Perfect Shopping Mall Outdoor Lighting Solutions

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1. Why install outdoor lighting for your shopping mall?

2. Types of commercial lighting

3. What need to consider when buying outdoor lighting fixtures

4. Benefits of external shopping building lighting

5. Suggestion for shopping mall outdoor lighting

6. Suntech provides the best shopping building lighting

Gorgeous mall lighting designs are useful to make the mall look more colorful and attractive. It even directly affects the development of the shopping mall economy. As nightlife becomes more and more popular among young people, the value of LED light design in shopping malls has also been greatly improved. Most commercial property owners prefer LED lights in their shopping centers because they provide brighter and evenly distributed light. At the same time, retail store lighting also plays an important role in the business as a good lighting system will properly illuminate the location and products and customers may gain more appeal from it. LED lights are widely used in shopping malls due to their properties and ability to provide bright light.

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Why install outdoor lighting for your shopping mall

When it comes to mall lighting, here are three reasons why you should install outdoor light fixtures.

Increase sales

In order to turn potential customers into attractive customers, people need to be able to find your store quickly. Having a brightly lit sign is one way to attract people to your store. In addition, having a good location is also an important factor in attracting people to come. This is especially important in places like Canada where it gets dark early and customers are still outside shopping. Having brightexterior light fittingswill also make your store more welcoming and help customers feel safe. Most people will choose to actively avoid dimly lit parking lots because they will feel unsafe, especially when a few girls are out on the street at night.

Improve safety

Making sure the area around your store is well lit can increase safety. Burglars and vandals don't want to be easily observed, and when they do bad things, they tend to avoid brightly lit areas. Apart from this, you should also make sure the parking lot is well lit so thieves can't easily break into cars or try to rob customers and employees who might leave the store after dark. Bright lights also make it easier for security cameras to capture details, improving the chances of identifying the perpetrator in the event of an accident.

Improve security

Ensuring that entrances, exits, sidewalks and parking lots are well lit is a great way to improve safety. Adequate outdoor lighting helps prevent trips and falls for employees and customers and avoid unnecessary accidents. Customers and employees feel safer in well-lit areas because they know that if an accident does occur, it will be more easier for helpers to spot and intervene. Adequate lighting also makes it easier for security guards to spot anything inappropriate, such as suspicious persons or vehicles loitering around.

Types of commercial mall lighting

There are various types of lighting in shopping malls, and they will choose suitable lighting according to the characteristics of their shopping malls. Common shopping mall lighting types are as follows:

Decorative Lighting

Decorative Lighting

Having the correct decorations for your mall is key to creating the right environment. LED decorative lights are mostly used in decorating the malls because they can add aesthetic appeal to the malls. LED decorative lights are widely used in shopping center lightingnot only because it looks more fashionable but also because it can attract more target customers and bring more traffic. Most important is it can provide the appropriate brightness level for a specific area.

General lighting

General lighting

LED lights can be used for general lighting and are the main source of lighting for the mall business. These LED lights ensure that the mall is not too dark or monotonous which ensures that customers have a better and more vivid shopping experience.

Task lighting

Task lighting

When certain areas of the mall require increased lighting and brightness to facilitate certain tasks, LED task lighting is your best choice. Not only are these lights sturdy and energy efficient, they can easily fit in any mall outdoor light fixtures. These lights are often used to illuminate locations such as store entrances, changing rooms and checkout counters

Accent lighting

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used to illuminate a specific area or location, and this form of lighting system can be found all over the mall. These LED lights for shopping malls enhance the appearance of items or certain places in the mall, making them more eye-catching compared to other objects. These LED lights are frequently used in display cases, store entrances and shelves.

What need to consider when buying outdoor lighting fixtures

  • Heat Dissipation

An efficient thermal management system must be installed in the lamps to ensure that good heat dissipation can be achieved.

  • Color

When buying outdoor lighting, don't think that the color of the light doesn't matter, any color is fine. After all, you don't want your lights to look out of place with the color of the walls. Outdoor lighting solutions should complement the look of our facades and exterior architecture. If installing lights for safety purposes, it is recommended to choose white LED floodlights as they have a long throw distance which can make your outdoor space safer.

  • Beam angle

The distance projected by the lights from different angles will be different, and the effect will be different. Of course we have to choose the most valuable beam angle, which will effectively spread the light to the large building exterior areas in the most efficient way possible.

  • Weight of the lights

For safety reasons, all lights should have a weight that the building can support - nothing more, and should be included in the decoration of the building's lighting or in the planning design of the exterior lighting

  • Lifespan/durability

All lighting materials used for architectural outdoor lighting purposes must have a minimum lifespan of 50,000 hours, because once exterior lighting is installed, they are neither replaceable nor convenient, so choosing an outdoor light fixture is also a factor to consider.

Benefits of external shopping building lighting

Commercial building outside lighting can use the lights to display the unique architectural features of the mall, and more importantly, it can help customers find their way to the mall in the dark night, giving them a sense of security.

  • Improve building safety, protection and security

In our daily life, we can see that a lot of led lights for shopping malls is installed on the periphery of each mall. That is to prevent thieves and criminals from carrying out any theft, robbery or criminal behavior around the shopping mall, so it can not only ensure the staff and customers in the mall safety, but also make pedestrians wandering around the mall feel safe.

  • Improve reputation and market position

The external lighting of the building reflects the overall image of the company. A good external lighting can not only bring traffic to the company and attract more customers, but also make it more prominent than the industry leaders.

  • Help customers find the entrance more easily

The exterior lighting of the mall can help people coming and going to find the entrance more easily, thus giving customers a good sense of experience.

Suggestion for shopping mall outdoor lighting

 Shopping mall lighting designShopping mall lighting design

Excellent lighting is very helpful for the design of shopping malls and can make shopping malls look more colorful at night. As nightlife becomes more and more common, many young people like to go out at night. On one hand, because of the good lighting and scenery at night, they can chat while blowing the wind. On the other hand, most people get off work late, they will go to the mall after get off work to buy what they need. The era of night economy industry is coming, and the value of commercial lighting design is also reflected. Therefore, lighting design plays an indispensable role in shopping mall design.

Commercial lighting upgrade

Commercial lighting upgrade

With the development of the trend of the times, the exterior lighting of shopping malls should also be updated and iterated to conform to the trend. In addition, each light has a specific life time limit. For safety reasons, it is necessary to upgrade the lighting of shopping malls from time to time, which can guarantee the safety of employee and customers.

Building lighting design

Building lighting design

The design should maintain the principle of the original architectural style and modeling characteristics, and then combine the advanced lighting design concept, promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, and highlight the characteristics of the shopping mall itself. When designing, we should not only combine the internal structure of the mall, but also take into account the surrounding environment, so as to create a unique architectural image.

Suntech provides the best shopping building lighting

Suntech provides a variety of LED retail lighting fixtures and shopping mall lighting solutions to meet the indoor and outdoor lighting needs of shopping malls, shopping plazas and various commercial shopping places. Our LED lighting is not only energy efficient, high brightness and long life.

When shopping malls and shopping centers require 24/7 lighting, traditional forms of lighting such as incandescent and fluorescent lamps are replaced by LED lights. On the one hand, it is because the LED has low power and saves electricity, which is 70%-80% less than incandescent lamps; on the other hand, it has high luminous efficiency. The luminous efficiency is five times that of traditional lamps. In addition, LED has high color rendering index, good color rendering, and can restore the actual color of objects well, which is very important for shopping malls and shopping center when choosing lighting design, but this is something that traditional lighting fixtures cannot do of. More importantly, it has a long lifespan. Compared with traditional lamps, the lifespan is extended by 3-10 times. Our LEDs have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

Our wide range of LED shopping mall lighting options include spotlights, floodlights, line lights, wall washers, stadium lights and more. We can also recommend suitable lighting equipment and provide you with design solutions according to the effect of your desired project. It is also possible to customize unique products for you according to your requirements.

Whether you are designing or building a new mall, or retrofitting an existing mall or shopping plaza to reduce operating costs, we are happy to provide you with lighting design services.

Here are some products we recommend:

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If you have any building facade lighting projects and are looking for high quality LED lights, welcome to talk to our experts.

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