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DMX LED Strip Lights Addressable

DMX512 RGB addressable LED strip light


Introduction of DMX RGB/RGBW addressable strip light

DMX RGB/RGBW led strip is parallel signal transfer, not series circuit , it is compatible with control system such as Artnet, Arduino.

DMX512 digital tape light is commonly used to control stage lighting and effects.

If you need these led strips, please contact us , we will provide technical support for you.

DMX RGB LED Strip Pictures

DMX RGB 8pinDMX RGB 10pinDMX RGB 16pin

Parameters of DMX512 RGB 60leds/m LED strip

Model Voltage Power Consumption Beam Angle LED Qty LED Chip Type IC type PCB Size
DMX512-RGB-60-8PIN DC12V/24V ≤14.4W 120° 60LEDs/m SMD 5050 8-pin 5000×10mm/5000×12mm
DMX512-RGB-60-10PIN 10-pin 5000×10mm/5000×12mm
DMX512-RGB-60-16PIN 16-pin 5000×12mm/5000×15mm

DC12V/24V Power Consumption ≤14.4W
Color Addressable RGB Beam Angle 120°
LED Chip Type High Quality SMD 5050 LED Density 60LEDs/meter
Control Mode DMX512
Working Temperature -25℃ to 45℃
Pixel Qty DC12V 20 pixels per meter Cut Length DC12V 3LEDs/5cm
DC24V 10 pixels per meter DC24V 6LEDs/10cm

3M Adhesive Tape

Warranty 5 Years

DMX RGBW LED tape light

DMX RGBW 8pinDMX RGBW 10pinRGBW 12V 16pin

Parameters of DMX512 RGBW 60leds/m LED strip

Model Voltage Power Consumption Beam Angle LED Qty LED Chip Type IC type PCB Size
DMX512-RGBW-60-8PIN DC12V/24V ≤14.4W 120° 60LEDs/m SMD 5050 8-pin 5000×10mm/5000×12mm
DMX512-RGBW-60-10PIN 10-pin 5000×10mm/5000×12mm
DMX512-RGBW-60-16PIN 16-pin 5000×12mm/5000×15mm

DC12V/24V Power Consumption ≤14.4W
Color Addressable RGBW Beam Angle 120°
LED Chip Type High Quality SMD 5050 LED Density 60LEDs/meter
Control Mode DMX512
Working Temperature -25℃ to 45℃
Pixel per meter DC12V 20 pixels/meter Cut Length DC12V 3LEDs/5cm
DC24V 10 pixels/meter DC24V 6LEDs/10cm

3M Adhesive Tape

Warranty 5 Years

Product catalog & Specification Download

Model Color Voltage IC type
Dimension Specification download
ST10-DMX512RGB-60 Addressable RGB DC12V/24V 8-pin 5000×10mm DMX512 RGB LED 10MM 8pin strip-Suntech.pdf
Addressable RGB DC12V/24V 8-pin 5000×12mm DMX512 RGB LED 12MM 8pin strip-Suntech.pdf
ST15-DMX512RGB-60 Addressable RGB DC12V/24V 16-pin 5000×15mm DMX512 RGB LED 15MM 16pin strip-Suntech.pdf
ST10-DMX512RGBW-60 Addressable RGBW DC12V/24V 10-pin 5000×10mm DMX512 RGBW LED 10MM 10pin strip-Suntech.pdf
ST12-DMX512RGBW-60 Addressable RGBW DC12V/24V 10-pin 5000×12mm DMX512 RGBW LED 12MM 10pin strip-Suntech.pdf
ST12-DMX512RGBW-60-16 Addressable RGBW DC12V/24V 16-pin 5000×12mm DMX512 RGBW LED 12MM 16pin strip-Suntech.pdf
ST15-DMX512RGBW-60 Addressable RGBW DC12V/24V 16-pin 5000×15mm DMX512 RGBW LED 15MM 16pin strip-Suntech.pdf

* If you want to install an outdoor DMX LED lighting system, we have dmx led dot lights, dmx led flood lights, dmx led spotlights, etc. And we are experienced in customizing suitable products.

Product description of DMX512 strip light

1. DMX512 data is transmitted over a differential pair using EIA-485 voltage levels. The electrical standard of DMX512 are the same as the EIA-485-A.

2. DMX512 has two twisted pair data paths, although the current specification only defines the use of one of the twisted pairs.

    The second pair is not defined, but is required by electrical codes.

3. Flexible PCB material, Black/White PCB optional.

4. Different waterproof grade for IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68.

5. Communication between DMX512 led digital strips are synchronized perfectly under support of Artnet / DMX512 led controllers.

6. External IC. Can make 5V , 12V , 24V.

7. LED is super bright Epistar/SanAn SMD RGB LED.

How do we test DMX LED strip with DMX controller                   Effect Display of the DMX512 RGB LED strips DC12v/24v


Different DMX LED strip control system:

Write address for DMX LED strip light: 

DMX512 LED strip encoder XB-C100

XB-C100 encoderXB-C100 encoder

Offline SD card control :

If less than 600 pxiels, please choose RGB/RGBW DMX LED controller K-1000C

If 600~2600 pixels, please choose RGB/RGBW DMX LED controller K-8000C

K-1000C LED controllerK-8000C LED controller

Console control:

If KTV, Bar, or Club, that needs to be controlled by a console. Please choose RGB LED DMX controller K-8000L


Computer online or event lighting control:

If more than 10000 pixels, you need master controller + slave controller solution,

 DMX master controller XB-Z2.

 DMX slave controler T-700K , T780K, T730K

XB-Z2 controllerT-780K controller

control mode

For big project that needs best quality control please choose:

Mast controller : MR-BF12B                                              Sub Controller : MR-218DW

MR-BF12B Master controllerMR-218DW Sub controller

(1) Offline mode:

MR-BF12B offline master controller connect with the MR-218DW sub controller as shown below:

MR-BF12B connection 1

(2) Integrated synchronous and asynchronous control mode:

Connect MR-BF12B with the computer and offline master controller (when the mode is selected, the computer on-line works in priority, and the offliine effect is automatically switched to without online signal), as shown below: 

MR-BF12B connection

Art-net control with Madrix software for Madrix LED strip

Madrix DMX LED controller T-780K Setting

1. LedEdit-K software set Madrix parameters (suggest to use);

  1.1. Open LedEdit-k V4.9.4 and above edition software;

  1.2. Click <output>--<Set Madrix parameter>;

  1.3. Enter the setting parameter interface;

  1.4. Parameter setting.

LedEdit-k software setting MADRIX parameter

2. LedPlayer-K software set Madrix parameters;

  2.1. Open LedPlayer-k V4.9.2 over edition software;

  2.2. Click <Project configuration>--<set Madrix parameter>;

  2.3. Enter parameter setting interface ( Setting method is same with LedEdit).

LedPlayer-K software set MADRIX parameter

3. T-780K controller manual setting

   Press "SET" and power on the controller at the same time, enter Matrix setting interface, as shown below:

Matrix manual set

Note: The parameters need to be set in order of ①, ②, ③, and the controller will be restarted after completion.

*Looking for more DMX lighting fixtures

Accessories of DMX LED strip

Power connector and signal amplifier: 

Connection accessories for DMX strip

Meanwell non-waterproof & waterproof driver:


DMX512 Pixel LED strip application

1.Great for hotel, KTV, Bars, Restaurant and other recreation place do adornment to atmosphere of Freshness

2. Suitable for automobile chassis adornment, body and car decoration,high brake decoration and advertisement,design city lighting project, the exhibition hall and building exterior decoration.

3.Used in illuminating signs, interior lighting, cove lighting ,or exhibit lighting, large cabinet lighting, project lighting, and any sort of close application task lighting.

Acccept customize: We accept customization for projects or commercial customers, just contact us and we have professionals design for you.

DMX LED strip installation wiring diagram

RGB 8pin wiring diagram

RGBW 10pin wiring diagram

Connetion Notice

1. The strips and accessories can't be pressure.

2. Not damage the conductor of PCB board at installation time.

3. The installation of light under conform to safety standards, only professionals for installation.

4. Ensure the power transformer turning into load power by power supply.

5. When installed in a metal or a conductor surface needs to be in contact with the insulation environment.

6. Please pay attention to prevent static electricity at installation time.

7.To provide products with corrosion environment, for example, avoid damp and water, and other adverse.

Addressable led strip production process

SMT LED -> QC -> Soldering -> Testing -> QC -> Packing-> Transport shipping

Production process

Welcome to visit our production workshop


1. Q: What's the difference between RGB and RGBW tape?

   A: RGB Pixel LED strip uses a 3-in-1 colour (red, green and blue) LED chip. RGBW Pixel LED light has a 4-in-1 colour (red, green, blue and white) LED chip.

        RGB LED lights use 3 channels per LED, and RGBW LED strips use 4 channels per LED. Although RGB can produce a color close to white, the the RGBW pixel

        tape provides a purer white.

2. Q: Waht's your MOQ?

    A: No limit on MOQ. We welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.

3. Q: What about the lead time?

    A: 3-7 days for samples. Mass orders need about 20-45 days.

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