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RGBW Linear Wall Washer Facade Illumination Outdoor

Product Code: WA042 Lamp type: LED Wall Washer lights Light source: 2525 / 3535 / 5050 / 3030 Material: Sprayed aluminum housing + optical glass cover IP rating: IP67 Warranty: 5 years Outdoor LED linear lighting wall washer applies to facade lighting, Landscape Lighting, and architectural lighting.


WA042 Wall Washer

WA042 wall washer is a high-power SMD LED strip product designed for outdoor landscape lighting. It adopts an aviation-grade 6063 extruded aluminum shell, flame-retardant plastic PC end cover, and is sealed and sealed by high thermal conductivity and weather-resistant PU glue; it can be used to outline the building, the wall is brightened, and the inner and outer surfaces are brightly decorated; the length of the wall washer can be customized. The installation method is flexible and simple.

Product Features

★Standard DMX512 Control Protocol

★Industry-leading wireless button-type anti-smash connection design

★High thermal conductivity glue full potting waterproof design

★Outdoor lightning protection and Electrostatic (ESD) special protection design

★The product adopts the original adjustable mounting bracket design

★Support RGB/W current separately adjustable (low light and high gray)

Product Size (Unit: mm)

outdoor led wall washer light landscape lighting produce size

Technical Parameters

outdoor led wall washer light landscape lighting Technical Parameters

Product Selection Table

outdoor led wall washer light landscape lighting product table

Angle Adjustable Mounting Bracket Installation





1. Please read the installation manual carefully before using the product.

2. The product is handled gently and gently to avoid damage to the product. Installation, maintenance and maintenance must be handled by professionals;

3. The external power supply must be cut off during wiring to prevent people from getting an electric shock or damaging the lamp;

4. When the external power cord is connected, the corresponding measures of waterproofing and water leakage must be taken;

5. The male and female waterproof protective covers for the products shall not be removed before the products are installed and connected;

6. Quality Assurance: Under normal conditions of use, quality assurance is based on the proper storage, installation, use, and maintenance of the product.

Product Applications

☆ High brightness for large-area lighting: a large-size chip with high lumens to confirm the brightness of the lighting area, and the beam angle makes the light gather in one body.

☆ Waterproof and durable: IP67 waterproof rating, to ensure that this wall washer can work in any bad weather or environment.

☆ Easy to install and adjustable bracket: easy to fix this wall lamp and adjust any degree to light up your logo.

☆ Wide range of applications: This LED wall washer can be used indoors and outdoors for walls, landscapes, gardens, hotels, billboards and architectural commercial lighting.

☆ 5-year warranty: any quality problem, we will send a new replacement.

RGBW Recessed Linear Wall Washer Facade Illumination Outdoor application

Product advantages

RGBW Recessed Linear Wall Washer Facade Illumination Outdoor advantages

What is a Wall Washer Light ?

What is a wash washer suntechleds.png

The working principle of the wall washer

In many cases, the wall washer is a recessed luminaire, sometimes with a socket or "eyeball" style, with a manually movable housing that allows you to turn and tilt the light as needed to achieve the desired effect. It may take several of these lights to thoroughly clean a wall with light. Other embedded wall washers look more like standard square or rectangular recessed lighting stuffed into the ceiling. This type of wall washer has a special reflector inside the lamp housing, which can reflect light to the wall. The purpose is to highlight the focal wall.

How does the DMX512 controller control the wall washer?

How DMX controller control the led wall washer suntechled

For more details, please download specifications for reference on this page. WA042-Wall-Washer-Specifications.pdf

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