, sub-control and sub-control are connected by CAT5 twisted cables, the maximum distance of each section is less than 120 meters; the maximum transmission distance between the sub-controller and the signal adaptor is less than 120 meters. In this case, the maximum distance from the signal adaptor to the first pixel light is no more than 2 meters.

4、It is recommended that the maximum point spacing should not exceed 2.5 meters, and each intermediate power supply can support the power supply distance of 6 meters left and right (can be adjusted according to the project conditions).

*Please check the guidance with video explanation let you know how to connect the pixel light system.


1. Please read the installation manual carefully before using the product.

2. The product is handled gently and gently to avoid damage to the product. Installation, maintenance and maintenance must be handled by professionals;

3. The external power supply must be cut off during wiring to prevent people from getting an electric shock or damaging the lamp;

4. When the external power cord is connected, the corresponding measures of waterproofing and water

leakage must be taken;

5. The male and female waterproof protective covers for the products shall not be removed before the

products are installed and connected;

6. Quality Assurance: Under normal conditions of use, quality assurance is based on the proper storage,

installation, use, and maintenance of the product.

* View more: Everything about Pixel Dot Light

We are the leading LED outdoor light supplier and manufacturer in China. We can produce single color, RGB, RGBW color-changing LED outdoor lights. The main products are DMX LED dot lights, DMX LED flood light, DMX LED spotlight, LED pixel bar DMX, pixel LED mesh, LED architectural wall washers, linear lights. Send an inquiry to get an instant quote now!

LED Dot Light Applications

Point light sources are widely used because of their simple installation, energy saving, environmental protection, diverse color changes, DMX intelligent control system, and the advantages of waterproof and dustproof. The main applications are as follows:

The building facade is brightened and decorated

The most common application method for LED pixels is the embellishment of architectural lighting projects because the LED pixels use low-power SMD lamp beads, the light is soft and not dazzling, each can work independently, and the cost is relatively low, so it can be cast into a building Mainstream product for decoration. The 2D or 3D animation effects presented by LED pixels are very popular.

Point light dot screen

LED pixels can be large or small, and each can be an independent subject, so when the total amount is large enough, each point light source acts as a pixel. Lots of the pixels can form a digital media facade which can display video content such as patterns, text, and animation.

Used to outline the edge of the object

LED pixels are made into waterproof male and female butt joints. Flexible LED point light sources are connected to form a regular contour line. The characteristic is: easy to control the thickness of the contour line, except for LED guardrail tubes and LED linear lights, other contour lights.

Can be used for various event lighting

Outdoor party lights, wedding lights, LED party lights, concert lights, party disco lights, garden party lights, dance floor lights, holiday decoration lighting, etc.

Addressable RGB LED Dot Pixel Point Light Facade Lighting event lighting 2

This product type is especially used for building exterior walls, such as screens and field lighting. This video shows one of the cases in our product application.

Flexible LED Pixel Mesh Lighitng


SPZ LED Dot Light Advantages

Suitable for permanent outdoor or indoor use.

Using the new structure waterproof housing, the IP rating is above IP65.

Customized design is available, OEM and ODM are welcomed.

Pretty appearance as quality.

Long lifespan(more than 50, 000H).

Easy to install and use.

A product has a variety of applications, making the design simpler.

Do you know how to calculate LED display pixel points?

To know the number of led display screen pixel points, you must first know the full-color LED display screen area and model information in order to calculate the LED display pixel points.

First of all, for everyone to popularize the point spacing concept of full-color LED display, P means the "Pixel" abbreviation, representing the distance between the center point and the center point, which is often called the pixel pitch, the default unit of the dot pitch in mm. The indoor LED display P3 has a dot pixel pitch of 3 mm, the indoor LED display P2 has a dot pixel pitch of 2 mm, and so on.

For example, in the indoor LED display P4, the distance between the dots is 4mm, and the area of one square meter of P4 is 62500. The calculation method is as follows:

1 square meter in the area of 1000mm in length and 1000mm in width, so there can be so many points in length: L=1000mm/4mm=250 points. Similarly, there are also H=1000mm/4mm=250 points in width, due to all the points. All are regular matrix arrays, so on an area of 1 square meter there will be L*H=(1000mm/4mm)*(1000mm/4mm)=250*250=62500 points.

In order to give everyone a more profound understanding of the full-color LED display point calculation method, here to customize the P4 full-color LED display as an example, the required size is 5 meters long, 3 meters wide, a total area of 15 square meters, then there are two The calculation method is for reference:

First, the estimation method: L*H=(5000mm/4mm)*(3000mm/4mm)=937500 points.

Second, the precise method: Assuming that the use of 128mm x 64mm specifications of the cell board, the required number of unit plates is 5000mm/128mm = 39.06 block ≈39, width, 3000mm/64mm = 46.875 block ≈47; actual screen length It is 39*128/1000=4.992 meters. The actual screen width is 47*64/1000=3.008 meters. The actual number of points of the entire LED display is L*H=(4992mm/4mm)*(3008mm/4mm)=938496 points.


LED Point Dot Light Control Effect Principle

How does the LED point light source control the light color and animation effect through the DMX controller?

SPZ series point lights are equipped with dome optics with viewing angles as standard. Nearly omnidirectional light emission can perceive pixels from any angle, which is essential for creating 3D spatial effects. Planar lenses provide excellent peak intensity, providing impactful illumination for 2D building surfaces and structural elements. 

The high-brightness LED pixel lamp is equipped with a high-efficiency and high-flux-density LED package and has an industry-leading lumen maintenance rate. Each LED is powered by an integrated circuit (IC) chip, which provides on/off control and light intensity adjustment. The embedded IC can also operate the individually addressable pixels of the RGB LED package and allow the brightness of each pixel to be adjusted independently of its color. Each calibrated red, green, and blue LED pixel has 256 levels of color depth, and the RGB LED node generates almost unlimited color choices from 16.7 million color combinations through programmable additive color mixing. Strict LED bin tolerances ensure that the color performance of multiple lamps in the installation has an unprecedented consistency. 

Digitally addressable LED pixels can be controlled and mapped at the software level to create a chase, fade, blink, blink, scroll, burst, and other animation effects. By connecting DMX content with point light sources, high-impact animated lighting displays can be created. These LED luminaires can be batch addressed through the remote device management (RDM) protocol and support direct Ethernet communication. DMX/RDM compatibility enables lighting designers to create complex lighting scenarios through remote system configuration, programming, and installation monitoring.

Point Dot Pixel Light Category

We have a variety of product categories. We provide lighting solutions and installation instructions. If you are interested or have questions, please feel free to consult.                                                                                                                                                  

Addressable RGB LED Dot Pixel Point Light Facade Lighting for event lighting

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Q1. Can I have a sample order for led light?

A: Yes, we welcome sample orders to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.

Q2. What about the lead time?

A: Sample needs 3-5 days, mass production time needs 1-2 weeks as the order quantity.

Q3. Do you have any MOQ limit for led light orders?

A: Low MOQ, 1pc for sample checking is available.

Q4. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

A: We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx, or TNT. It usually takes 3-5 days to arrive. Airline and sea shipping is also optional.

Q5. How to proceed with an order for led light?

A: Firstly let us know your requirements or application. Secondly, We quote according to your requirements or our suggestions. Thirdly customer confirms the samples and places a deposit for formal order. Fourthly We arrange the production.

Q6. Is it OK to print my logo on led light product?

A: Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.

Q7: Do you offer a guarantee for the products?

A: Yes, we offer a 2-5 years warranty on our products.

Q8: How to deal with the faulty?

A: Firstly, Our products are produced in a strict quality control system and the defective rate will be less than 0.2%.Secondly, during the guarantee period, we will send new lights with new orders for a small quantity. For defective batch products, we will repair them and resend them to you or we can discuss the solution including re-call according to the real situation.

We are the leading outdoor LED facade lighting manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China. We can produce single color, RGB, RGBW color-changing LED pixel light facade lights. No matter if you are looking for an LED pixel light lights supplier or if you need custom-made pixel light lights, we can all help. We have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. 

Look forward to your cooperation!

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