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DMX LED Strip Lights Addressable

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DMX512 RGB addressable LED strip light


Introduction of DMX RGB addressable strip light

DMX RGB led strip is parallel signal transfer ,not series circuit , it is compatible with control system such as Artnet , Arduino.

DMX512 digital tape light is commonly used to control stage lighting and effects.

If you need these led strips, please contact us , we will provide technical support for you.

Product parameters


IC Qty per meter



per meter

Power Consumption


PCB Size






Addressable RGB




Double Copper PCB 5000*12mm

For more product information, please download specification.


Product details

1. DMX512 data is transmitted over a differential pair using EIA-485 voltage levels. The electrical standard of DMX512 are the same as the EIA-485-A .

2. DMX512 has two twisted pair data paths, although the current specification only defines the use of one of the twisted pairs.

    The second pair is not defined, but is required by electrical codes.

3. Flexible PCB material, Black/White PCB optional.

4. Different waterproof grade for IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68.

5. Communication between DMX512 led digital strips are synchronized perfectly under support of Artnet / DMX512 led controllers.

6. External IC. Can make 5V , 12V , 24V.

7. LED is super bright Epistar/SanAn SMD RGB LED.

How do we test addressable led strip with DMX controller

Digital Pixel RGB lights with DMX conytroller


DMX512 RGB LED strip lights DC5v 32leds/m 


DMX RGB strip lights DC12v  60leds/m


DMX512 RGBW strip tape lights DC24v 


DMX512 Pixel led strip application

1.Great for hotel, KTV, Bars, Restaurant and other recreation place do adornment to atmosphere of Freshness

2. Suitable for automobile chassis adornment, body and car decoration,high brake decoration and advertisement,design city lighting project, the exhibition hall and building exterior decoration.

3.Used in illuminating signs, interior lighting, cove lighting ,or exhibit lighting, large cabinet lighting, project lighting, and any sort of close application task lighting.

Details and effect demonstration of the DMX LED strips 12v 24v   


Installation of DMX addressable strips

Connetion Notice

1. The strips and accessories can’t be pressure.

2. Not damage the conductor of PCB board at installation time.

3. The installation of light under conform to safety standards, only professionals for installation.

4. Ensure the power transformer turning into load power by power supply.

5. When installed in a metal or a conductor surface needs to be in contact with the insulation environment.

6. Please pay attention to prevent static electricity at installation time.

7.To provide products with corrosion environment, for example, avoid damp and water, and other adverse .

DMX strip connection

Acccept customize: We accept customization for projects or commercial customers, just contact us and we have professionals design for you.

Controller system for mini small addressable neon lights 

DMX neon lights controller


1. Q: What’s the difference between RGB and RGBW tape?

    A: RGB Pixel LED strip uses a 3-in-1 colour (red, green and blue) LED chip. RGBW Pixel LED light has a 4-in-1 colour (red, green, blue and white) LED chip. 

         RGB LED lights use 3 channels per LED, and RGBW LED strips use 4 channels per LED. Although RGB can produce a color close to white, the the RGBW pixel 

         tape provides a purer white.

2. Q: Waht's your MOQ?

    A: No limit on MOQ. We welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.

3. Q: What about the lead time?

    A: 3-7 days for samples. Mass orders need about 20-45 days.

Art-net controller system for DMX RGB  RGBW strip lighs 

Art-net controller ST802RA

ST802RA LED controller

Artnet controller system master controller

Art-net control online

Artnet online control

Addressable led strip production process

SMT LED -> QC -> Soldering -> Testing -> QC -> Packing-> Transport shipping

Production process

Welcome to visit our production workshop

Our team in Guangzhou lighting fair

Guanzhou lighting fair exhibition

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