Outdoor Driveway Lighting Ideas: 12 Solutions for a Beautiful Entrance

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1. what is outdoor driveway lighting?

2. Why you need outdoor driveway lighting?

3. 12 fantastic ideas to illuminate your driveway

4. How to choose the most suitable driveway lighting?

5. Driveway Lighting Fixtures Manufacturer

What is outdoor driveway lighting?

Driveway lighting is when you build out the outer gauge back home, the driveway lights for you to illuminate the road in front of you, whether there are obstacles, clearly visible. In addition, the driveway lighting is especially important for a blind area in the dark, it can save people from some potential danger.  

What is outdoor driveway lighting

Why you need outdoor driveway lighting?

Do you know why people who drive can't use high beam at close range?

It is actually a warning to drivers to protect themselves and others. Because a person's eyes are suddenly illuminated by strong lights, they will feel overwhelmingly blinding and even eye discomfort, which makes it easy for a car accident to occur.

The same is true for outdoor driveway lighting. When you leave early and return late, you are illuminated by a myriad of lights on your way home. But when you reach the front door of your own home, you certainly do not want to be suddenly caught by a bright light into your eyes. At this time, after a day of hard work, your eyes have been very tired, certainly want to see the warm light, to open the way home for you, to explore the obstacles and dangers for you, with its unique warmth, to meet you back home.  

Why you need outdoor driveway lighting

12 fantastic ideas to illuminate your driveway

Below are some modern driveway lighting ideas to let you know how to light up a driveway for inspiring your unique lighting idea.

1) Mixed design of narrow paths and gardens

It would be great if your home had an attractive garden, and what a perfect combination of garden and driveway lighting. When it's dark, the warm glimmer of light spilling over the beautiful garden can be a beautiful sight. This makes you feel as relaxed as if you were seeing your family the moment you enter your home.

2) Using ground lighting is a good idea for lighting driveway

Why is it helpful to illuminate your home by driveway spotlights. Because the ground driveway lights irradiates at a lower height than people, so no more worrying about whether the light coming from the floor lamp will be bad for your eyes. In addition, they can both see the road conditions in front of them more clearly, and can also detect the situation around them in advance, so that the light accompanies them and the darkness stays away from them.

ground lighting

3) Universal LED illuminates the way home

If you are not sure what lighting is more appropriate to use for your own driveway, then the universal LED lighting is definitely a zero-fail option. Like the S-shape strip light, where to put all applicable. If you are a simpleist, you are using monochrome strip, if you are a romantic, you will use the illusion strip, can follow the strip a variety of play modes can meet your needs for lighting effects.

LED strip lighting

4) Wall lights are good helper for driveway lighting

Wall lights do not need to occupy the floor space of your driveway, just discuss and design a good plan for driveway lighting with a professional lighting designer according to your existing driveway, no matter what kind of effect you need, the designer will meet your needs as much as possible.

outdoor wall lighting

5) Solar lighting for outdoor driveway

Solar lighting can play a role in lighting while reducing light pollution.In addition, it can be installed next to the greenery, when illuminating the road of the driveway, it will not take up the space of the driveway, very practical.

solar lighting

6) Roadside Lanterns Lighting

Brighten and blend in the driveway lighting in your own house as part of your landscaping. This lantern look design outdoor driveway lighting brings a visual view of your front yard as beautiful as a sunset, allowing the beauty of light to be felt as soon as you see it. It would also be so romantic and charming if you could consider using a translucent or glass shade pathway light to give off a soft candle-like glow when you use it.

lanterns lighting

7) Multiple lighting mix work

Various types of led lights for driveway can be mixed to work together to enhance the driveway lighting experience. Pair tall, angled bollard lights along the edge of the driveway and sidewalk with complementary wall lights on the side of the garage and outdoor walls. This will create a more visible, safer environment at night from all angles. 

multiple lighting

8) Gate post lighting for driveway

If your home has two large pillars in front of your front door, then don't miss the stylish driveway post lights, it's a better thing to install driveway entrance gate lights to lighted driveway. Make your house look simple and elegant with stylish door post lights. The height of the pillar at the front door is generally higher than the door, so you do not need to be worried about the brightness of the light will not be harmful to your eyes, so that your home looks stylish and not ostentatious, like two rituals standing at the front door, smiling and waving to you, welcoming you home and welcoming guests to visit.

gate post lighting for driveway


9) Driveway lighting is a guide for guests

When guests come to your home as guests, you don't have to worry about going in the wrong direction or falling down because of poor lighting problems. Intalling a driveway flood light, driveway low voltage lights is a better chioice. Driveway lighting leads guests directly from the front door to the front door of your home. Like your family's personal etiquette, greet the guest at the door, then warmly welcome and lead him to your living room.

driveway lighting is a guide for guests

10) Flood light for driveway

When you design your driveway outdoor lights, make sure you don't ignore your home's garage. So what are the best lights that are suitable for application in the garage and will not hurt your eyes? That would be LED driveway flood light, which allow you to highlight the beauty you want others to know about. 

flood light for driveway

11) Low voltage outdoor driveway lighting  

Using low voltage driveway lights can save you a lot of money on light bills. In addition, driveway lighting not only saves you money on high voltage electricity while lighting your way home, but also reduces light pollution to nature, the best of both worlds. 

low voltage outdoor driveway lighting

12) Downlighting for trees

If your house has trees along the driveway, then you can try down lighting. Installing downlights on the branches of the trees, when night falls, the direction of the downlight shines downward, and the shadow of the tree can be seen on the ground, how wonderful, and also reduce some light pollution.

downlighting from trees

How to choose the most suitable driveway lighting?

Your home's driveway is your way home, so you definitely want it to make a good impression and be safe and easy to navigate. Keeping your property lit at night is a great way to achieve both of these ideas. With the right set of applicable and bright driveway lights, obstacles located in front of you will be directly visible as you drive into your own driveway, while keeping a close eye on the activity in your driveway as the sun goes down. LED driveway lights come in all shapes, sizes and styles, so you can find the right lighting for your needs.

Use single colour strip light, from your front door entrance to your living room entrance, so that when you go home, you can reach your garage directly and safely through the lighting of the strip light, without worrying about your car hitting obstacles or car scratches, and also create a feeling of someone being home when you are not home.

How to choose the most suitable driveway lighting

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