Top 5 Bay Bridge Lighting Design: Guide To Light Up Bridges

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Table of contents

1. Top 5 Beautiful Bridge Lighting Introduction

2. Why light up the bridges with LED lights

3. Suntech bridge lighting advantages

4. 7 suggestions for bridge lighting design

5. Conclusion

Bridges provide a safe way to cross rivers or other untouched places. Unlike other infrastructure projects, they can be free for everyone to let them know their importance and role. Bridges are often iconic buildings in cities, and decorative bridge lighting is an important part of the architecture. At the same time, the lighting design of bridges is also an important indicator to measure the planning level of a city. In bridge deck lighting, there are several options. With so many options, the lights on the bridge make this space stand out. Portland Cross Bridge, Brisbane Victoria Bridge, Istanbul Martyrs Bridge, Montreal Jacques Cartier Bridge, the led bridge lights bring them to life. The reason why we can remember the bridges of various countries and dream of visiting like the Brooklyn Bridge in New York or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is because the lights on these bridges are so mesmerizing. You must understand that bridge lighting is not just a continuation of road lighting. Rather, it provides an opportunity to make the bridge look amazing. If you are interested in the lights on the bridge, then please read the following in a good mood.

Bridge lighting

1. Top 5 Beautiful Bridge Lighting Introduction

In recent years, bridge landscape and lighting design have been widely used, and unique bridge lighting technology has become a trend. In many cities, not only because of traffic safety but also because of their beauty. Lights can transform some useful buildings, such as bridges, into real attractions, bridge light meaning allowing people to enjoy more of the scenery and everyday life. As a symbol of a city, the bridge can also attract a large number of tourists. Some of the world's most beautiful bridge decks often feature modern, multi-functional LED lighting fixtures that not only increase energy efficiency, but also reflect the beauty of the building to a certain extent.

We have brought together five of the most beautiful bridges in the world, all of the highest design and aesthetic quality, as well as urban landmarks.

Helix bridge

The Helix Bridge is a pedestrian bridge between the southern part of the Singapore Marina and the center of the coast. It was completed in 2010. As the world's first curved bridge, it has attracted widespread attention from Singaporeans. It is a 280-meter-long pedestrian bridge and is a real tourist attraction.

Its lighting and the design idea are also very interesting.At night, the bridge is illuminated by a set of bright twin spiral lights: colorful letters C and G, A and T on the bridge in red and green at night to represent the four bases of DNA: cytosine, Guanine, adenine, and thymine. In this way, it can bring a special visual experience to the tourists.

Given that the building was inspired by the construction of DNA, the lights had to draw different lines in different shapes and curves, thus contributing to the design of the entire bridge. To achieve this, the helical bridge structure employs an array of light-emitting diodes with dynamic light colors. Outdoor-facing lights accentuate the original building curves, while other discrete light lines illuminate the interior of the roofs, which are constructed of glass and steel gratings that form a dynamic membrane.

Helix bridge

Charles bridge

Charles Bridge is a medieval stone arch bridge that spans the Vltava in Prague, Czech Republic. Connect the historic town with a new stretch of Check-in capital. The bridge is 621 meters long and almost 10 meters wide. It is the oldest surviving bridge in Prague and was built in 1357. To get electricity, you have to wait hundreds of years.

As Prague's largest cultural landscape, to appreciate it better, one must work on the bridge with lights. It pays particular attention to its visual identity, which includes lighting to maintain the original style from seven centuries ago.

Charles bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, was built in 1883 to span the East New York River and connect New York State and New York City with Manhattan and Brooklyn in the United States. Construction began in 1869 and was completed 14 years later.

The Brooklyn Bridge is the most popular free attraction in New York City and a bridge to light has an attractive wide walkway in the middle of the road for pedestrians and cyclists.

Each steel cable is equipped with a set of light-emitting diodes to provide a brilliant light. It is undoubtedly one of the world's illuminated bridges that offers a unique aesthetic. Its alias bears this out: the light ring, a special type of light-emitting diode.

Brooklyn Bridge

Sidney Arch Bridge

The Sydney Bridge is a major bridge in Sydney, Australia, which spans Sydney Harbour and connects Sydney's business district to the northern coast. It is the world's first steel bridge. The total height from sea level to the highest point is 134 meters. It is located in a beautiful harbor and has so far been recognized worldwide as an Australian icon of Australia.

Due to its arched structure, the bridge is known as the 'coat rack'. The unique lighting design principles of the Sydney Bridge are also breathtaking, as is the efficiency of the LED lights.

The bridge has become a major event for Vivid Sidney: attracting more than half a million visitors each year. During this time there are over 100,000 light-emitting diode illuminators and the color can be changed to suit the visitors' requirements.

Sidney Arch Bridge

London Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge, built from 1886 to 1894, is a Grade I-protected suspension bridge in London. "Crossing the theme, making road traffic and both sides of the river easy. Formed by several ships that can travel, the bridge is still regarded as bridge lighting projects marvel and London's most visible symbol.

In 2019, the UK embarked on a massive 'Illuminated River' initiative, which aims to use modern LED lights to light up every bridge in London. The designer's idea was to light the two stone towers with warm white light, now only west and east while linking them to the Tower of London.

London Tower Bridge

2. Why light up the bridges with LED lights

(1) Highlight the structure of the bridges

There are no lights to illuminate those striking bridges, which we can only see during the day, while those who dream of visiting the famous bridges of the countries intend to see them at night. However, without the LED lights bridge, we cannot appreciate the grandeur of this bridge. Lighting enhances the visual sense of the bridge, allowing visitors to take photos and enjoy the bridge as the sun sets. With LED bridge lights, you can create a one-of-a-kind experience that everyone can enjoy. LED lights can increase visibility and reduce light pollution. So, we can expect an amazing experience. In addition, LED lights are the best outdoor light source at night.

(2) Saving energy and cost

In addition, the lighting on the bridge is important because it reduces energy consumption. The use of LED bridge lights reduces electricity bills. You can expect 75% energy savings. This can save you a lot of money. Use LEDs to reduce energy consumption. Plus, you also benefit from maintenance costs and extended life. So there is no reason not to use it?

(3) Provide security

To ensure the safe walking of passengers on the bridge and the driving safety of drivers, there must be a bright light. This is the need for LED bridge deck lights and bridge street lighting. It makes everyone feel safe. Just put the LED bridge lights there and there will be plenty of light. In this way, the risk of accident or injury is reduced.

Bridge lighting

3. Suntech bridge lighting advantages

(1) 5-year warranty

If you place an order with Suntech, you can enjoy a 5-year quality guarantee. And it's all products. This means that if there is any problem with your order, you can get in touch with the company or request a replacement. A 5-year warranty guarantees your purchase. 5 years is a long period, Suntech company promises 5 years warranty, which shows that Suntech promises to provide the best service to customers.

(2) High light efficiency

In addition, Suntech can offer its customers high-brightness LED bridge lights. The luminous efficiency is 120lm/W, 130lm/W, 135lm/W, 140lm/W. So you can order a luminaire that can provide full power immediately. The expected output lumens range from 12,000 to 225,000 lumens. This means that the light can be seen from a great distance.

(3) The choice of color temperature

When you're using Suntech's LED bridge lights, the first choice you'll find is color temperature. The color temperature selection is adopted to make the best performance of the bridge structure characteristics. Suntech's landscape lighting designers will select the most suitable color temperature for you. SuntechLED offers lamps in a variety of color temperatures (3000K to 6000K). When choosing the appropriate color, you need to consider the surrounding environment and the aesthetic you want to achieve.

(4) Waterproof

Because the bridge lighting fixtures are placed outdoors, there is always a risk of being damaged by the constant rain. Even if there is only one heavy rain a year, the rain can cause great damage to the lights. To avoid this problem, you must find an LED bridge light that is waterproof. The good news is that Sun Tech offers lamps with an IP67 waterproof rating. It is the best light source in outdoor architecture. Once installed, you will no longer have to worry about harm to the environment. Instead, the lights stay on and light up the entire area, allowing people to keep watching no matter how heavy the rain is. This light fixture can withstand strong winds, rain, and other harsh environments.

Bridge lighting

(5) Provide various beam angles

Suntech's LED bridge deck lights have different beam angles. Whether you want asymmetrical or asymmetrical, you can order it at Suntech.

(6) Customize

As mentioned above, Suntech is committed to providing the best service to customers. To further improve the user experience, the product provides a series of LED bridge lights. So, you can design the lighting according to your preferences. According to the needs of customers, the company guarantees to meet the needs of each customer.

4. 7 suggestions for bridge lighting design

(1) Make the whole bridge visible

The lighting layout of the bridge is very important. You can light up the entire space with multiple bridge lighting bulbs. However, put the bulb in place so that it can be seen from a distance. The spacing of each lamp should be even. Different lights are spaced differently, but you can keep them around 3-6 feet apart. You can decide the proper spacing based on the size of the bridge and the look you want. From a distance, the bridge will look more attractive, but if you get closer, it's still the same. Therefore, bridge lighting requirements should be determined when lighting layout. One of the ways to separate the light is to understand how the lighting on both sides of the bridge is set up. You can put a light on the left side of the bridge, go three steps further, and put another light on the right side. Then you go three steps further and put a light on the left. The staggered arrangement on the bridge makes the bridge look more detailed and attractive.

(2) Install a spotlight under the bridge

The first thing to do with the lighting design on the bridge is to put spotlights under the bridge. Spotlights can make the bridge more attractive and make it safer. It shows the walking route of the bridge, and when you pass through the space, you can know where you are going. However, spotlights can also accentuate its shape from a distance. It illuminates the entire bridge, giving it a very refined feel. When you place the spotlights on the deck, they can be placed evenly with each other. You can leave some gaps between the spotlights on each side to create an alternating effect where all the lights are visible.

The lights should be bright enough that you can see the bridge from a distance. However, don't make it too clear when you're crossing the bridge.

(3) Don't get too close to the top lights

The overhead chandelier will illuminate the top of the person's head. This section of the bridge deck lighting design will show its height and limits. The design gives you a nice tactile feel, but you shouldn't be putting overhead lights together. Space the top lights about 6 to 10 feet from each other and focus on the bottom lights. The lower lights will tell people where to go, while the upper lights will show what people who get closer to the bridge can see.

Lights that are too close can distract people on the bridge. The lights on the railings may make it difficult to see outside behind the bridge. Lights that are too close can also bring unwanted light into the interior. It's out of the flashy exterior, so be sure to check out how this lighting setup is arranged.

The lights on your ceiling don't have to be too elaborate. The point is to make them noticeable and easy to spot from a distance. If you know when you're ready, you can have fun with these lights.

(4) Emphasize the unique architectural features of the bridge

Do your bridges have anything to show off? Maybe it's because the design of the dome makes it look different. Perhaps, the car will also have a sophisticated wooden body that gives it a quaint feel. Either way, there's a lot of the most valuable stuff in your bridge.Unique ideas for bridges are also eye-catching charms. The best way to get a bridge deck lighting design is to look at the one-of-a-kind features that make your bridge unique and add light to the area. You can add lights close to the ground to create a spotlight effect. You can also add a light on top, which is better when the light is comfortable. Such is the case with the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Bright arches have lights to accentuate these features. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge at night and you'll discover its special tectonic properties.

You can find things on your bridges that can be highlighted. When you find something, see how the bridge came to be. Lighting will give you a nice touch when you plan carefully.

Bridge lighting

(5) Use a variety of lanterns to increase the festive atmosphere

Today LEDs have developed to be able to display a variety of colors. RGB LEDs can be used in a utility program that allows you to control the colors they present. It can be connected to a DMX controller, depending on where and where it works. When you want to change the hue, you can use the control panel to set the color and display. You can also create a colored loop. LEDs are capable of millions of colors, so you can be ready for all events. You can make orange lights in the fall, or red and green for Christmas. The bridge lighting system on the bridge allows you to transform and animate your colors. You can set the characteristics of the light and display different colors.

When you use what color, make sure the LED has a good feel. Bulbs are great for showing the colors you need, but it's easy to arrange them in the right position, and you can enjoy a variety of colors in motion.

(6) Keep the narrow beam unchanged

The light you create on the bridge has to be thin so it doesn't appear too strong or distracting. The beam angle on the LED has a certain influence on the transmission of light. Beams help you focus on the bridge without disturbing other objects that are too large. This design adds a chic feel to your space. One idea for your bridge is to keep the angle of the beams below 30 degrees. The smaller the angle of the beam, the more concentrated the light is. On a small scale, the light gets brighter. You can repeat this action on the bridge deck. You can choose a larger beam angle, but the ambient light won't be as strong. No matter what beam angle you use, the brightness and brightness of the light are the same. But the beam still isn't too intense, so the light would appear less conspicuous. The light bulbs you use in the deck lighting design should be evenly distributed with each other and maintain good color. The beam should emit enough light to make the bridge appear clearer and focus attention on the places people often pass by.

(7) Ensure that the light structure does not add too much weight

A bridge must be strong and comfortable without adding an extra burden to it. If the bridge body is too heavy, the structure will be unsafe. The construction of LEDs should not be so heavy. Today's LED bulbs and components are lighter than regular bulbs. The less material and wiring required to make a light, the easier it is to add light structures without the extra weight. But to ensure the quality of the building, it cannot create spatial difficulties. This kind of lighting can be easily added or deleted from the space, but you can't place too many other grids, otherwise, it will bring you more additional effects. The main wires and plate electrodes for the LEDs should be slightly away from the rest of the space. These components can provide the power of the water, but they are safe enough to keep them from becoming trapped.

Sometimes bridges are constructed strong enough to handle those lights. However, even in such an environment, the material you use to mount the light fixture must be light and not interfere with the other designs you're trying out.

Bridge light

5. Conclusion

LED lights are ideal for outdoor landscape lighting design. The important role of LED lights in bridge lighting is to highlight the visual effect of the bridge, which is usually regarded as an art. Compared with other technologies, LED lighting technology has its advantages, namely: high lighting quality, low degree of aging, and energy saving. LEDs have many uses for light-emitting diodes on bridge decks, lighting bridge makes them a better choice. LED technology and lighting design plan are a great cost-effective way to help improve the visual appearance of bridges.

At Suntech, we offer a holistic approach to lighting that takes functionality and aesthetics into consideration. Welcome to contact us.

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