Exterior Lighting Design Ultimate Guideline

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Table of contents

1 . Why install exterior lighting?

2 . Classification of outdoor LED lighting

3 . How to choose the right fixtures for your outdoor facade lighting?

4 .  6 tips for getting a quality lighting

5 . Advantages of Suntech LED Outdoor Lighting Solutions

6 . Conclusion

What's the first thing you do after dark? Most people will habitually turn on the indoor lighting. However, outdoor building lights are also important. It doesn't matter what you think about outdoor lighting, because you can't ignore it. If you're going to create a functional atmosphere or lighting effect, then you certainly can't ignore exterior architectural lighting. If you have a nice yard, balcony, or back garden, then exterior lighting can't be ignored.

Outdoor lighting makes the building's facade and outdoor spaces more vivid. Whether you're doing it for safety, landscaping, or drama, external light can make a difference in how you view buildings or roads. It can not only highlight the characteristics of the building but also attract people's attention to the vegetation. From security outdoor lighting to lighting for the perfect outdoor party, you start by identifying the outdoor space you'll be using and finding the right solution for each. Second, when designing a lighting plan, you need to know its basic kinds. Finally, you have to pay attention to safety and maintenance. Below are some of the methods that will give you an idea of how to lighten your designs in different ways.

 Exterior Lighting Design

Why install exterior lighting?

install exterior lighting

There are many important reasons for lighting up outdoor buildings, let's take a look at them in detail.

One reason to need external lighting is that it can help people navigate at night. To prevent kidnapping, robbery, or injury, walkway lighting in exterior lighting must be used. And, in the absence of lights, it is likely to cause traffic accidents. Outdoor lighting ensures that the lighting in your home or office is far better than you think.

The second reason is that doing so reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs. If there is no external light, it will have a great impact on the surroundings. Installing the latest lights outdoors is an important condition. Once outdoor lighting installation, your property will be protected. This will also bring the right balance to the work environment. This reduces overall energy consumption and maintenance costs. The use of LED external light sources is an effective way because its energy consumption is much lower than that of old-fashioned lamps.

Finally, outdoor architectural lighting adds a unique charm to its exterior. This makes a business place appear different. With outside light fixtures, the radiate attractive light, pedestrians passing 

by will immediately spot the business and have a better chance to see your business. 

Classification of outdoor LED lighting

Ambient Lighting: Ambient light is the primary source of illumination in all spaces. This type of light generally contains the main light source you are using. Such lights can provide outdoor lighting for an entire area. The most common mistake is to use too many bulbs outdoors. In the dark, use less power or smaller power output. Generally, they are outdoor or columnar. Ambient lighting, also known as general light, emits light that is neither dazzling nor harsh, making it safe for you to see and walk.

Ambient Lighting

Task Lighting: Start with the lights at the entrance. When completing a specific job, the lighting of the job is very critical. Path lights, deck lights, and outdoor step lights can be used for this outdoor lighting. If your lighting is affected by these factors, you must ensure that you are using moisture-rated lighting. And make sure all lights are marked as outdoor. It improves visibility in a small area, is bright enough to illuminate small details, reduces eye fatigue, and avoids distracting shadows.

Task Lighting

Accent Lighting: Accent lighting adds a visual appeal to outdoor spaces. Different lighting places emphasize different lights. Plan and focus on specific functions: walkways, entrances, landscaping. You can highlight trees, planting areas, and building details. This type of light source is generally provided by a spotlight. Here, upward light can be used to create taller buildings or trees. Focused lighting draws attention to a feature, such as artwork, furniture, or architectural details, which will become the center of attention. These types of luminaires are more suitable for adjustable luminaires, as they can accurately focus on smaller areas and objects.

Accent Lighting

How to choose the right fixtures for your outdoor facade lighting?

There are many factors to consider when choosing exterior lighting buildings. To make it easy for you to choose the right lighting, create a beautiful, bright space for your outdoor space, and choose the right lighting. Read on for tips to help you pick the right outdoor lighting fixtures.

Durability is important

The lighting cost of outdoor buildings is high, so it is very important to ensure the long-term use of lamps. The last thing you want to do is replace the clamp as soon as possible. Think about the factors that put the device in the climate. Choose fixtures that can withstand snow, heat, sand, rain, wind, and other climatic conditions. This is to ensure the high quality of the lighting equipment considering the UL and IP rating of the lighting equipment. Also, you should choose lighting fixtures made from durable materials. You won't be surprised by your outdoor lights if they're easily damaged. So, when picking your look, don't overlook its durability.

Choose the right size

There are many types of lighting design.When choosing outdoor lighting, size is very critical. Consider choosing the right lighting to match your surroundings. It can't be too big or too small, or it will make your house look too much or not enough.Tiny lights can make decorations insignificant compared to the overall design.

Avoid light pollution

While it is clear that a small amount of light pollution cannot be avoided, we must take some action to reduce its pollution. For example, a parking lot must have enough light. However, it is best to keep the position of the lights at an angle to the windows of the room. Compared with traditional lighting devices, LEDs have been greatly reduced.

Choose a cooler color temperature

The next thing to note is that the color temperature affects the hair color of the subject. When you get a very hot color temperature, it creates a yellow halo around your subject, which provides a better display than a cooler white. So maybe 4000 K above is better.

Suitable for outdoor use

While lighting intensity needs to be carefully considered, you also want to make sure that the lighting is outside. With lighting specifically designed for outdoor use, you can guarantee that the light will last a long time.

Easy installation

Finally, you want to make sure that your fixtures can be easily installed. Every now and then, you'll have to remove the old fixtures and install new ones. So, you should focus on easy installation.

Easy installation

6 tips for getting a quality lighting

Here are 6 lighting tips to help you find quality exterior fixtures lighting.

Facade lighting and road lighting

(1)Put your lights on the walls of the building:

No two buildings in the world are exactly alike, so your outdoor lighting will be dictated by design and construction. But, as a general rule of thumb, there is an easy way to light a house. The wall is the main part of the building, so it's a good place to start. Arrange lighting fixtures on the exterior walls of the building. Commercial buildings refer to this type of lighting as exterior lighting.

Your façade lights should cover the outside of the building, but don't expose any excess. Also, don't put lights under or on windows. If there is a wall light entering the building through the window, it will affect your interior lighting.

(2) Make sure all roads are bright

In outdoor lighting, road lighting is an important part. You have to think about three main paths: driveway, garden and house. Road lights can help you use minimal light on the road and while driving.

The light of the light path does not represent boldness and high profile. Road lighting is a practical nighttime safety solution. You can increase the visual effect of your route by taking multiple small paths close to each other. On larger paths, a larger beam is better to spread out for higher coverage.

Tree lighting and water lighting

(1)Trees are great hubs for outdoor lights

Trees are part of the landscape lighting area. Instead of avoiding them and working around them, use them as a hub for your outdoor light fixtures. Trees can help hide ugly wires while providing anchor points. Trees are great for hanging lights. You can pin string lights between two adjacent trees or decorate each tree individually. Fair lighting is a common and easy way to illuminate trees.

(2)Water Lighting Technology

Water is a unique material because it reflects and refracts light differently than any other substance. There are two methods for underwater lighting and above-water lighting. Underwater lighting is best for pools and fountains. Light fixtures placed in the water create the illusion that the water appears to be glowing. Overwater lighting is similar to path lighting and is best for narrow streams and ponds. Water is a major part of landscape lighting, but unfortunately often overlooked.

Colors for Outdoor Lighting

Warm lighting is ideal for outdoor recreation

The lights are divided into two types: warm yellow and cool blue. Cool LED bulbs are the best indoor lighting and provide the best light. The light-emitting diode bulbs are soft and comfortable, like a campfire, which is a good relaxing atmosphere. Lighting in outdoor homes should always be warm electric lights.

Not recommended for indoor use, but they are the main light source outdoors. Cold bulbs are best for street lights, outdoor lamp posts ,and security lighting.

outdoor Lighting

Recessed ceiling lamps and recessed table lamps

(1) Install lights in the garage

By far the easiest way to do of installing outdoor light fixture in the garage. An inline light is great for garages because it doesn't take up a lot of space and doesn't interfere with your garage.

Since you can't place sconces on or under the door, the garage door is effectively a partition. Built-in lights serve as the primary light source for the replacement, illuminating the front of the garage without being conspicuous.

(2)Lighting stairs with steps

In landscape lighting design, stairs are another neglected place. Like road lights, stairs without lights can be dangerous. There are several ways you can use stair lights.

(3)Built-in wall light

When you attach a wall to one side of the stairs, you can mount the inline lights to the wall. Each light runs parallel to the steps, projecting the light under your feet. If you have walls on both sides of your stairs, then this method won't work.

(4) Inlaid table lamp

This is by far the most beautiful staircase lighting. Here, LED lights are embedded in the front of each step to directly illuminate the steps. Compared to other methods, this method is less intrusive and often more aesthetically pleasing.

(5)small post lamp

Like the walkway lights, these small post lights are placed on the edges of the steps, illuminating each step with a soft light.

Beam Angle and Range

(1)Beam Angle

The lighting devices have different beam angles. A wide angle of incidence will focus the light more but cover a larger area. Conversely, a narrow-angle beam will be dense, but the coverage will be small.

A narrow beam angle tends to cause uneven illumination. In the center of this light, there will be a bright bright spot, and around it,there will be very deep dark corners. At night, the angle of strong light can make your eyes feel harsh, so it is better to avoid this problem as much as possible.

The wide-angle light is soft and soft, and it looks very comfortable. The light source adopts a wide beam angle, which can also provide certain coordination with the surrounding landscape.

(2)Appropriate light distance

To ensure even coverage of the area, narrow-angle lighting devices must be close to each other, while wide-angle lighting devices can be placed further away. You can max out the lights this way without getting light pollution. By maintaining proper light intervals, you can keep your landscape well-lit and save energy.

Outdoor lighting does not have to be too bright, because the strong light at night has adverse effects on the health of the body. Indirect lighting from properly spaced light sources is generally sufficient for all houses and buildings.

An easy way to do this is to check the warranty on the lamps. Manufacturers generally provide 3 to 5 years of quality assurance for their products. It's a huge contrast to those dark vendors who only have 6 to 12 months of quality assurance.

Security certificate

Safety has always been an important issue in the use of electronic components and products. At present, countries around the world have put forward higher requirements for the hygiene and safety of electrical products.

ISO standards are very common in North America, but Europe uses CE and RoHS standards for the safety of their products. Make sure that your suppliers have the appropriate certificates and that all products comply with the law.

If the product is not properly certified, it can be dangerous, and some countries even prohibit you from importing it without approval.

 a quality lighting

Advantages of Suntech LED Outdoor Lighting Solutions

SuntechLED is one of the best manufacturers of outdoor lighting equipment in the world. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it provides services to customers around the world. The following advantages of SuntechLED outdoor architectural lighting will help you understand why choose us for outdoor lighting solutions.

Energy saving

The best thing about outdoor architectural lights from SuntchLEDs is that they save energy. When you replace your existing fixtures with those from SuntechLEDs, you'll be surprised to see a huge difference in electricity bills. The company strives to ensure that users benefit from energy savings.

Extend the service life

Another advantage of SuntechLEDS external building lighting is its longer service life. The lamp will last long without any mistakes. Although the energy saving and quality of LEDs have been improved, there are still great differences in the LED products of various companies. Not every LED manufacturer will last long. If you want your outdoor architectural lights to last forever, then you have to buy from SuntechLEDS.

Energy saving

Selectable beam angles

In addition to saving energy and extending service life, SuntechLEDS also offers customers a variety of different beam angles. You can easily figure out the proper beam angle for the exterior of the building. SuntechLEDS are available in various beam angles, many outdoor lighting companies do not have a choice of small-angle beam angles.Smaller angles are more popular,so you can easily buy the required beam angle.

Color temperature

As mentioned above, you can choose warm or cool lighting according to your preference. With SuntechLEDS, you can choose the color to your liking. Our company offers lighting that is both cool and warm. So you can choose whatever you want.

IP67 waterproof

The most important thing about installing an outdoor light fixture is the waterproof level.SuntechLEDS provides a waterproof rating of IP67 for outdoor buildings. That said, the lights won't have any problems when it's raining. You can be sure that outdoor lights will continue to illuminate your work and your home no matter the environment. The IP67 waterproof level indicates that SuntechLEDS will provide users with high-quality services.

5 years quality assurance

SuntechLEDs is a leader in the outdoor lighting industry, striving to ensure customers get the best out of their products. One of the ways is to provide customers with a 5-year warranty.

landscape lighting


After reading this outdoor lighting guide, you will easily understand the importance of outdoor architectural lighting and the correct choice of lighting. We hope the following outdoor lighting tips will give you confidence and make your life better. Outdoor lighting may seem difficult, but once you master the basics, everything is easy. Proper planning cannot be ignored, as this is the cornerstone of your lighting setup. Try to divide your work into better management. The driving factor behind SuntechLEDS is our focus on perfection, quality,and sustainability. We offer you a wide range of quality indoor and outdoor lighting products. Our minimum order quantity is smaller and delivery is faster. So,as long as you have started imagining a lighting scheme, get in touch with us now!

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