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Outdoor Fence Lighting for Your Backyard

At night, you can set up lights in your backyard to keep the party going into the evening, adding to the ambiance outside while also preventing your property from being invisibly threatened. That's what outdoor lighting for fences does, lighting up all around your backyard. Even on the darkest nights of winter, the lights of the fence will shine on you. Let you feel the warmth of winter night. There are many options for fence lighting. So let us introduce you to the best backyard lighting options so you know what to put in your outdoor space and create your backyard fence lighting.

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Hotel Exterior Lighting Guide

As a comfortable and safe place to provide accommodation and catering services for guests, hotels usually have higher requirements for lighting. There are two purpose for hospitality lighting, on one hand is provide general lighting, on the other hand is create an experience for guests. Hotel lighting mainly includes indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. Indoor lighting is especially important. It contain many different areas, such as bathrooms, hotel lobby lighting, restaurants, toilets, gallery, rooms,etc., these different areas have different needs for lighting. Outdoor lighting contain road lighting, hotel hallway lighting, building wall lighting, courtyard lighting, etc., Below we mainly talk about hotel outdoor lighting.

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Empire State Building Lighting Design Introduce

The Empire State Building is an iconic building in the United States and a well-known landmark in the world. Empire state building tower lights are one of the most gorgeous outdoor lights in the world. The American Architectural Engineering will name it the "Seven Wonders". The building and its streets are a symbol of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission recognized by the New York City Board of Evaluation. In 1986, it was listed as a national historical monument. The lights of the Empire State Building illuminated the night brightly and attracted many New York tourists. Residents of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, etc. can also enjoy this view from a distance. Pick out a few special events or scenes from the colors of the empire state building.

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Guidance of Uplighting for Palm Trees at Night

Palm wood is very good and can be used to make all kinds of utensils. Not only are palm trees inexpensive to grow, but their materials are strong and durable. As an ornamental tree, it can create a stately effect in front of your house lighting positions, and the backyard palm tree lighting will create a tropical oasis and outdoor entertaining space for you. As a result, many businesses and homeowners use palm trees with lights to add a touch of luster to their landscapes. ​

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Outdoor facade lighting design.jpg
Outdoor Facade Lighting Design

In the design of facade lighting, the direction and color of the light are the decisive factors that affect the facade image of buildings.The facade lighting design adopts a combination of different lighting designs and control methods, so that the building at night is no longer dark and ordinary, and the facade of the building presents a different image. Appropriate facade lighting can create a lively and lively building. It can also expand the commercial value of the building. In this article, Suntech will share with you how to design facade lighting, as well as typical cases of facade lighting.

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DIY Tree Lighting .jpg
DIY Tree Lighting for Your Garden Landscape

In order to make a tree to be attractively illuminated, the shape and structure of the tree must be analyzed. Tree species are also very rich, usually on the road we can see palm tree uplighting, uplighting oak trees and uplighting arborvitae, which are very eye-catching. Next, we'll focus on various lighting techniques and to compare their differences. DIY outdoor LED uplights for trees is a quick, relatively inexpensive way to turn your usual yard into a beautiful one. If you tilt the light upwards, it's upward-facing light. You can choose from a variety of different lights in your patio and backyard. SuntechLED has more than ten years of experience in landscaping and beautification, as well as a professional lighting production team. We are more than happy to provide you with the best uplights for trees and perfect landscaping project solutions.

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Warm White vs Cool White vs Daylight

The warmth or coolness of light is called the color temperature. This has nothing to do with the actual heat of the bulb, only the appearance of the light. In addition to using terms such as "warm white", "cool white" and "daylight" to describe these color temperatures, we also rate them in Kelvin,

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Top 10 led mesh Manufacturers in China

In this blog, we have listed the top 10 led mesh Manufacturers in China. Their manufacturing plants employ the highest standards and are certified for international quality. You can contact these manufacturers and ask for a quote now!

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Watts vs Lumens.png

When searching for the best lights for outdoor lighting, many people think about the watts ofo the lights, and they usually use the wattage as a measure of brightness. With the development of CFL and LED technology, the watts to brightness is no longer so important. What you need to pay attention to now is the lumens parameter which can directly reflect the brightness of the high efficiency outdoor flood light or spot light. Let's learn more about lumens and the difference between lumens and watts in this article.

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3000K vs 4000K vs 5000K.jpg
3000K vs 4000K vs 5000K: Which is Good for Facade Lighting?

1. About color temperatureColor temperature is the color of light you see when you look at a light bulb. Color temperature is measured on a Kelvin (K) scale. Color temperatures of 3500K and above are generally considered cooler temperatures, with the hue becoming bluer (towards a clear midday sun) a

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Top 10 Low Voltage Landscape Lights Suppliers in China

In this blog, we have listed the top 10 low voltage landscape light manufacturers in China. Their manufacturing plants use the highest standards and have international quality certifications. continue reading!

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Top 10 Leading LED linear light Manufacturers in China

1. RC Lighting Technologies Co., Ltd.Location: Jiangmen City, Guangdong ProvinceCompany Type: ManufacturingYear of establishment: 2009 Lighting is based on the values of perfection, quality and sustainability. Founded in 2013 in Jiangmen City, Guangdo

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Top 10 underground light Supplier & Manufacturer in China

In this blog, we have listed the top 10 underground light Suppliers & manufacturers in China. Their manufacturing plants employ the highest standards and are certified for international quality. You can contact these manufacturers and ask for a quote now! Let’s have a quick look at it.

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Top 10 Best Flood Lights Manufacturers in China

In this article, we will introduce the best 10 flood lights manufacturers in China. They provide internationally certified, high standard LED flood lights, and you can contact them to get the quotation promptly!

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Top 10 Architectural Facade Lighting Companies in the World

Established: 2001Type of company: Manufacturing and ServicesCompany address:Atlanta, GeorgiaURL: Main products: Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Linear Lights, Down Lights, Flood Lights, Landscape Lights, Underwater Lights, Step Lights, Modular Wiring, Light Strips, U

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Wall Wash Lighting: Installation and Application

As we know, to achieve a successful overall facade lighting effect, there usually needs to apply various LED lights like a floodlight, spotlight, wall wash light, and underground light. From the perspective of lighting effect, the lighting effect of architecture can mainly be divided into wall washing lighting, wiping the wall lighting, and lighting through the internals. Among them, wall washing is the most widely used wall lighting method. So, this article will introduce the wall wash lighting in detail.

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LED Media Facade Importance, Challenges & Developments

The emergence and development of LED has brought about great changes in the form of urban night scene lighting. The diversified forms of expression such as media facade linkage performance, urban light show, mountain show, and water show have made the city a big stage, building skins, mountains, etc

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Engaging Ferris Wheel Lighting Project Display That Should Not Be Missed

1. Eye of LondonEye of Londo located in Thames, London, UK. The essence of the Ferris wheel night scene lighting project lies in space, and the essence of space lies in light. When the night falls, the lights flicker. The London Eye Ferris wheel circles and lights up the beautiful skyline, showing

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Bridge Lighting Guide-How to light

Bridge lighting design is similar to architectural engineering lighting design. Bridge lighting engineering is more inclined to beautiful and generous landscapes. Modern bridge sculptures can produce various graphics, which can better reflect the humanization and essential beauty of bridge engineeri

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Exterior Facade Lighting Design: How to Light Up Your Facade

Facade lighting refers to the use of lamps to decorate the exterior walls of a building and to highlight the key architectural features of the building and to influence and determine the structure and first feel of the building.Exterior facade lighting is one of the types of facade lighting, the main feature is that it is widely used in government buildings, commercial buildings, residential and office buildings, etc.

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25 Recommended lighting design software for facade

Lighting design software is crucial for practitioners who are engaged in lighting and lighting design.

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Buiding facade lighting: everything you need to know

Building facade lighting are widely used in our lives, which can bring building into life. But we need to understand the application of lighting technology in order to better show the feeling we want to expressOutline 1 what is buiding facade lighting?2 5 Important factors to consider in building fa

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Outdoor Facade Lighting Types Guide: Everything you want to know

Outdoor facade lighting is an important work for beautifying the city environment at night. Due to the facade lighting, the night becomes bright and colorful, and every building in night can show their own charm. The successful lighting design can not only create a beautiful landscape for the city, but also reflect it's distinctive culture and embody the humanistic feelings of this city. To achieve a successful lighting effect for a commercial building, an exhibition center or a landscape, we need to to consider the shape of the building, the texture of the exterior walls, and lighting needs when designing the whole project. Different scenes and functions require different types of lights and lighting designs. Here we will introduce various cases in different scenarios in order to meet different illuminate requirements.

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Facade lighting.png
Best 10 Modern Classic Facade Lighting Designs - Explore the World of LED facade

We often say that the coat of the city is the building, and the coat of the building is the outer wall of various decorative colors.

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