How to Connect the DMX LED Pixel Lights System?

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The beautiful and picturesque lights on the building not only highlight the building itself but also contribute to the beautification of the city, making the city exude fascinating charm at night. The lighting design of the main buildings and spaces in the city can improve the image of the city based on beautifying the environment and play a key role in the social and economic development of the city. The colorful and dynamic pictures presented on the buildings we usually see are composed of LED pixel dot lights, programmed by engineers, and display specific effects through the controller. To achieve a more stable effect, DMX lighting fixtures are generally chosen as outdoor lighting projects. To compose the entire image, we need to know how is the pixel dot lights be connected. So let us take a closer look at how the DMX LED pixel lighting system is connected now.

DMX LED Pixel Lights Connecting System

Introduction of each connecting part:

DMX LED Pixel Dot Lights:

LED Pixel Lights

LED Pixel Dot Lights

Suntech LED pixel lightsuse OSRAM/Cree LED chips with a 5-year warranty. The PCB board is 360°surrounded by transparent glue, and the glue will not be yellow in 5 years. The protective capacitor components prevent damage to the circuit during overvoltage, overcurrent, and surge. The connection between the internal wiring and the PCB board is completely glue-sealed, which will not cause thermal expansion and contraction, and has excellent moisture resistance.

DMX LED Controller:

LED Controller

The Master Controller supports converting the data in the SD card to the DMX signal and then transmitting them to the sub-controller. The sub-controller is responsible for transmitting the signal to pixel LED lights so that can achieve the whole control of the LED pixel lights system.

Signal Adapter:

Signal Adapter

On the one hand, the signal adapter can convert the signal from the controller into a signal that can be recognized by the light. When the transmission distance is too far (the distance between the pixels exceeds 0.5 meters), the signal will be weakened. So on the other hand, the signal adapter can also amplify the signal and make sure a stable transmission of the signal.

Mid-way Power Connector:

Mid-way Power Connector

When there are too many pixels in series and the connection distance is too long, a voltage drop will occur. It is necessary to use the mid-way power connector to supplement the power of the circuit, so the circuit can run stably.

Connection steps:

Here is a video that shows one mode of the DMX LED pixel lights connection system: 

1. Connect the controller and power connector to the power supply.

Or connect the controller and LED lights to the power supply.

2. Connect one end of the signal adapter to the controller and the other end to the power connector.

Or connect one end of the signal adapter to the controller and the other end to the LED lights.

Note: Please be careful when connecting the signal adapter to the controller. The red wire is connected to port A, the white wire is connected to port B, and the silver wire is connected to GND.

Signal Adapter Connection

3. Between the pixel lights, there needs the signal adapter and mid-way power connector to confirm enough power and stable signal transmission. 



1. When the distance between the lights is greater than 0.5 meters, a signal adapter needs to be connected to amplify the signal to maintain stable transmission. When the current is less than 0.8A, you need to connect a Mid-way power connector to keep the circuit running stably.

2. When connecting the male and female connectors, please pay attention to the gaps on both sides. This is designed for easy operation.

male and female connectors

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