Tennis Court Sports LED Lighting Design Guideline

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Table of contents

1.Two types of common tennis court

2.Standards of Tennis Court Lighting

3.Why LED light is best for Tennis Court Lighting

4.What factors need to consider to designing lighting

5.Tennis Court Sports Lighting Manufacturer

In recent years, the sports court lighting market has developed rapidly, and people of all ages have participated in the sport. And a common factor the driving market growth is the replacement of traditional lights with LED lights. To fully enjoy each sport, it must match its sports light fixture needs. Whether participants or spectators, expect good visuals on the pitch or field. When it comes to sports, this calls for proper lighting to make the indoor environment brighter and more comfortable. But each sport has different lighting needs, and tennis is a popular sport that can be played on the court. It can also be performed in various locations, including indoors, outdoors, and underground. What factors do you need to consider when starting your tennis court layout? What do you need to know? This must be known in advance. If the stadium lighting design, underground parking lots, buildings, and tennis courts aren't set up correctly, you'll feel like you're wasting time on the court. You can also find yourself paying high energy bills and having a poor experience. You must fully understand tennis court lighting to get a perfect lighting solution. In this guide, we'll tell you what you need to know. Let's take a look!

Sport lighting

1.Two types of common tennis court

While all tennis courts are the same, the types of courts can be divided into two categories: one indoor and one outdoor.

1.1 Outdoor tennis court

At night, the tennis court outdoor will be lit up. Outdoor tennis court lighting design usually uses lamp posts with a height of 6-8 meters. In different environments, this height is also different. Lighting devices should be installed on both sides of the fence, and their height should be 6 m. The enclosure structure of an outdoor tennis court is usually 4 to 6 meters, depending on the site environment (tree or building height). If the stadium needs to install lights, they cannot be installed on the end lines and ceilings outside the stadium. Outdoor playground lighting equipment should be set on both sides of the fence, 6 meters above the ground, and the lighting equipment should be evenly distributed on both sides of the stadium.

Outdoor tennis court

1.2 Indoor tennis court

Indoor tennis, because it is airtight, will not be affected by the outside climate and temperature, and does not require natural light. Sports field lighting design is even more needed.Athletes can play games more easily when they are well lit and well lit. Most of the marquees on the pitch are regularly seen by the players. So try to be as clutter-free as possible, especially avoiding high-brightness light sources on the ceiling. The background lighting of the sphere being viewed should be as consistent as possible. Therefore, the lighting equipment of the arena should be set directly above the field, and the light is perpendicular to the plane of the field. From the perspective of lighting engineering, there are two ways: one is to use direct lighting on both sides of the site, and the other is to use the light. Such luminous roofs may include a diffuser roof grille with lights mounted on top or a grille with a colorful glossy surface.Therefore, tennis courts with lights should be designed more carefully.

Indoor tennis court

2.Standards of Tennis Court Lighting

The dimensions of the tennis court are based on the International Tennis Federation (ITF). Typically, a single court is 78 feet long and 27 feet wide, and two courts are 36 feet. It is recommended that the height of the light pole should not be less than 8 meters during installation. In regular competition, the height of the pole must be more than 12 meters.

The United States Tennis Association (USTA0) and the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) believe that the correct light level is determined by the competition level. These levels are divided into three main categories:

1. I - Domestic and International

For this type of competition, 450 lux is required because the competition is played at a high level.

2. II - Club Games and Business

Illumination should be around 350 lux for commercial and club games.

3. III - Residential and Recreational

It requires low-level gaming, so 250 lux is more than enough.

SuntechLED is also a sports lighting company thats offers you a wide variety of tennis court lights that can be installed on the court. No matter what your court looks like, you can provide the best lighting for your tennis court.

Here are some recommended tennis court lighting fixtures for you:

LED flood light

Due to the different environmental conditions outdoor and indoors, the standards of field lighting are also slightly different. Let's take a look at the difference between indoor tennis court lighting standards and outdoor tennis court lighting standards! Please see the two tables below.


Outdoor court lighting parameters

Brightness uniformity

Horizontal illuminance


Light Color temperature

Light Colour Rendering

Emin/Eh ave

Eh average (lux)





> 0.7

> 500*

< 50

> 4000

> 80


> 0.7

> 300*

< 50

> 4000

> 65


> 0.6

> 200*

< 55

> 2000

> 20


Indoor court lighting parameters

Brightness uniformity Horizontal illuminance Glare Light Color temperature Light Colour Rendering

Emin/Eh ave Eh average (lux) GR (K) Ra
I > 0.7

> 750*

< 50

> 4000

> 80
II > 0.7

> 500*

< 50

> 4000

> 65
III > 0.5

> 300*

< 55

> 2000

> 20

3.Why LED light is best for Tennis Court Lighting

Good light is like a piece of air that makes people forget its existence but can always illuminate it when necessary. The athlete will immediately notice if the field light is not professional enough.Therefore, the importance of lighting comfort and professionalism in professional venues is self-evident. Fortunately, with the rapid development of the lighting industry today, we have many types of on-site lighting systems for us to choose from.As a tennis court lighting fixture, the metal halide lamp and led floodlights are often widely used in tennis courts. However, the metal halide lamp not only consumes electricity but also has the disadvantage of slow startup time, which makes tennis court-led floodlight even better.

There are many different types of lights on the market, but which one is the best for a tennis court? SuntechLED has carefully crafted a property comparison chart of various lamps for you, please take a look.

Comparison of properties of various types of lighting

Lamp type

Suitable power range

Efficacy lm/W





60 - 100

Has good color rendering, low glare, high efficiency

At low temperatures, the efficiency is low, polarizers must be used to diffuse the light in the correct direction, and the noise is high, which can interfere with the player's attention.

Metal halide

400 to 2000

60 - 100

White light has good color rendering, high efficiency, low operating cost, and long life.

High replacement cost, time to full strength (10-15 minutes)

Tungsten halogen



Good color rendering, low initial cost, suitable for use with clocks, relatively small lamps

Short life, low efficiency, high maintenance and operating costs

light-emitting diode (LED)



High lighting efficiency and save more energy. Good color rendering. Low operating costs and long service life

Poor heat dissipation

4.What factors need to consider to designing lighting

When shopping for the best-led tennis court lights, there are several factors that you must pay attention to. Here are some issues you should pay attention to.

4.1 Waterproof

The first thing you need to pay attention to is its water resistance. Crucially, the light must be waterproof to IP64. This way, you can use these lights anytime, anywhere. LED bulbs do not contain gas discharges, fragile glass, filaments, etc., so they can be waterproof.

4.2 High light effect

To reduce maintenance costs, you must choose high-quality LED lamps. To effectively choose light-emitting diodes, you must choose high-efficiency lamps. This means that it will use less power and less brightness.

4.3 Color temperature

To choose the right LED light fixture, be sure to take its color temperature into account. Cool tones such as 5000 to 6000 K are recommended. Some tennis courts have a color temperature between 2800 and 3500 K.

4.4 Anti-glare effect

One of the main properties of LED bulbs is their anti-glare properties. Glare is a strong light that can make people uncomfortable. The LED Lucky Light is equipped with an anti-glare lens, which reduces glare and makes it easier for you to see things.

4.5 Heat dissipation

In addition, heat dissipation is also a problem that needs to be solved for Leds. Indoor tennis courts are a must because if the heat is confined indoors, its lifespan is reduced.

4.6 High brightness uniformity

It is very important to make the light uniformity of the tennis court high. This is the ratio of minimum lux to maximum lux. Usually, the light uniformity is 0.6~0.7.

4.7 Easy to install

The installation of LED bulbs is very simple, you don't need any professional assistance, and you don't need any advanced instruments.

4.8 Warranty period

Few people pay attention to the quality assurance of LEDs. This is a big mistake. It is recommended that you check the manufacturer's quality assurance before purchasing. Warranty for all tennis court lamps provided by SuntechLED (indicate the year).

outdoor light

5.Tennis Court Sports Lighting Manufacturer

Therefore, on tennis courts, lighting is very important because the player's ability, experience and personal safety depend on this condition. LEDs are the best lighting solution. Its brightness, uniformity, energy efficiency and durability are all suitable. It is widely believed that installing LED lights in a DIY way saves money. However, in the long run, the service provided by the manufacturer will always be the best. The manufacturer is a high-quality, experienced team who will only do it with the best tools. They will also do appropriate photometric analysis to ensure their installations meet customer needs. You will also be well guaranteed. Start calculating your tennis court lighting bill with our electricity meter.

SuntechLED systems provide excellent LED lighting for tennis courts. We supply LED lighting for all kinds of tennis courts. We look forward to creating premier sports lighting for you. For further information, please contact us!

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