15 DMX Lighting Software for Media Facade Lighting

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DMX control software is essential for practitioners working in lighting and lighting design. These software can simulate real lighting scenes, generate simulated scenes according to the actual size of different scenes, and install various equipment.

The scene pictures, equipment configurations and worksheets it generates are essential reference materials for lighting designers, design assistants, lighting operators and maintenance personnel, and can effectively help users improve design efficiency.

If you are a professional lighting designer and are looking for the suitable software program for your DMX lighting system. You may want to know what DMX lighting software should you master. This guide will give you a better understanding of which lighting software to choose for different lighting requirements.

Suntech LED is a professional LED outdoor light supplier and LED lighting company specializing in outdoor media facade lighting and interior media lighting projects. Our main DMX LED products are DMX LED bar lightsDMX LED flood lights, DMX LED spotlights and DMX LED dot lights for facade lighting and DMX LED strips for various digital lighting scenarios, and we can customize the unique product you need. Not only providing the lighting fixtures and accessories for our customers, we also design for the whole lighting projects including setting control system and guiding the lights installation, please come to the Facade Lighting Projects page to see the media lighting projects we have done. We have a professional engineer team to help you achieve the perfect control, feel free to contact us if you have any LED lighting questions.

Here are some of the DMX controlled facade lighting projects that we have made:

The DMX lighting softwares involved in this article are as follows:


MADRIX is a software which usually run on a laptop or desktop computer. Desktop computers are recommended because their available components generally provide higher performance and better component cooling. MADRIX controller are also known worldwide.

Madrix is an innovative software and hardware based LED lighting control solution for the lighting market that takes your LED projects to the next level with unique pixel mapping.

MADRIX only needs to combine software and hardware according to needs, use it alone, or flexibly combine with other tools, it supports many well-known industry standards, such as DMX512, DVI, Art-Net. 



Luminair 4 is a precision lighting super controller for iPadOS, iOS + macOS.

The app is the mobile lighting control solution of choice for creative professionals for stage creation, film and television, as well as architecture, event venues and other venues that require creative lighting.


ENTTEC software is known to provide flexible, easy-to-use and operate lighting control software packages for every need from pixel mapping to music applications.

The light show was successful because their designers were able to recreate their original vision in reality. For this, you need the best DMX ENTTEC lighting control software.

Whether you want to control a few traditional theater equipment or a complex public facility with tens of thousands of LEDs, ENTTEC DMX software can help.


SweetLight software can run on MAC or Windows platforms, allowing basic and complex control of any type of DMX light fixture. You can use it to create light shows with various lighting fixtures and equipment. Using the Sweetlight DMX software is simple and users can select fixtures from the built-in library or create their own. You can build chases by adjusting channel levels and fade patterns in a set of fixtures or stack steps. Create complex pan and tilt motions with the generator feature. Use the live screen to organize all your scenes and chases. The real-time screen can be customized to meet user needs. Users can sync light shows with light and audio files. Users can also build a 3D view of your rig, so you can pre-program the light show around your home.


Daslight 4 can be used with any DMX512 compatible lighting device.

Connect the light to your PC or Mac by connecting an XLR cable to one of Daslight's DVC4 USB or Ethernet DMX connectors.

Using this software is simple, the user can create a scene by selecting some lighting equipment and setting the batteries using the faders. Dynamic scenes are then created by adding steps, which can be arranged into color-coded groups and stacked to quickly combine different effects. 



Lightkey lighting software can run on your own DMX interface such as USB, Art-net, sACN or ESP-Net, easy to learn and quick to set up. In addition, Lightkey for Windows and for Mac is also feasible.

It integrates seamlessly with any standard MIDI controller and DMX console. You can map each hardware control to any function you like, and build your own custom display console to trigger sequences, cues and presets, adjust fixture properties, click beats, so that it can improve your light show to a new level.


DMXControl is a well-tested software for theater, show, and architectural lighting that helps show designers better control of live performance effects, including DMXControl 2 and DMX Control 3, both are free lighting control software for beginners and experts.

DMXControl 2 offers many features for a successful light show, while DMXControl 3 lets you control multiple different types of fixtures simultaneously using controls based on the same properties.


Lightjams is a software for interactive DMX lighting. This is all to allow you to not only generate unique effects but also create unique lighting effects based on multiple real-time signals such as MIDI, OSC, DMX, music, video, time, and more, and increase interactivity.

Lightjams features a powerful generative effects engine that is compatible with any DMX lighting fixture and LED controller.


Freestyler lighting software is a free dmx lighting software pc that is used by many experienced DJs and lighting designers. Further development is supported by a huge global network of users. FreeStyler is compatible with MEVP (Magic 3D Easy View Protocol) and can be used with "Magic 3D Easy View" for free.


SoundSwitch DMX software is a lighting software designed by DJs for DJs. It simplifies your lighting setup with a single USB to DMX connector to support a DMX world and automatically create dynamic music synced light shows, amplify your DJ performances and create an immersive experience for your audience.

How does SoundSwitch work? It is a digital lighting workstation that, when played live in Serato DJ/VDJ 8, allows users to create lighting displays that play live alongside audio files. It enables DJs and lighting designers to seamlessly synchronize lighting visuals and live audio.


MaizeDMX is easiest dmx software to use. As a beginner lighting operator or designer, you'll find it ideal for your small stage or event. Both Art-Net and USB DMX interfaces are supported, macOS and Windows are supported. Synchronize audio and light cues with sequences.


Chamsys is a lighting software that includes MagicQ and QuickQ software. MagicQ software provides powerful lighting control, full lighting visualization, pixel mapping and HD media playback with up to 8 different layers, and is available for free on Windows, Mac and Linux. Chamsys lighting controller are also well known worldwide.

QuickQ software brings simplicity and power to small lighting systems, with an intuitive interface that mimics a smartphone, icon and gesture support to speed up the learning process, and ease of setup and operation even for inexperienced users.


QLab dmx is a powerful macOS software for designing and playing sound, video, light and display control cues. It's a flexible, reliable, and user-friendly tool that everyone uses. QLab 4 is a Mac-only program. It requires macOS 10.10 or later and will run on any Mac that can run 10.10.



QLC+ software is a free cross-platform for controlling DMX or analog lighting systems such as scanners, moving heads, dimmers, etc. This project is a fork of the great QLC project written by Heikki Junnila, and the goal is to continue QLC development and introduce new features.


Sunlite dmx software is a simple and versatile solution for lighting operations to create dmx lighting controllers for live, rental and all entertainment applications, it can automatically create motion and color effects to create automated light shows. Sunlite suit software is currently only available for Android.

The above is the detailed introduction of 15 dmx lighting software. I hope this article will help you and let you know more about the different uses of different lighting software. Thus helping your media facade lighting reach a new level.

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