Hotel Exterior Lighting Guide

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Table of contents

1. Why you need hotel outdoor lighting?

2. What are the benefits of LED hotel exterior lighting?

3. Different outdoor lights for your hotel external lighting

4. Ten beautiful hotel lighting ideas

5. 3 tips for ensuring high quality commercial hotel lighting

6. Conclusion

As a comfortable and safe place to provide accommodation and catering services for guests, hotels usually have higher requirements for lighting. There are two purpose for hospitality lighting, on one hand is provide general lighting, on the other hand is create an experience for guests.

Hotel lighting mainly includes indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. Indoor lighting is especially important. It contain many different areas, such as bathrooms, hotel lobby lighting, restaurants, toilets, gallery, rooms,etc., these different areas have different needs for lighting. Outdoor lighting contain road lighting, hotel hallway lighting, building facade lighting, courtyard lighting, etc., here we mainly talk about hotel outdoor lighting.

hotel exterior facade lighting

Why you need hotel outdoor lighting 

•Improve customer impression

Beautiful hotel outdoor lighting can make a strong first impression on guests and attract more different customers to come, most important is a good experience will make guests have the urge to come again next time. The hotel with led lights make your building look more appealing which helps the structure pop out from the other hotels around it.

•Illuminate the channels

Sufficient hotel lighting can not only illuminate our various channels of hotel, providing lighting for our customer, but also help us scare away burglars. More importantly, it allows our guests to see the road clearly on dark nights and know where to go, apart from this which can also reduce accidents such as car accidents and collisions.

•Highlight hotel features

A variety of different hotel lighting fixtures are used , and the unique characteristics of the hotel can be highlighted by integrating the light into the building. Let your hotel be remembered by customers at a glance among many hotels. When customers need to hold some grand events such as birthday party, company anniversary, wedding banquet, 100-year-old banquet, etc., if the decoration and lighting in your hotel are unique, then customers will choose to hold events in your hotel which help the hotel's reputation grow up bigger and bigger. In this regard, it can be seen that outdoor lighting plays a great role in highlighting the characteristics of the hotel.

What are the benefits of LED hotel exterior lighting? 

Light up the surrounding of the hotel

Using lighting fixtures outdoors in hotels can light up surrounding buildings and make them look more dazzling and attractive. Not only that, but also can create a good atmosphere for hotel guests. Different colors of lights create different atmospheres. The color of the lights is warmer, creating a warmer atmosphere and making people feel more comfortable.

Improve hotel attractiveness

The development of tourism has promoted the economic development of the hotel industry. As a necessary place for our daily travel and business trips, hotels are common places for rest and office work. For people who travel frequently, hotels are their second home. A good lighting design can create a comfortable and comfortable light environment, create a warm and reassuring living atmosphere, and visually reduce the fatigue of the day.

On this basis, a good hotel exterior lighting system can make people feel that the hotel is very luxurious, and the outdoor lighting design is an important factor to improve the hotel's attractiveness

A good hotel exterior lighting design can highlight the unique and exclusive image style of the hotel, improve the hotel's attractiveness, and give customers a strong sense of belonging. The more advanced the hotel, the more it requires exterior lighting design.

LED light fixtures are more energy efficient

LED lights are light-emitting diodes that use solid semiconductor chips as light-emitting materials. Compared with traditional lamps, LED lamps are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with good color rendering and fast response.

In terms of energy consumption, the energy consumption of LED lights is one-tenth of that of incandescent lights and one-fourth of that of energy-saving lights. This is one of the biggest characteristics of LED lights Today, people advocate energy conservation and environmental protection. Because of this feature that make LED lights more popular and widely use.

For the incandescent lights we usually use, LED lights can switch on and off at high speed. For example, when we walk on the road, we will find that the screen or picture composed of each LED is unpredictable; on the contrary, if the incandescent light is switched too many times which will cause the filament to break. It is also an important reason for the popularity of LED lights.

The interior of the LED lights does not contain any heavy metal materials such as mercury, but it is contained in the incandescent lights, which reflects the environmental protection characteristics of the LED lights. Nowadays, people attach great importance to environmental protection, so more and more people are willing to choose environmentally friendly LED lights.

Different outdoor lights for your hotel external lighting 

Pathway Lights

pathway lights Hotel path lighting contain areas like railings, walkways, columns and stairs. Every hotel is unique and different, but we all have the same goals that is hope customers to come back again when they leave.

Different pathway lights illuminate various areas of the hotel. The most important point about pathway lighting is to provide enough light for guests to see the road clearly in the dark, reach where they want to go safely, and avoid the occurrence of unnecessary accidents. As the person in charge of the hotel, we need to do a good job of pathway lighting, provide guests with a good lighting environment, and make them have a sense of security and a comfortable experience at home.

When it comes to path lighting, think of each light as a stepping stone in the right direction. Pathway lighting should not be placed too closely together, nor too far apart, they should be placed in appropriate locations. Placing pathway lights too close together results in energy and light inefficiency, but also creates lumen overload. Placing pathway lighting too close together is called "blot", which will disturb your guests' travel paths. Separating them too far will leave partial darkness. These dark parts can be areas where hazards exist, such as uneven steps, objects blocking the path, and potholes.

pillar lightsHotel pillar lights

With the improvement of our living standards, many hotels have begun to focus on the decoration of the outdoor landscape instead of the interior decoration. The outdoor lighting to be mentioned here is the pillar lights, which is widely used in villas, gardens, courtyards, hotels, terraces, residential roads, lawns, parks, corridors and even background walls, played a role in the finishing touch.

Pillar lights are usually installed above the hotel gate fence, and the fence wall is decorated with the top of the column, which brings a bit of poetry to the straight outer wall or column. Pillar lights not only play a role in lighting at night, but more importantly is to create a good atmosphere for the surrounding environment.

parking lighting

Parking area lighting

The underground parking lot is divided into parking space photo lighting and access road lighting. Access lighting is particularly important. It is necessary to fully save energy while meeting driving safety. Intelligent lighting utilizes the functions of the system. The traditional shortcomings can be realized. When someone or a car enters the area, the light will slowly light up, and the parking space light of the circuit will also light up to achieve the expected illuminance. The system light can also be set to sense linkage to make the entire channel light at the same time Light, when there is no one or a car, the system will enter sleep lighting in 0-3600 seconds (can be set), the brightness will remain at about 15% (can be set), only the basic lighting is guaranteed, and the system can also be set to separate lights or 1 /3 light control, when a car enters the area, all lights are on, and only 1/3 of the basic lighting is reserved when there is no car.

wall lighting

Hotel outdoor wall lighting

A critical time for hotel operations is at night. Therefore, the outdoor wall lighting design has become an important factor affecting the success or failure of the hotel operation. The outdoor wall lighting design of the hotel should be in line with the hotel's architectural design.

In terms of design, the main light can highlight the core part of the hotel's exterior wall, and the auxiliary light outlines the rest of the hotel, making the hotel's exterior wall lights look layered. It is necessary to highlight the essence of the exterior wall of the hotel, but also to show the overall image of the hotel.

Suntech Products for Exterior Hotel Lighting

Ten beautiful hotel lighting ideas

Use upscale lighting

Luxury places such as star-rated hotels, clubhouse lobbies, villas and mansions all pay attention to style. Therefore, some upscale lighting should be selected. The lights should be elegant in shape and luxurious in materials, such as crystal lights, all copper lights, and jade lights. The selection of upscale lights not only greatly enhances the overall image of the hotel, but also attracts more tourists.

Adopt a unique outdoor lighting ideas

Innovation plays a vital role in the development of every industry, and hotels are no exception. How can we make our hotel look unique? First, fully grasp the natural light and night lighting, the image of the building at night, and then through the transformation of light and shadow, the building presents a new image that is different from the daytime. Then strengthen the key lighting of key parts and details of the main body to ensure the natural transition of building brightness, clear layers, and ensure the overall effect of night scene lighting.

Make sure all areas have good lighting

There should be light in the tunnel, not just at its end! When it comes to lighting design, corridors in particular are often overlooked. Since they are an important part of the journey from the foyer to the guest room, they should connect the different areas of the hotel in a way that reflects the atmosphere elsewhere. While adequate lighting is needed to aid orientation, lighting temperatures shouldn't vary significantly as you move through different spaces.

Keep room lighting comfortable

Guest room lighting is relatively simple and is also the focus of guest lighting complaints. Your guests are sure to feel more comfortable and relaxed if we can ensure a few basic things about room lighting.

The light switch should be installed in an obvious place and available immediately upon entering the room. The choice of room lighting should also try to choose warm lights, which can create a comfortable and warm atmosphere and make guests feel at home.

exterior hotel spot lighting

Involve a lighting designer

When you are going to renovate your hotel or have just started designing your hotel, then you need to hire a lighting designer. As the saying goes, good art has specializations. Professionals are more aware of the latest trends in lighting design, which can ensure that your hotel lighting concept is in line with architectural design and make full use of space to a greater extent; they can also help us choose the best among many brands, so that Help us reduce costs and improve energy efficiency.

Use modern entrance lights

The door is the first facade of the hotel, and the entrance lighting is related to the overall image of the hotel. Modern entrance lighting is the perfect enhancement for a hotel or hotel interior - whether in a lounge, restaurant or bar, lobby or guest room. The entrance of the hotel is the only way for guests to go to various areas. The exquisite entrance lighting not only looks more beautiful, but also attracts the attention of guests and leaves a deep first impression on the guests.

Pay more attention to custom light fixtures

Compared with most of the more common lights on the market, custom lights are expensive but unique. In hotel decoration or design, replacing ordinary lights with customized lights can make the hotel look more unique and distinctive. That is why more and more buildings are using custom lighting, and it is one of the reasons why it is becoming more and more popular.

Choose high end lighting companies

The quality of lighting fixtures affects the efficiency of the hotel indirectly. The better the quality of the light, the better the effect; otherwise, the effect of low quality will be greatly reduced. The most important thing is that the better the quality of the light, the longer the service life, which reduces a lot of costs for the hotel, so it is very important to choose a high end lighting company.

Don't forget energy efficiency

Energy efficiency means using less energy to complete the task of eliminating energy waste. Energy efficiency has several benefits. Environmentally, improving efficiency can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other pollutants, as well as reduce water use. Improving energy efficiency at the economic level can reduce individual costs, create jobs and thus promote social and economic development.

While renewable energy technologies can also help achieve these goals, improving energy efficiency is the cheapest and quickest way to reduce environmental pollution. As a fast-growing industry, hotels should pay more attention to energy efficiency.

hotel entrance lighting

For safety, hotel entrance hallways, stairs and parking lots should be illuminated

Hotels also need to provide lighting for the safety of guests in overlooked areas such as stairs, hallways and parking lots. If the lighting is not good, the guests will be afraid at night, and even lead to accidents such as falling and collision. Therefore, in terms of lighting, hotels should pay more attention to these easily overlooked places.

3 tips for ensuring high quality commercial hotel lighting 

quter court

Outer court

Make the most of the hotel's outdoor space and give guests a unique experience. We can build an outdoor terrace outside the hotel and install lights around the terrace to add a beautiful scenery to the hotel at night.

Even outdoors, guests want to feel like they are in a comfortable and warm space, so choose softer lighting to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

green space

Green space

Greenery can be seen everywhere in the hotel, adding a spring-like vigor to the hotel during the day. Green lighting at night brings a romantic atmosphere to the hotel at night. At night, most guests like to walk and chat on the lawn, and good green lighting can attract more guests to visit again.

swimming pool

Swimming pool

The swimming pool is often used during the day, but it is also an element that decorates a hotel well. For hotel pool lighting, we recommend floor lamps, which not only better accentuate the pool's contours, illuminate and frame the edge of the pool, but also the white elements around the lamp direct the light upwards, creating a powerful visual effect.


If you're struggling with hotel outdoor lighting design, you've come to the right place. We will recommend the most suitable outdoor lighting fixtures for you according to the different characteristics of the hotel. In addition, we can also customize unique lighting for you according to your needs, making your hotel stand out among many hotels.

While there are many options for outdoor lighting on the market, you are sure to find the one that suits you best in SuntechLED. Whether you want an actual hotel lighting solutions or want us to recommend the right outdoor lighting fixture for you, you've got it covered. 

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