Church Exterior Lighting Buying and Lighting Guidance

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1. Why do you need a church exterior lighting

2. How to know whether you need to replace the outdoor church lights

3. What should consider when designing church exterior lighting projects

4. Top outdoor lights for modern church lighting

5. Six tips  change to LED lighting

6. Why choose Suntech

7. FAQ of church lighting

The spiritual meanings of Eastern and Western religions do not have the same understanding of light, but both have their own symbolic meanings. In Western religions, when God says there should be light, there is light. This has given light a different meaning. Light is created by God and is the soul of religious architecture. The church in the West is meant to create the dwelling place of God, a space for communion with God, a symbol that leads to the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, the light in churches is abstracted from nature and tends to be more divine, giving it a spiritual connotation. In the East, religious|light is more in tune with nature, wandering and slowly dispersing in temples and gardens.

Exterior Church Lighting

1. Why do you need a church exterior lighting

We look at the style, period and architecture of the building and its location on the property to ensure that the lighting plan provides a harmonious feel. We can illuminate important features that would benefit from focused lighting, such as crosses, Stars of David, stained glass, steeples, and even your signage. We can update the look by upgrading outdated lighting for a fresh feel.

Make all visitors to the church feel warm and welcome through lighting.

All visitors can easily walk around the church. Parking lots, entrances, steps and front doors can be elegantly illuminated and the buildings around the church are well identified for the personal safety of visitors, making them stand out in the dark and warmly greeting visitors as they arrive, giving them a sense of warmth and security. When we design church lighting, we must be clear that the brighter the church lighting is, the less potential danger there is.


outdoor church lighting

2. How to know whether you need to replace the outdoor church lights?

church exterior lighting

If your house's interior lighting system looks as if it shines like a stage, I wonder if you've noticed if the church's public property is somewhat protected when darkness comes? Is your own personal safety assured as you inspect the church property in the hazy dim light? Are the necessary paths through the church hall well lit? Is the parking lot properly lit? I believe that church lighting matters are more important than creating comfort and well-being for visitors.

So how can you tell if church lighting needs to be replaced?Let’s have a simple church lighting examples test:

1)  Can you and your friend call each other by name when you run into each other in the shimmering light?

2)Can the landscape of the church be distinguished from the pedestrian passage?

3)Can you see the map of the church clearly with the brightness of the lighting at that time?

4)Does the whole atmosphere of the church give you a warm or gloomy feeling?

5)Can visitors easily see the special attractions of  the church?

Once you've done this simple lighting test, you'll be able to produce a  great looking and functional lighting solution with a minimal budget when it comes to church outdoor lighting design.

3. What should consider when designing church exterior lighting projects?

Creating a welcoming entrance is of utmost importance to outdoor church lighting. Often, it is the first impression that visitors can make  at night when it catches their eye directly. A dark church entrance is  very daunting.

Conversely, an entrance that is too bright is also uncomfortable, as   one should not squint to open the door and enter. With thoughtful  design, key features, such as the impressive columns, are  illuminated  to enhance the majestic worship of the house.

Most importantly, you want your designed church entrance to be easy to enter and exude a sense of warmth and hospitality.

outdoor church lighting

4. Top outdoor lights for modern church lighting

Lighting is an integral part of a church's technology mix. Versatile lighting fixtures not only ensure that the audience can clearly see what is happening on stage, but also creatively enhance the worship experience. As society has progressed, lighting technology has made significant advances, and one of the biggest innovations has been the development of LED technology. The use of low-power outdoor LED lighting not only saves energy but also reduces light pollution.

The following best outdoor church lighting fixtures may help you:

1) The purpose of installing a lighting system in a church is to ensure that everyone who visits can clearly see everyone on stage - the pastor, the preacher, the worship team. Moreover, in this age of cell phones, how can an audience not take pictures or videos to remember the event? The church uses an external LED lighting system that emits a light that is kinder to both those on and off stage. For church administrators, these lightweight LED strips or light bars may be more pleasing to them, and in addition to saving money, using LED lighting will be safer than high-powered fixtures.

church stage

2) One of the most important factors in selecting lighting for a church or chapel is the layout of the building itself. If some building designs have high ceilings, high bay lighting may be required to effectively illuminate the area, while other areas may require flat panel lighting to better accommodate low ceilings or interior architecture. For other outdoor areas around the church, there is flexibility to install some intelligent lighting such as church floodlights, church spotlights, wall sconces, wall washers, strips and other lighting tools depending on the layout of the church itself. The biggest benefit of these intelligent lighting devices, besides the ease of use, is the selection of the right color temperature according to the current environment. What is the most appropriate color temperature value? Usually, 4000K to 5000K color temperature lighting is the most popular, because the irradiation brightness is very close to the same as natural light, will not make people's eyes discomfort. It allows the audience to feel the atmosphere of the scene very well and let themselves into it.

Church with high ceiling

3) When looking to illuminate the exterior of a church and the property surrounding the building, there are a variety of options to choose from. The first and most popular option for outdoor church lighting is wall sconces, which are simply floodlights mounted vertically on the exterior of the building itself. This provides excellent visibility for the artists directly around the church, improving the safety of churchgoers as well as reducing potential hazards.

outdoor church statues

4) Floodlights are another popular choice for outdoor lighting on church grounds, both for parking lots and for other types of lighting tasks. For large churches with spacious parking lots, there is no better option than LED pole floodlights that provide strong lighting with wide coverage. These lamps are the preferred choice for replacing aging HID and sodium lamps as well as for new construction applications.

parking lot with floodlights

For smaller architectural lighting applications, such as the lighting of statues, figures and signs, it is also good to use small angle spotlights or floodlights. These lighting fixtures are very flexible to use and can be adjusted to the proper angle and brightness to illuminate buildings and areas outside of churches at the most comfortable brightness. For sidewalks and smaller parking lots, a large angle floodlight is sufficient.

Suntech Products for Church Exterior Lighting

5. Six tips tell you why change to LED lighting?

1) Money saving

If you use anything other than LED lighting, you'll be wasting your hard-earned money with every electricity bill. Compared to incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lighting, LED lighting has the advantage of costing you less money because it's more energy efficient, and because LEDs last longer, you can also save on occasional fixture maintenance costs and repairs. 

2)Longer electric life for lamps

LEDs outperform their competitors in traditional lighting fixtures. A regular incandescent bulb has a lifetime of about 1,000 hours. Fluorescent bulbs give us more runtime at 8,000 hours, but it still doesn't compare to LED lamps that can last up to 60,000 hours of light.

3)More durable

LED lights do not have filaments or glass housings, so they are more resistant to vibration or other heavy impacts, unlike other bulbs that typically cannot withstand minor bumps or drops, and there are waterproof LED lighting.

4)Energy saving

Reduce energy waste by 5% due to the high efficiency of LEDs. Efficient energy reduces our carbon footprint, and the long life of LEDs helps reduce waste in landfills. Best of all, LEDs contain no mercury and no harmful substances.

5)Higher brightness

Going from incandescent to high quality LED bulbs provides an immediate and dramatic difference. Enhanced ambient lighting instantly gives you a more sophisticated, professional looking set.

6)Improve workplace performance

If you notice a decrease in employee performance, then you must first consider that it is a light efficiency issue. Some studies have shown that insufficient light can reduce employee motivation. In addition, inadequate or improper lighting can create glare or reflections that make it more difficult to concentrate on tasks and feel comfortable. Lack of light can also cause workplace accidents due to lack of illumination. With LED lighting, you don't have to worry about these factors.


6. Why choose Suntech

Suntech Lighting is both a manufacturer and a supplier. We started to develop and produce various indoor and outdoor LED lighting fixtures such as LED strips and LED light bars in 2008.We provide professional evaluation, design and installation services, and we have a professional R&D technical team. Choose us to help you design your lighting solutions for your fixtures, and help you design the most professional lighting design and select the most appropriate lighting based on the information you provide about your needs. With 15 years of project experience, SuntechLED provides the most professional LED custom lighting solutions for each unique customer, market and application.


7. FAQ of church lighting

1) Which lighting colour is the best in church?

In general, the best lighting colors for churches and worship services are in the 4000K to 5000K range. This is the closest approach to natural sunlight and provides the best visibility and lighting accuracy for visitors.

2) How to reduce glare from lights in church?

The best way to reduce glare is to first select the correct lumen output for a particular application. Too high a lumen output can cause unwanted glare and distract from the service being performed. It is also important to select the correct luminaire style, as certain luminaires produce a wider, less focused beam that is less likely to cause glare.

3)Can I upgrade existing lighting fixtures?

Depending on the type of fixture, there is an option to upgrade to LED technology.

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