10 Awesome Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Front of House

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    Table of contents:

     1. What is outdoor lighting?

     2. 3 tips to choose the suitable outdoor lighting

     3. 10 common outdoor lighting fixtures for your house

     4. What outdoor lighting brings to modern life?

     5. Conclusion

Why Edison invented the electric light bulb?

Before the 19th century, people generally use oil lamps, candles, and other lighting to manufacture lights source, but the lighting time is very short, so the scientist Edison invented the electric light bulb for this situation so that households overcome several dark nights. Similarly, with the progress of the times and people's increasing pursuit of fashion, outdoor lighting has become more and more popular and important. It not only makes your house safe and warm, but also illuminates the way home for those strangers who pass by your door, so that it can also feel warm and no longer lonely.

Outdoor Lighting

1. What is outdoor lighting?

Outdoor lighting, refers to indoor lighting outside the lighting. Outdoor lighting is required to meet the needs of outdoor visual work and to achieve decorative effects. Outdoor lighting control is divided into manual control, light control, time control and computer control. Compared with interior lighting, outdoor lighting has the characteristics of high power, brightness, large size, long service life, low maintenance costs, etc. Other characteristics of outdoor lighting features: beautiful shape, with strong decorative, large lighting area, good lighting effect, concentrated light source, uniform light, small glare, easy to control, maintenance. Which places are suitable for the installation of outdoor lighting: highways, overpasses, parking lots, stadiums, freight yards, ports, airports and public recreational plazas, etc. 

2. Three tips to choose the suitable outdoor lighting

First, to ensure that the lamps and lanterns of high and low temperature resistance characteristics.

Outdoor lighting working environment is more complex, subject to temperature, ultraviolet light, humidity, rain, rain, sand, dust, chemical gases and other natural conditions, a long time, it will lead to LED serious light decay and other problems. In addition, LEDs and silicon rectifier diodes as a result of their own voltage drop caused by the power consumption heat will seriously affect the work of LEDs or even make it damaged. So excellent heat dissipation is the key point that must be considered, must ensure that the lamps and lanterns of high temperature resistance and low temperature characteristics.

Second, according to the use of regional shopping.

Luminaires are purchased in different ways depending on the area of use. Outdoor roadway lighting requirements for lamps and lanterns to be much stricter. Outdoor construction lighting, this kind of lighting is generally for the exterior of the building for lighting, the main consideration is to visit the effect, in this case, can pick small power lighting lamps and lanterns, are generally selected colorful flow of lighting lamps and lanterns. Coal plant, field work lighting use case, because the work of mobility is strong, so in general, will choose mobile lighting, such as mobile lighting vehicles, strong flashlights, strong searchlights and so on. The selection of outdoor lighting fixtures is primarily differentiated by the above uses, as for the types of lamps and lanterns generally have metal halide lamps, induction lamps, LED lamps, the three primary light sources, if the place environment is really bad, it is best to select explosion-proof lamps.

Third, What are the criteria for selecting outdoor lighting fixtures?

"Quality certification" is the primary consideration for lighting projects and lighting design units to choose lamps and lanterns, while the "brand" of lamps and lanterns is also an equally important consideration, "cost" and "after-sales service" is a second close factor.

Whether you choose suppliers or products, for lighting engineering design companies, quality is always the first, including the quality of the product, the supplier pre-sales, sales, after-sales and other aspects of the overall quality of service. Figuratively speaking, the product is the hardware, the supplier's service capability is the software, hardware and software must complement each other, either end can not keep up with the project demand, it will affect the overall effect of the project.

3. Ten common outdoor lighting fixtures for your house

(1) Front Door Lighting

When people return from work, tired and exhausted to their own Lane, what comes into view must be the front door of their own home. No one likes to see a cold home. This time the outdoor front door lighting is important and meaningful, it can make people feel warm, as if someone is waiting for their home with the lights on.

There are aesthetic and security considerations for proper lighting of the front door. From an aesthetic point of view, it means that it can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the house. From a security point of view, no bad guy likes to commit a crime in the open.


front door lighting

(2) Path Lighting

Pathway lights are the outdoor pathway lights that lead you home.

When someone comes to your home as a guest, if you stay for a long time,   ready to leave when the sky has turned dark. At this time your home path  lights have been automatically lit, then the visiting guest can see a different landscape, this landscape can also accompany her to leave safely, no one likes to walk in the dark.

                                                   path lighting

(3) Exterior Garage Lighting

If your home has a private garage, then the garage after the installation of garage lights is another feature of your home. You can use cool white temperature floodlights facing the garage for lighting, but to protect your eyes, we recommend that you use warm white temperature garage lights.

exterior garage lighting

(4) Deck Lighting                                     

If you have a deck inside your house, no matter how big or small, it must also be a happy thing to have. You can imagine how warm and beautiful the deck is after installing deck lights. It's a special pleasure to sit on the deck with three or two friends on the weekend, or with your own family and talk and laugh.

deck lighting

(5) Landscape Lighting

If your house has a yard, then when arranging the yard, you must pay more attention to yard lighting matters, especially security. When it is dark, the lighting blind spot will be illuminated, thus reducing unnecessary danger.

                                    landscape lighting

(6) Porch Lighting  

Suppose your house has many porches, then you can imagine how beautiful and cozy your home is after installing the porch. If than you are not in a good mood, you can enjoy the view when you step out of the house and have a happy space to be alone.

porch lighting

(7) Home Exterior Lighting

One of the ways to make your house look warm and comfortable is to decorate it. No matter the size of the house, as long as the design looks good, it can be eye-catching.      


home exterior lighting

(8) Outdoor Wall Lighting

Compared to spotlights, floor lamps, wall lamps can be said to be more commonly used lamps. Since commonly used, it is more important to know to the wall lamp selection skills, so which aspects are necessary to consider when buying?

outdoor wall lighting

  • Check the quality of the lampshade

The shade of the wall lamp is very important drop, generally made of glass, buy a wall lamp to see its shade light transmission is good, if the surface of the shade has a pattern or color, should be coordinated with other furniture in the home want.

  • Check the brightness of the light

Wall lamp soft light is necessary, here it is recommended that the degree of less than 60 watts is appropriate, the power is large instead of power consumption, easy to heat, more unsafe to open a long time in the room.


  • Consider the home space

If you need to install wall sconces in a small space, then the wall sconces should be simple and compact, if the home space is large, you can choose a large wall sconce, the best simple atmosphere, of course, can also be installed at the same time a combination of other lamps, such as spotlights, chandeliers, etc.


(9) Spotlights

Spotlights can better showcase the landscapeof your home, your well-tended garden, your favorite rockery pond and the fish in it. With the spotlight, the landscape of your house becomes more beautiful and dazzling, in addition, the spotlight can also illuminate the exterior of your houseIf you are interested in spotlights, the following lights may be popular with you.

(10) Downlights

If you also have some steps outside your house, then step lighting makes sense and is necessary. Steps can be fixed with flexible light strips underneath the steps so that you can avoid stepping on empty stairs or falling when you return home in the dark.


4. What Outdoor Lighting Brings to Modern Life?

  • Adding beauty

Outdoor lighting adds a touch of beauty and vibrancy to your home. When it lights up it creates a warm atmosphere for your home, and at the same time lights up the way home for unfamiliar passers-by.

  • High utility

After dusk, you and your family can play sports and talk about life outside the house, or have fondue and barbecue with friends without worrying about the limited space.

  • Home Security

When darkness falls, installing outdoor lighting can illuminate potential hazards, such as slips and falls. Especially, you can see the blind spots of the house, which can effectively prevent suspicious strangers or bad people.

5. Conclusion

(1) Why choose Suntechled?

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