Outdoor Fence Lighting for Your Backyard

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Table of contents

1. Why do you need exterior fence lighting?

2. Where to install the outdoor lighting?

3. What need to consider when buying LED outside lights?

4. Type of backyard fence lighting ideas

5. Best outdoor fence lightsfor you

6. Conclusion

Whether it's summer or winter, outdoor fence lighting makes sense for many backyards. Summer is great fun, even with sweltering months and the fun doesn't stop after the sun goes down. With fence lighting in place, summer nights are a stroll through your yard, and the darkness of the night doesn't prevent you from doing things like swimming and barbecues in your backyard. At night, you can set up lights in your backyard to keep the party going into the evening, adding to the ambiance outside while also preventing your property from being invisibly threatened. That's what outdoor lighting for fences does, lighting up all around your backyard. Even on the darkest nights of winter, the lights of the fence will shine on you. Let you feel the warmth of winter night. There are many options for fence lighting. So let us introduce you to the best backyard lighting options so you know what to put in your outdoor space and create your backyard fence lighting.

Fence Lighting

1. Why do you need exterior fence lighting?

Lighting for fences is a part of your backyard landscape that not only needs to be maintained like greenery, but it also needs to be lit. Outdoor lighting is not limited to holidays or seasons. There are many reasons to keep your favorite outdoor spaces bright all year round. To make your yard work better, you need outdoor lighting. Now, imagine fence lighting, softly lit at sunset, illuminating the surrounding landscape. In your field of vision, you can see the landscape behind you. The back door is there, and children's toys can be seen scattered across the courtyard. In winter, the sun sets early in the afternoon, and you can't always rely on the sun's rays to appreciate your yard. If you have outdoor lights, then you can work according to your schedule. Outdoor lighting is also important. It's important to have a clear view of your yard, whether it's directing you to the door of your house or checking for wild animals. Not only does outdoor lighting allow you to safely admire your patio at all times, but an outdoor fence is also the best option for your family and friends. If you're creative with lighting, this fence lighting can also be decorative. Modern outdoor fence lighting humanizes your outdoor space.

2. Where to install the outdoor lighting?  

The three main types of fence lighting are: prowler protection, security lighting to improve navigation, and garden lighting to accentuate garden features. Therefore, many places in your backyard that need lights. Whether it is a patio, deck, swimming pool, ideas for garden lights,or exterior garage lighting ideas, outdoor fence lighting is your ideal outdoor environment.

  • Decks: 


Another part of the fencing and deck remodel is deck lighting. If the weather is right, you can install a light in your yard and on your boat's side, and your yard will be very warm. This is why in recent years, garden lighting has begun to appear. If you want to hold a barbecue or family party at night, outdoor lighting is the key to keeping the party going. It's important to have outdoor lighting on paths or entrances because it makes it easy for your guests to find the right path.

  • Surrounding: 

Set up a fence or wall light on each post of the fence, so that the surrounding environment can be formed. Prominent plants and roads. If you're a guest or family member looking to pass your patio at night, the lights and entrances are easily accessible. This is traditional fence lighting, a typical application that has the advantages of this form of lighting. This enhances the overall atmosphere of your yard, clearly demarcates the boundaries, prevents intruders from entering, increases your privacy, and makes your yard more attractive. This is the easiest way to use outdoor fence lighting.

  • Pool: 


Day or night, with the right lighting, your pool can be very attractive. For safety reasons, many swimming pool owners have built fences around their pools. It keeps kids, pets and wildlife out of the water, which is important protection when there is no swimming pool. The pool fence lights have been further improved to project the visibility around the pool and treat it as its own private space.

  • Fence: 

If you have a wooden fence, you can hang the LED outdoor lights on it. Many homes also use electric lights for outdoor lighting because they are more energy-efficient. At night or in the early evening, this fence light will light up your outdoor space without being too intense or too dazzling when you're hosting guests.

  • Open Outdoor Kitchens: 


Wall lights make great use of vertical light to make your outdoor kitchen appear brighter. Outdoor kitchens are the easiest place for people to congregate, and the place with the best lighting, whether you're uncorking a cork or baking a staple. Vertical lighting in an outdoor kitchen combined with surrounding fence and roof lights is a clever way to brighten your backyard.

3. What need to consider when buying LED outside lights?

There are many issues to consider when seeking a concept for outdoor fence lighting. Unfortunately, some people always focus on the wrong place when designing outdoor lighting. Instead of finding the right light source in the right place, some people focus on what looks good, like soft lighting or just a focal point. We should pay attention to not only the appearancebut also other functions.Here are the elements to keep in mind when choosing a fence light.

(1) Security

When choosing outdoor lighting, safety must be the primary goal. You may find lighting fixtures that go well with the style of your house. But if your lights aren't bright enough, or don't specifically address the situation, you're going to be a danger to your home.

When choosing outdoor fence lights, start by checking the entrances that your family members frequent. Will most people come from the front door, side door, or back door? Here's something you need to pay attention to. In addition, to ensure safety, all walkways, parking lots, and aisles should be illuminated except for entrances. In these areas, accidents can occur due to insufficient light.

A house with lights can deter anyone from entering. Intruders don't want to be discovered, so they hide in shadows that no one else can see. Light is not enough lighting, to cover the entire corridor. You can choose two wall lamps and pendant lights, but be sure to pay attention to safety.

(2) Lighting power and brightness intensity

Putting just one light on the fence is not enough, as it will illuminate the entire area. So, you need to look at the brightness of each light or the number of LEDs. When shopping for any kind of light fixture, the first thing you want to consider is its brightness and total energy. Even the fence lights, as you can see, they're made up of sets of LEDs, which are sets of LEDs. Each LED has a "lumen" of power. As the level increases, so does the brightness of the LEDs.

(3) Coverage area

The illumination area of each lamp is different, and the illumination of the fence also has a certain limit. The extent of the area will be fully illuminated by the fence lights. Of course, the fewer the number of LEDs, the smaller the area. However, you should also be aware that not all options are suitable for home use. Some solutions are specifically designed for higher-power commercial equipment. However, they are also priced high. So, you have to make sure that what you buy is the one that best suits your needs. Your best bet is to give you a medium power fence and then add more units to expand your field of vision.

(4) Custom options

Most users will choose fence lighting instead of lights based on their preferences. Most of the time, the street lights are enough and you don't have to do another lighting on fences and yards. Such users can concentrate on brightness levels, color selection, lighting modes, etc., providing better customization of low-power devices. This will give you more creative control over your installation, allowing you to set your light however you want. You can change your colors, and depending on whether you're at home or not, or outside, you can set a range of decor.

4. Type of backyard fence lighting ideas

  • Safe Lighting

Fence lighting not only brings an atmosphere to your patio, deck, or backyard, but it also provides benefits for your safety. Security lighting, generally the brightest backyard lights, can illuminate a large area and keep would-be thieves and nuisance animals away. This light fixture can be placed higher on the roof or in the garage, and it can cast a lot of light into the main road or fenced entry in the backyard. The safest option is a motion-sensing floodlight, which is wall- or wall-mounted and consists of 2 to 3 bulb housings that only light up when an internal sensor detects movement in the area. Their glare can expose wanderers and make them think you're home, even when you're not.

Safe Lighting

  • Path lighting

Road lighting is a mild-to-moderate type of lighting that can both keep you on the road and stand out visibly. Place it on the ground on both sides of the main road from the back door to the gate, and accentuate its profile along with the steps from the main road to the fountain, and the flowerbed surrounding the garden. It can also bring you a warm and comfortable outdoor party. Channel lighting typically uses low voltage (12-24V) and consists of a decorative light bulb housing unit connected to a short post that you can plug into the ground. If you opted for a low voltage fence lighting, then you'd have to use a transformer to step down the 120 volts in the house to 12V; even if there were shadows on your sidewalk, the lights would stay on for hours at night.

Path Lighting

  • Deck lighting

For most home backyards, the deck is a great place to hang out. Lighting on the deck is standard voltage, medium to high, designed to allow people to get up, fall and walk on the deck at night, avoiding falls and blurred vision, while also highlighting the adjacent garden landscape. It's mounted as a string of LEDs, embedded in grooves on a surface, so you can walk over them without feeling their presence. The deck lights are also around the deck, between the various steps, or along the deck rails.

Deck Lighting

5. Best outdoor fence lights for you

Standard spotlights are used to illuminate the entire scene. For better results, serveal different spotlights can be used including the DMX controlled spotlight. The choice of the spotlight is the same whether it is a spotlight for front yard or a back yard spotlight. Spotlights, also known as "up lighting", or simply, is a standard landscape lighting that shines a narrow, medium to the high beam of light upwards, generally used to display plants or decorations. You can place it on the ground or on tall trees or grass to make them look more sculptural.

For lighting higher targets, like trees, you can choose a small angle and stick it into the soil. Spotlights with small angles can brighten the tree and illuminate further away. High above the ground, it casts a bright light into the distance at an angle of your choice. If it is relatively short, such as a bush, you can use the light in the well to press it to the ground, which will allow the light to shine upwards in a shorter range. Since the buildings are buried underground, the character of these small gardens becomes the core of the building.

Spot Light

  • Outdoor wall lighting

Outdoor wall lights must be able to illuminate the front door, back door, swimming pool, or shed. They come in a variety of designs, decorations, and styles. This product brings a stylish touch and added security to all your areas. Outdoor sconces are a low-voltage, medium-brightness method of safe and significant lighting. You can use it on any vertical plane, such as along the inside of a pavilion; also in low places in seating areas, swimming pools, etc. If the wall is not large enough, consider using a semi-recessed wall sconce (that is, attach the light fixture to the wall with a slender post) instead of a recessed wall. Fence wall light design is now also popular in most homes.

Wall Light

  • Deck light

The beauty of being creative with deck lighting ideas is that it means you can give your backyard a completely different look at night. Lighting on the deck is both functional and for safety, illuminating the outdoor dining room, lighting on various levels such as steps, railings, etc. And highlight landscape fence lighting, architectural features, swimming pools, spas, or fountains. In a specific situation, it can also create a specific mood and atmosphere. Deck lights have a special purpose: safely illuminate decks and patios. They can also add visual effects to the interior at night. The lighting types and lighting ranges on the deck mainly include: surface mounting, recessed mounting, path lights, and  weather-resistant LED strips.

Deck Light

6. Conclusion

If you are looking for outdoor lighting ideas for front of house or backyard fence lights ideas, you've come to the right place. You can pick out the best fence light fixtures on the market. We will recommend the most suitable garden fence lamps for you according to the different characteristics of the fence lamps. Our fence lights are great outdoor table lights in all seasons. Whether it's raining or snowing, it gives off a natural glow. Why not add to the beauty of your backyard by utilizing an outdoor fence to create a bright walkway and a splendid backyard?

With so many options for outdoor backyard fence lights, you're sure to find the best one for your fence lighting. Suntech LED is a manufacturer and supplier for outdoor facade lighting and landscape lighting, our main products are exterior LED flood lights, outdoor LED wall washers, LED mesh screens, DMX LED bar lights, DMX LED strips, etc. Whether you want an actual lighting solution, or want us to recommend you the right fence lighting for you, you've got covered. Contact us now!

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