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Central Square Facade Renovation Scenic Or Park Lighting

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Project information
Location: Dongguan, Guangdong, China

Item category: Architectural Lighting

Type of lamp: 
LED underground light

Details: The South China Moore Center Plaza in Dongguan City uses lighting to set up the central building of the square, making the building look like a seagull with its wings outstretched. At night, when the nights come on, the underground lights on the ground shine upwards and the flowing water forms a huge water curtain. On the top floor of the building, a combination of a variety of lighting colors was used to design a swimming picture of crucian carp. And the top layer is not only a color, but also can be switched to other colors and other pictures. The lights on the ground are like shining on the ice, in various colors. People can not only watch, but also experience the fun of the water curtain.
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