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How to distinguish between LED spotlight and LED flood light?

When looking for LED outdoor products, we often come across two different products, LED floodlights and LED spotlights. Due to the similar appearance of the two products, it is easy to get confused. Let's take a closer look at the difference between floodlights and spotlights. 1. What is LED spotlig

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How expensive is the maintenance cost of outdoor LED linear lights?

How expensive is the maintenance cost of outdoor LED linear lights?Nov 04, 2021Overview:1. From the perspective of installation costs2. From the perspective of maintenance costs3. Three important standards for LED linear light and pixel dot light 1) About yellowing 2) About waterproofing 3)

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LED flood light VS Spotlight VS Traditional Floodlight

Overview:1. What are LED floodlights?2. What is LED spot light?3. What are the main differences between floodlights and spotlights(flood vs spot light)?4. LED floodlight VS traditional halogen floodlight5. What are the advantages of LED floodlights over traditional halogen floodlights?6. What beam a

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What is LED wall washer?

When night fell, looking at the lights emitted by different types of LEDs in the tall buildings outside, the whole city seemed to be lit by lights. Many times we see building facades---the walls illuminate the vertical surfaces with uniform brightness. This kind of LED is called "Wall Washer LED".Of

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Facade lighting in commercial lighting

Facade lighting in commercial lightingSep 17, 2021 Commercial buildings are a new image and a new landmark of the city. There is a uniform competitive relationship while drawing out the image of the city. The unique facade lighting design of commercial buildings often adds bright spots t

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