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FAQ about UV radiation

What is UV radiation?Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation from the sun and artificial light sources such as tanning beds and welding torches. It is different from the sun's light (what we see) and the sun's heat (what we feel). Radiation is the emission (emission) of ene

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What is UV disinfection?

1. The principle of ultraviolet sterilizationFirst, Ultraviolet rays are divided by wavelength and divided into three types: UVA long-wave ultraviolet (wavelength range 315-400nm), UVB medium-wave ultraviolet (wavelength range 280-315nm), UVC short-wave ultraviolet(wavelength range 200-280 nm), and

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What should we know about UV disinfection lamps?

What should we know about UV disinfection lamps?Sep 24, 2021Overview: What is UV disinfection lighting?How does UV disinfection lamp work?How to use germ killing lamp?What are the precautions for using UV sterilization lamp?What are Benefits of Using UV Light for Disinfection?The appearance of the U

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Introduction of 222nm Excimer UV Lamp

What is excimer?Excimer It refers to a temporary atomic state in which high-energy atoms form short-lived molecular pairs or dimers when excited by electrons. Excimer stands for "excited dimer", in other words, is a dimer (such as Kr-Cl, Xe-Xe- and other gases). When the excited dimer returns to its

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Knowledge and application of UVC ultraviolet rays

Knowledge and application of UVC ultraviolet raysAug 13, 2021Scientists have widely used the technology of UVC rays for more than 40 years. UVC rays have an effect on all bacteria and viruses that have been tested.1. The principle of UVC sterilizationAccording to the wavelength, ultraviolet light is

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How to choose the high quality LED chips

How to choose the high quality LED chipsMay 26, 2021Driven by the COVID-19 epidemic, UVC LED disinfection products have attracted widespread attention, and UVC LED, a product that is still in the rapid development stage, has been pushed to the forefront.Because UVC LED technology has yet to be perfe

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LED flood light VS Spot light

When it comes to outdoor lighting projects, there are many options. Among all available lamps, the most energy-efficient ones are those with LED technology. So it can be said that LED is the only way, but we must know the required beam, the required beam width and how to calculate the required

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