10 advantages of LED Mesh Screen

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As a rising star in the LED display industry, matrix nets has been used in glass curtain wall, stage display, outdoor advertising, new retail and other fields with its advantages of lightness and thinness, no steel frame structure, convenient installation and maintenance, and excellent performance. The LED mesh screen has risen rapidly in a short period of time with a new application form and is perfect for LED building facade lighting, leading the development of technology and a design concept that is close to the needs of the public.

1. Extremely LED Mesh, saving space and cost

The flexibility features make preparation, installation and maintenance very easy.

  • The flexible dot-type media grid is rollable, and even a 10-meter-long led wire mesh can be rolled into a small post.

  • Save time and cost, LED mesh light does not need much space to maintain a large size mesh screen. So it saves a lot of shipping cost and time when you ship large quantities of LED video grid panels from the manufacturer to your country, from the warehouse to the installation site.

LED mesh-Suntech

2. High transparent LED mesh screen, does not block natural light

Due to its high transparency, even up to 95% on some models, LED mesh lights are warmly welcomed by architects, advertisers and designers.

  • Black and clear frames available

You may need a black frame for better contrast. On stage, the black frame will blend well with the background. On building facades, sometimes a transparent frame may be a better choice, especially on glass walls. Choosing the right color for your frame depends on the final application.

Black and clear LED mesh-Suntech

  • High natural light transmittance

People like to live in buildings with high light transmittance, because sunlight makes people healthy and happy. High transparency meshes do not block natural light.

  • second skin

When the grid is turned off, the original building facade is still visible, the mesh display does not visually affect the building facade, on the contrary, its elegance enhances the appearance.

  • lower energy consumption

In addition, due to the high transparency of the media grid facade, the air circulation of the building is also unrestricted. We know that good air circulation helps reduce energy consumption associated with indoor lighting and air conditioning.

  • Wide transparency range

The mesh LED screen is assembled by attaching LED pixel lines to horizontal slender strips, so the transparency actually varies with pixel pitch (screen resolution), from 60% to 95% or more.

We will work hard to find the best media facade solution that strikes a good balance between transparency and pixel pitch.

3. Day and night viewing ability, automatic brightness adjustment, avoid light pollution in the environment

The outdoor pixel Mesh facade can be seen both day and night.

  • Day and night viewing

When visible in extremely bright conditions, such as facing direct sunlight,we choose pixel mesh LED displays with extremely high light intensity. But when it's dark, at dusk and at night, you're better off lowering the brightness to prevent light pollution.

  • Automatically adjust brightness

Thanks to the light sensor system, our media grid can automatically adjust its brightness based on ambient lighting conditions. It is the same LED grid used for day and night.

  • if only used at night

We know that at night, an overly bright screen can cause light pollution. Such as it may have an adverse effect on the driver's eyes. Therefore, if you are only viewing the LED mesh screen at night, the low brightness version of the LED grid is the best choice, and the price is relatively cheaper!

Led Mesh screen2-Suntech

4. Double-sided mesh can be provided

Any flexible LED mesh can be made double-sided for directional viewing and 3D effects. When the mesh is suspended in large spaces, such as station halls, hotel lobbies or stages, it can attract as many visitors as possible.

5. Unlimited screen size

Any size may be used, taking P100mm as an example, the standard module is 0.8m x 12.8m. By assembling many modules, planar mesh can achieve any size. And the size can also be customized to meet the needs of different occasions.

Mesh screen1-Suntech

6. Excellent image quality

Next-generation digital media facade feature exceptionally rich colors (>14-bit) and deep contrast ratios (>4000:1). It is not apparent when viewing the building's media façade from a distance. But when using the LED grid as a video background on stage, the viewing distance is even closer. Provides true color presentations more clearly.

7. Breakpoint resume technology

Our smart LED screen adopts breakpoint resume technology. In short, any intermediate pixel is broken, the dots next to it work fine. With such a design, the dead pixels on the large screen led screen will not be so obvious. So it leaves you time to maintain the grid later, which can save you maintenance costs if you perform maintenance on multiple dead spots at one scheduled time.

8. Durable and sustainable LED grid

  • IP67 design and UV protection

IP67 rated and UV resistant media mesh works well outdoors in rainy weather or in strong sunlight for long periods of time.

  • Frost or extreme weather resistance

Electronics and power supplies operate over a wide temperature range, between -30 °C and +60 °C.

The plastic material reaches V0 fire rating and is durable in harsh environments.

Everything ensures flexible grids are installed globally.

  • lower energy consumption

Of course, the energy consumption of the pixel mesh screen is much lower than that of traditional billboards in the same area because of its lower resolution. In addition, the LED grid screen adopts energy-saving technologies such as static scanning.

  • Ultra-thin mesh

The smart LED dispaly is super light and thin, around 25mm. The final weight depends on the LED resolution, for example, the P50mm is 7.6 kg/sqm, while the P100mm is only 2kg/sqm.

LED mesh 4-Suntech

  • Minimum maintenance cost

The LED Mesh light has two parts, including the pixel string and the holder. Only the LED pixels have a chance to be destroyed, and each individual LED pixel point is variable, eliminating the need to take out an entire string or dismantle any frame structure. After-sale maintenance costs are minimal.

9. Quick installation

Zipper quick locking systemCompared to traditional cabinet screens, our installation is much faster, especially for building large area LED exterior wall screens.

-Zipper quick lock system

Because first of all, in addition to being extremely light and slim, we have a zipper quick locking system between the horizontal panels.

The zipper quick lock system requires no tools and, more importantly, the lock is strong.

- Detachable strings

In addition, the LED dot string is detachable and can be removed directly from the frame at an angle with little effort by hand. And you can also use the individual LED pixel dot lights for decorating the building facade or other surface.

                                                                                                                      - No need for complicated frame structure

                                                                                                                      Screens are supplied in rolls, fully pre-assembled and ready to install. And building facades do not

                                                                                                                      require complex frames to hold huge grids.

LED mesh installation diagram-Suntech

10. Fully customizable media facade

Sometimes we need tailor-made mesh solutions to fit an architect's design or to fit a special shape.

Suntech LED's media grid can perfectly cover any size facade by freely adjusting the pixel pitch.

-customization factor

For pixel nets, pixel pitch and pixel composition (number of LEDs per dot) are the main customizable factors.

Because they can bring different resolution, brightness and transparency to the mesh.

-Advantages of Suntech LED Tailored LED pixel mesh

We provide fully realistic custom media grid solutions.

You can freely customize any pixel spacing and get stable results.

The biggest advantage is that our proven customization capabilities maintain the same quality in any custom shape or spacing.

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