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The exterior spot light is an LED spotlight used outdoor that can be used for buildings, squares, stages, bridges, LED facade lighting and landscape decoration. LED spotlights are generally used to emphasize a certain position and highlight an object, and are used together with floodlights, linear lights, LED wall wash lights outdoor, and other LED lights to create fantistic  lighting effects. 
Due to the LED exterior spot lights being durable and can be completely customized, they are very welcomed in the outdoor lighting projects.
What's more, LED spotlights can ensure energy saving and provide environmental protection while achieving the high power output. And with low voltage design, it's safer for installation and operation.
SuntechLED is one of the top LED spot lights manufacturers and suppliers in China. We provide best LED outdoor spotlights with low voltage DC24V/36V for different installation and application scenarios. 
All of our products have 5 years warranty, and we provide technical support for your lighting project throughout the whole process.

Types of LED Spotlights

Outdoor IP67 waterproof with Cree and Osram LED 

SuntechLED provides various DC24V/36V low voltage LED spotlight for indoor and outdoor lighting. All the products have passed the CE, RoHS, and FCC certificates, and our factory has obtained ISO9001 quality system certification. The IP67 waterproof and dustproof grade ensure the high quality and long life of LED spotlights. If you have any exterior lighting ieas to light up the wall facades, highlight the design of the bridges, active the stage, or beautify a landscape, it's wise to choose our LED spotlights. We will help and guide you to complete the entire lighting project.


  SHA155 RGB Spotlight Outdoor for Landscape Lighting 

Support DMX512 control and without control
 Fully encapsulated waterproof design prolongs the lifespan
 CE, RoHS, FCC certified product, and ISO9001 approved factory
 Flexible installation methods and adjustable beam angle allow multiple application
 Professional optical design provides long projection distance
 Support single color, RGB, RGBW multiple colors to choose
 Weather-resistant PU glue + sealing ring achieves double waterproofing
 Completely customizable: beam angle, LED qty, voltage, shell and luminous color... All can customize
Item No. LED Qty LED Type Color temperature Control way Voltage Power Brightness
SHA155-12WN 12pcs 3030 R/G/B/W Single color DC24V/36V 12W 840LM
SHA155-18WN 18pcs 3030 R/G/B/W Single color DC24V/36V 18W 1050LM
SHA155-24WD-1 12pcs 3535 RGB/W DMX512 DC24V/36V 24W 1680LM
SHA155-24WD-2 12pcs 3535 RGBW DMX512 DC24V/36V 24W 570LM

  SHA190 LED House Spotlight for Facade Lighting  

 Support DMX512 control and without control
 Fully encapsulated waterproof design prolongs the lifespan
 CE, RoHS, FCC certified product, and ISO9001 approved factory
 Flexible installation methods and adjustable beam angle allow multiple application
 Professional optical design provides long projection distance
 Support single color, RGB, RGBW multiple colors to choose
 Weather-resistant PU glue + sealing ring achieves double waterproofing
Completely customizable: beam angle, LED qty, voltage, shell and luminous color... All can customize
Item No. LED Qty LED Type Color temperature Control way Voltage Power Brightness
SHA190-24WN 24pcs 3535/3030 R/G/B/W Single color DC24V/36V 24W 1890LM
SHA190-30WN 24pcs 3535 R/G/B/W Single color DC24V/36V 30W 2100LM
SHA190-36WD-1 18/24pcs 3535 RGB/W DMX512 DC24V/36V 36W 2520LM
SHA155-36WD-2 18/24pcs 3535 RGBW DMX512 DC24V/36V 36W 960LM

  SHB135 LED Spot Light for Commercial Outdoor Lighting  

 Color temperature: Single color, RGB/W, RGBW
 Gray level: 65536 level
 Shell maretial: high thermal conductivity aluminum + optical glass
 Beam angle: 7°/10°/15°/25°/30°/45°/60°
 Maximum power: 12W~24W
 Protection level: IP67
 Working temperature: -20°C to 50°C
Storage temperature:  -20°C to 60°C
Item No. LED Qty LED Type Color temperature Control way Voltage Power Brightness
SHB135-12WN 12pcs 3030 R/G/B/W single color DC24V/36V 12W 840LM
SHB135-18WN 18pcs 3030 R/G/B/W single color DC24V/36V 18W 1050LM
SHB135-24WD-1 12pcs 3535 RGB/W DMX512 DC24V/36V 24W 1680LM
SHB135-24WD-2 12pcs 3535 RGBW DMX512 DC24V/36V 24W 570LM

  SHB190 LED Spot Light for Outdoor Uplighting  

 Color temperature: Single color, RGB/W, RGBW 
 Gray level: 65536 level
 Shell maretial: high thermal conductivity aluminum + optical glass
 Beam angle: 7°/10°/15°/25°/30°/45°/60°
 Maximum power: 36W~54W
 Protection level: IP67
 Working temperature: -20°C to 50°C
Storage temperature:  -20°C to 60°C
Item No. LED Qty LED Type Color temperature Control way Voltage Power Brightness
SHB190-36WN 36pcs 3535/3030 R/G/B/W single color DC24V/36V 36W 2520LM
SHB190-54WN 36pcs 3535 R/G/B/W single color DC24V/36V 54W 3780LM
SHB190-36WD 36pcs 3535 RGB/W DMX512 DC24V/36V 36W 2520LM
SHB190-54WD 36pcs 3535 RGBW DMX512 DC24V/36V 54W 1450LM

  SHC160 LED Spot Light for Architectural Lighting  

 Color temperature: RGB/W 
 Gray level: 65536 level
 Shell maretial: high thermal conductivity aluminum + optical glass
 Beam angle: 1°/3°/5°/ 7°/10°/15°/25°/30°/45°/60°
 Maximum power: 18W~36W
 Protection level: IP67
 Working temperature: -20°C to 50°C
 Storage temperature:  -20°C to 60°C
Item No. LED Qty LED Type Color temperature Control way Voltage Power Brightness
SHC160-18W 9/24pcs 3535/3030 R/G/B/W Single color DC24V/36V 18W 1260LM
SHC160-27WN 9/24pcs 3535/3030 R/G/B/W Single color DC24V/36V 27W 1890LM
SHC160-36WD-1 9/24pcs 3535 RGB/W DMX512 DC24V/36V 36W 2520LM
SHC160-36WD-2 9/24pcs 3535 RGBW DMX512 DC24V/36V 36W 960LM

  SHC190 LED Spot Light Garden Path Lighting   

 Color temperature: RGB/W 
 Gray level: 65536 level
 Shell maretial: high thermal conductivity aluminum + optical glass
 Beam angle: 1°/3°/5°/ 7°/10°/15°/25°/30°/45°/60°
 Maximum power: 48W~72W
 Protection level: IP67
 Working temperature: -20°C to 50°C
 Storage temperature:  -20°C to 60°C
Item No. LED Qty LED type Color temperature Control way Voltage Power Brightness
SH190-48WN 16/48pcs 3535/3030 R/G/B/W Single color DC24V/36V 48W 3360LM
SHC190-54WN 36pcs 3535 R/G/B/W Single color DC24V/36V 54W 3780LM
SHC19072WN 36pcs 3535 R/G/B/W Single color DC24V/36V 72W 5040LM
SHC190-72WD-1 36pcs 3535 RGB/W DMX512 DC24V/36V 72W 5040LM
SHC190-72WD-2 36pcs 3535 RGBW DMX512 DC24V/36V 72W 1940LM

View More LED Exterior Spot Lighting Fixtures

SuntechLED is specialized in architectural facade spotlighting and landscape spot lighting for many years, we have rich experience in interior and external light fittings design and production. We divide the LED spotlights into kinds of different series to meet various outdoor LED lighting scenarios. If you have any idea about making your building a digital media facade, light up your garden, or amusement park, or if you have any lighting project like outdoor pathway lighting  or street lighting, don't hesitate to talk with us. You will get professional suggestions, the beat LED spot lights with 5 years warranty and top-grade service from inquiry to buying and installation. Feel free to contact us for more exterior spot lighting fixtures information!

Suntech LED--More than a LED Lights Manufacturer

SuntechLED is an integrated lighting project supplier integrating high-quality product supply, lighting design, control system design, wiring installation and other technical support. We cooperate with domestic and foreign distributors, traders, brand owners, and engineering companies to provide quality products at wholesale prices. It also cooperates with the professional team that undertakes the project to help them complete the scheme design, recommend suitable products and equip them with a full set of installation accessories.
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Why Choose SuntechLED for Exterior Spotlight?

SuntechLED was established in 2008, located in Shenzhen, China-the capital of LED lighting fixtures. More than 10 years of manufacturing experience enable us to provide  reliable and trustable LED spot lights for you. Each LED spot light for indoor and outdoor we produced has undergone strict quality inspections such as dustproof water test, temperature test, vibration test, light decay test, and other tests before shipping from the factory. Moreover, we have high requirements on raw material suppliers and only select high-quality LED chip brands and other material suppliers to cooperate with. All the architecture and landscape spotlights use Cree and Osram LEDs and have 5 years warranty. 
In addition to strict quality control, we are committed to provide you with the best service. Our professional service team will reply any questions you have within 24 hours, and our engineering team will provide you with the overall lighting planning of the project and provide professional technical support. 

No MOQ limitation

We support sample orders to check the quality before placing the formal order.

Short lead time

We are confident about our fast lead times. Usually the lead time for sample order is 5~7 days.

Support OEM&ODM

We provide custom service to completely meet your requirements and create the perfect lighting effect.

Professional makes perfect

We are have accumulated rich experience in the 10 years of business, committed to providing perfect solution for our clients.

Reasonable Price

The prices of our LED spotlights includes the material cost, technical support, installation guidance, and after-sales maintenance. Solve all your problems.

5 Years Warranty

The high quality of the products ensures us to give you a 5-year warranty. Feel free to contatct us if any problem is using.

Other Products that You May Need

SuntechLED is focusing on architecture and landscape lighting, and specialized in DMX lighting control. If you need outdoor DMX lighting for your residential or backyard, or for commercial building, we have DMX RGB flood lightDMX controlled spotlight, DMX pixel dot light, and DMX LED bar light for meeting different application. Welcome to contact us! ​​​​​​​​​​​

Exterior Spot Lighting Buying Guide

There are more factors to consider when buying external light fittings than traditional bulbs. For example, what beam angle you prefer, how to choose the right color, and light brightness about space lighting. With the transition to LED technology, many of the external lighting standard and important points that need to be considered are now different. This guide will show you how to purchase exterior spot lighting. Read on!
Table of contents
1. What is a spotlight? How do LED spot lights work?
2. How to use LED spot lights
3. What is the best beam angle for your spotlights?
4. How bright should the spotlights be?
5. How to choose the color temperature of spotlights?
6. What other things need to consider when buying LED spotlight?
7. What are the applications of Spotlights?
8. Spotlights VS floodlights
9. Downlight VS spotlight
10. Why choose Spotlights from Suntech
11. Conclusion

1. What is a spotlight?

Spotlights originated in the theater world, they are lights used to showcase the main actors, becoming the focal point of the spotlight to highlight someone.

In modern decoration, a spotlight is a outdoor lights that is usually mounted on a surface and fixed to a wall or ceiling. They provide multiple beams of lights, and while the lights are fixed on one unit, each "point" can be adjusted to point in a different direction.

Exterior LED spotlights are used to accentuate landscape lighting -- to draw attention to specific architectural or landscape features. A sport light has a narrower beam, so it can focus on one object. Spotlights are often used to illuminate specific objects, such as statues, doorways, interesting trees, or architectural features in your home. You may also want to use spotlights if you want to limit light to a specific area (such as a small seating area) without allowing light to reach your neighbors' windows or otherwise cause light pollution.

Outdoor floor LED spotlights are also frequently used when landscape lighting designs use both light and shadow to create visual interest. Because they make it easier to direct light precisely where you want it, outdoor spot lighting is ideal for this type of design and allow your installer to create an agreed-upon look with greater precision.


2. How to use LED spot lights

When deciding to use these spotlights, you have to consider what you want to illuminate. To get an exterior feature lighting, you have to make sure to use it in the right way. Otherwise, you may not achieve the lighting effect or ambiance you want. You should also keep in mind that these spotlights are not meant to overwhelm your landscape. It's just to highlight the beauty of whatever is already there. Here are 5 different applications for spotlights.


(1) Uplighting

This is one of the basic applications of outdoor garden LED spotlights and outdoor ground spotlights. As the name suggests, the luminaire is oriented to provide an upward lighting effect. The spotlight is positioned lower so it can cast light upwards. This makes it great for lighting up trees or anything high enough from the ground. Architectural designs and structures such as pillars, fountains and statues will benefit from LED landscape spotlights. It can bring these features to life and appear lively and mysterious - depending on how you place the light. Contact with Suntech to get the best outdoor tree spotlights  for your LED garden lighting or industrial outdoor lighting projects.


(2) Silhouetting

This lighting effect positions landscape spotlights behind trees, plants or any outdoor structure. It casts light from the back to illuminate the shapes in front. Sometimes, the spotlight's position is off to one side. The important thing is that the light should be distributed evenly when casting the contour. The light should also be close enough to the wall to reflect the light for this effect.
In most cases, designers use it to achieve two things. One is to highlight something and the other is to show the contrast between light and dark backgrounds.



(3) Shadowing

Shadows are the opposite of silhouettes. Instead of placing the spotlight behind a landscape feature, place it in front. More specifically, in the middle of the vantage point and where you want to show. So it's probably between the path and the tree you want to light.
For good shadowing, the feature should be in front of a wall-like plane. Otherwise, nothing will catch the shadow you're trying to cast. When using this technique, keep in mind that what you are creating is an art form. Since you can adjust the landscape spotlights, you can adjust their angle to create the form of shadows you want to achieve in the background.


(4) Moonlighting

Moonlight is a shadow that uses a downlight effect to mimic natural light sources. At night, this means mimicking the light from the moon. This means that the outside spot lights must be on high. You can place the outdoor tree spotlights on tall tree branches or very tall walls or column structures. What's impressive about this effect is that it helps eliminate dark areas - especially long paths or stairs. This means that it allows people to move around safely.


(5) Washing

Spotlights are also great for creating ambient lighting. But wall washing seems like something a floodlight could do better. After all, it casts a wider beam.
But if you want a dramatic effect, you can also use spotlights to achieve a washed-out effect. Just make sure to place fixture properties to cover more space with light.
Remember that the purpose of washing is to remove shadows from the walls. The idea is to make it look well-lit, so it feels like more space. So if you're going to use a spotlight, you're probably going to have to use more -- especially if you want to illuminate a larger vertical surface.


3. What is the best beam angle for your spotlights?

You need to consider the shape of the light emitted by the LED spotlight.
The shape is described as the beam angle. Beam angle is defined as the angle of light distribution of 50% or more.

If you have a narrow beam angle, you will focus the light on a smaller area, increasing the amount of light in that area.
If the beam angle is wider, the light will be more spread out. You want to be able to illuminate a larger area, then you "dilute" the light in the larger area, effectively reducing the amount of lighting on that surface.
Also keep in mind the conical light distribution of LED spotlights. Dispersion also increases with increasing distance from the lamp.
This means that if you have high ceilings, you will want to make sure to choose narrow beam angle LED spotlights to ensure the light "reaches" before it spreads out.

4. How bright should the outside spotlight be?

You're probably used to thinking about light bulb brightness in watts - a 60-watt bulb is brighter than a 40-watt bulb. But don't forget that watts are a measure of electrical energy, not necessarily total light output.
LED spotlights are far more efficient than halogen bulbs. This means that watts are no longer a useful measure of brightness. Spotlight brightness is measured in lumens, which is slightly different than how traditional light bulbs are calculated.
The amount of useful lumens is defined as light falling within a 90 degree cone. As a rough guide, 300-400 lumens are recommended as a good ambient lighting level in the kitchen or hallway, and if you want a brighter worktop area, it is recommended to increase it to 700-800 lumens per square meter.

5. How to choose the color temperature of spotlights?

With halogen spotlights, a color is never an option - nearly all products from all manufacturers have the same color temperature and color quality.
However, for LED spotlights, there are many options for color temperature and CRI, making it harder to make sure you choose the one that suits your needs.
Color Temperature: Choose 3000K LED Spotlight. Color temperature is a term that helps someone looking for outdoor lighting know what shade/color the bulbs will emit when they are turned on. These colors are measured in degrees Kelvin (K). The lower the Kelvin number, the warmer the light will be.
2700K is considered the same color as a classic incandescent bulb
3000K is slightly bluish, similar to the light color of a halogen light bulb, but still has a warm, inviting yellow.
4000K is often referred to as "neutral white" because it's neither blue nor yellow - and is in the middle of the color temperature scale.
5000K range mimics natural daylight. It's crisp and clear, helping to draw attention to detail and draw attention to the central focal point. That's why this temperature range is used for security lighting, lighting the area around the garage, or to help showcase gorgeous water features like fountains or ponds.

6. What other things need to consider when buying LED spotlight?

Above we discussed how to choose the beam angle, brightness and color temperature of spotlights, so what other aspects need to be considered? Let's read on!

(1)Mains Voltage Or Low Voltage? 

In other words, do you need a power-voltage capable spotlight like the GU10 LED? Or, do you need a low voltage MR16 fitting?
If you plan to use LED lights to replace low voltage halogen bulbs, you need to change your transformer to an LED-compatible driver. Alternatively, you can convert existing fixtures from MR16 to GU10 using the 5 x GU10 socket pack. By doing this, you'll completely eliminate the need for a transformer and no longer have to worry about compatibility issues. What's more, the low voltage outdoor spot lighting is safer then the high voltage lighting.

(2)Dimmable Or Non-Dimmable?

Yes. But not all LED spotlight bulbs come standard with dimmable, so it's important that you check before buying, the bulb's packaging will indicate whether the bulb can be dimmed.
If you're upgrading from traditional halogen bulbs to LED bulbs, your current dimmer switch may not work as well. We recommend choosing a dedicated LED compatible dimmer switch to avoid any issues.

(3)The Size Of The Bulb

Usually, the LED spotlights can be divided into three types: MR, BR and PAR. The type name is usually followed by a two-digit number indicating the bulb diameter in 1/8 inch. While most light fixtures today are built to accommodate bulbs measuring 50mm x 50mm, similar in size to traditional GU10 halogen lamps, not all LED bulbs are the same size. So it's important to check the size of your spotlights led outdoor before making your purchase, otherwise you may find they don't fit.
The more powerful the LED bulb, the larger its size. The reason is that powerful LED bulbs require a larger heat sink, which in turn increases the size of the bulb. Heat sinks are an important part of LED light bulbs and one of the many reasons why they are better than halogen lamps.

7. What are the applications of Spotlights?

Exterior landscapes have different lighting needs. When it comes to the design and atmosphere you want to create, you can be as creative as you want. That's why our lamps are versatile enough to suit different applications.
◆ Highlight tall trees
◆ Create outlines or shadows for flower beds and low shrubs
◆ Highlight columns and architectural features
◆ Illuminate vertical surfaces such as walls
◆ Lighting up outdoor spaces for safety purposes
Spotlights outside house are versatile and can have different applications. In fact, different light fixtures can be used to illuminate your landscape. You have spotlights, underground lights, path lights, column lights, flood lights, and even accent lights. Each of these light fixtures will create a specific effect or atmosphere, bringing personality to your outdoor events.

Of these options, only spotlights and in-ground lights can achieve different lighting effects. But unlike buried lights, spotlights are above the ground. This means you can move them freely. If you suddenly decide to achieve a different lighting effect, you can point it in different directions and change positions to achieve different effects. This is what makes landscape spotlights a non-fixture in landscape design. Suntech has a variety of models of spotlights, welcome you to choose and buy!
8. Spotlights VS floodlights
Maybe many people are confused between spotlights and floodlights. Technically, the two are the same. The difference between them is the angle of the emitted beam.
Spotlights have more focus. This means it casts a narrower beam, usually 45 degrees or less. This makes it a great option if you need to focus the beam in a small space. So if you want to illuminate specific objects, architectural details, or landscape features, these are the lamps you need to use.
Floodlights project a wider beam of light. It can be up to 120 degrees in width. This makes it an ideal fixture for lighting larger surfaces like walls, driveways, etc.
About spotlight and floodlight, here is one point you need to know. When using the same wattage, spotlights and floodlights provide the same brightness. However, the floodlight seems to provide more powerful illumination because of the coverage it provides.

9. Downlight VS spotlight

A downlight is a light fixture (luminaire) that illuminates downwards to illuminate the area below. They are usually recessed into the ceiling, so you can only see a small portion of the fittings below the ceiling. The downlights are a versatile use for lighting fixtures because they are used as part of a good lighting plan in most lighting projects. Downlights are most commonly used to provide general lighting in a specific space. It is a versatile light fixture that is perfect for multiple uses throughout the home. Downlight features are a great way to create areas, navigate the space, and highlight your key pieces like artwork. They work well in combination with other architectural and decorative accessories in tiered lighting schemes.
A spotlight is a light that projects a narrow, strong beam of light directly into one place that can be adjusted to any angle. Ceiling spotlights are one of the most adaptable lighting options, and they are the perfect lighting solution for any room. You can adjust the angle of the light to illuminate key areas. Spotlights are great for directing light onto specific objects, such as cabinets or picture frames, and can be used when recessed mounting is not an option. Spotlights are available in any of a number of variants and designs, from single to double, triple or quadruple spotlights mounted on matching board tracks. They are very convenient to use and have a wide range of uses!

10. Why choose Spotlights from Suntech

Suntech is a leading outdoor media facade lighting manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide the best LED landscape spotlights, LED linear wall washer, DMX LED dot light, etc to illuminate the beauty of your exterior area. Please see below the features of Spotlights from Suntech.
 Patented design, fashionable and beautiful, using isolated two-body design, independent heat dissipation, fully guarantee the stability and long life of the LED lamp;
 With the multi-directional rotation function of a round bracket or "U"-shaped bracket, it can meet the needs of various occasions for outdoor projects;
 The lamp body is made of high-pressure die-casting aluminum, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed with plastic. The lampshade is made of high-strength tempered glass, which is impact-resistant and friction-resistant.

The above are the product features of Suntech spotlights, and there is a 5-year quality guarantee. All the products have passed strict quality sampling inspections before shipment, and 100% of them have passed the test, so customers can use them with confidence. The company has passed ISO9001 certification, and its products have also passed CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications. Many customers who have bought products from Suntech Company unanimously feel that the quality is good and the price is favorable, and they have been well received by customers all over the world!

11. Conclusion

Choosing the right landscape spotlight will make your outdoors beautiful. If you have any garden lighting ideas or backyard lighting ideas, welcome to contact us to obtain further lighting design solutions.  Also, for more information on the benefits of installing them and how to choose the right model for your specific needs, please feel free to contact us. Suntech provides 24 hours online service!
  • Please let us know the quantity, dimension, color, voltage, control mode requests, etc. Then we will guide you to finish the project. It will be better if you can provide a lighting diagram, so we will provide the specific quotation ASAP.
  • A normal LED wall washer lights order takes 7-10 business days to complete, excluding transit time, which can take anywhere from 7 to 15 days, depending on your location. Custom and bulk orders may take a few days longer.

Have more questions? Welcome to contact us.
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