Lighting in Football Stadium-LED Sports Lighting Guide

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1. What to consider when designing football field lighting?

    (1) How many lumens needed to light up the field?

    (2) Where to put the football stadium light pole?

    (3) How tall are footabll field light?

    (4) Calculate light uniformity to provide uniform light

    (5) Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) requirement

    (6) Choose high CRI of LED lights

    (7) Avoid glare and light pollution

    (8) Notice the flicker issues

2. Why choose Suntech LED manufacturer for sports lighting solution?

    • Professional lighting effect design

    • High efficiency LED lights

    • IP66 waterproof & IK10 rating

    • Good heat dissipation

    • 5 years warranty

3. LED Stadium Lights Recommendation

4. Conclusion

Football Field Lighting Introduction

With the continuous development of society, the lighting standards and requirements of sports fields are also getting higher and higher. As the lighting method of future sports fields and arenas, LED technology has received extensive attention. LED Sports Lighting provides the uniform and wide coverage lighting needed in the air and on the ground on the sports field.

As sports become more and more popular among young people, portable stadium lights and LED floodlights for football pitches are also becoming more and more popular, and the demand has also increased greatly in recent years. This article will help you better understand and master the football field lighting guidelines.

Football field lighting standard introduction

What to consider when designing football field lighting?

(1) How many lumens needed to light up the field?

Football LED lights have their own sports field lighting standardsand requirements. Different sports field lighting lux levels will have different lumen requirements.

  • Training entertainment 200lux

For a standard football field, it takes about 360,0000lm to illuminate a football field.

  • Amateur competition 300lx

A standard football field needs about 420,0000lm to illuminate a football field.

  • Professional competition 500lx

A standard football field needs about 600,0000lm to illuminate a football field.

  • 1000lx for ordinary TV broadcasting, 1000lx for TV emergency

A standard football field needs about 126,000,00lm to illuminate a football field.

  • HDTV large international events 1400lx

An international standard football field needs about 309,000,00lm to light up a football field.

Lighting Lux and uniformity standard table

Level Function Luminance(lx) Uniformity of luminance Light Source Glare
Eh Evmai Evaux Uh Uvmai Uvaux Ra Tcp(K)
U1 U2 U1 U2 U1 U2
I Traning and Recreation 300 / / / 0.3 / / / / ≥65 / ≤35
II Amateur competition
Professional training
500 / / 0.4 0.6 / / / / ≥65 ≥4000 ≤30
III Professional competition 750 / / 0.5 0.7 / / / / ≥65 ≥4000 ≤30
IV TV broadcasting national or
international competition

/ 1000 750 0.5 0.7 0.4 0.6 0.3 0.5 ≥80 ≥4000 ≤30
V TV broadcasating significant
international competition
/ 1400 1000 0.6 0.8 0.5 0.7 0.3 0.5 ≥80 ≥4000 ≤30
VI HDTV broadcasting significant
international competition
/ 2000 1400 0.7 0.8 0.6 0.7 0.4 0.6 ≥90 ≥5500 ≤30
/ TV lash-up / 750 / 0.5 0.7 0.3 0.5 / / ≥90 ≥4000 ≤30

(2) Where to put the football stadium light pole?

Motion lights create an illuminated surface by lighting the fixture, which we call a "beam angle". The angle is small and the illumination uniformity is low, which cannot meet the needs. But the larger the angle, the higher the regularity of the light, which will result in a waste of light. So the beam spread of the LED light should project the maximum amount of light onto the football field so that no hot spots are created.

The minimum installation height for all utility poles is 50 feet. The installation height can compensate for the extra lumen efficiency by increasing the height of the light pole. To reduce glare and make efficient use of the beam angle, the mounting height should be increased over time.

(3) How tall are football field lights

Football field lights can be installed at different heights, depending on the venue. The beam angle will vary with the height of the light pole. Some mounts go as low as 25 feet, but many of them are between 40 and 60 feet.

(4) Calculate light uniformity to provide uniform light

Uniformity is the ratio of the minimum light level to the average light level in a given area. It is the quality parameter of the overall illuminance distribution.

To ensure proper light uniformity is provided, it is important to compute the light uniformity in the space. How to accurately measure light uniformity, the following formula will help you.

U1 = E(lowest)/E(average)

U2 = E(min) / E(max)

U stands for uniformity and E for illuminance.

As can be seen from the above formula, the uniformity of light is basically the ratio of illuminance or lux levels. This uniformity ratio is useful because it allows you to determine how evenly the light will distribute light across the ground. If the difference between average and minimum lux is not high, the ratio will be high. It shows better light uniformity.

(5) Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) requirement

Color temperature is one of the important factors in sports lighting. Generally speaking, the standard of the sports field needs 4000-5500K. 5600K CCT is an NFL requirement as it is close to the sun temperature of 5778K.

During the day, the color of the sun's light changes over time. 40 minutes after the sun rises, the light color will gradually turn yellow, and the color temperature is around 3000K; at noon the sunlight color is white, and the CCT rises to 4800-5800K; if it is cloudy, it will be around 6500K at noon; when the sun is about to set, the color turns reddish , the color temperature drops to 2200K, which is consistent with the color temperature of candlelight. For outdoor sports facilities, 4000K or higher is generally required, and for indoor sports facilities, 4500K or lower is generally required.

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) requirement

(6) Choose high CRI of led lights

The Color Rendering Index, also known as the CRI, which is a measurement of how color look under a light source when compare with the sunlight. The index is measured on a scale of 0-100, with a perfect 100 indicating that the color under the light source is the same as that under natural sunlight.

CRI represents the quality of light and the ability to reproduce the color of an object. The higher the CRI value, the better and more realistic the color of the object can be reproduced by the light source.

FIFA requirements stipulate that the lighting design standards must have good color, the CRI value of FIFA standard A and B must be greater than Ra80, and the CRI value of FIFA standard C and D must be greater than Ra70.

(7) Avoid glare and light pollution

Sports field use LED lights of up to 600 to 1000 watt led stadium lights. Poor light leakage control affects the quality of life of nearby residents. Intense glare can obstruct the vision of road users and endanger the lives of pedestrians.

Glare is the loss of visual performance or discomfort that occurs when the intensity of light in the field of view is greater than what the eye is accustomed to. The perception of light in a visual field that the human eye cannot adapt to can cause disgust, discomfort, and even loss of vision. At the same time, glare is also one of the important causes of visual fatigue.

Uncomfortable glare on football pitches is caused by lamps that are too bright. To solve this problem, our football stadium lights are equipped with anti-glare and precise optics system that direct light to designated areas to reduce light loss. In addition to this, we can use stadium flood light with a smaller beam angle, thus making the light more concentrated.

(8) Notice the flicker issues

What is light flicker? Light flickering is a rapid or rapid and repetitive change in the brightness of light over time - the light can appear wobbly and erratic. It is caused by changes in the voltage supplied to the light source or by fluctuations in the voltage of the power line itself.

This problem is particularly acute in football fields that host international, televised matches. In the sports lighting design, it is necessary to ensure that the football pitch led flood lights will not flicker in slow motion; otherwise, it will seriously affect the audience experience. The strobe light affects the judgment under playback, making your court look unprofessional.

Why choose Suntech LED manufacturer for sports lighting solution?

  • Professional lighting effect design

Suntech LED Lighting not only provide you with high-quality products, but also professional engineers provide lighting effect design, technical and installation support according to the different needs of each customer. Besides, we also provide good after-sales service.

  • High efficiency LED lights

Suntech stadium lights use high-quality LED chips and high-efficiency LED drivers, which will not pollute the environment and realize energy saving. Our LED lights also have a service life of up to 50,000 hours.

  • IP66 waterproof & IK10 rating

Most of Suntech's LED lights are IP66 waterproof grade, of course, IP grade (IP20~67) can also be choose according to different requirements.

The IK rating is an international classification that indicates the degree of protection of electrical enclosures against external mechanical shock. It is graded from IK00 to IK10, The IK10 enables the product to be safely used in places where football, tennis, basketball and other intense sports are played. Therefore, for outdoor lighting, Suntech will be your good choice.

  • Good heat dissipation

Poor heat dissipation will affect the efficiency of the lights, and even make the LED lights itself change. The heat dissipation problems of Suntech LED lights have been handled well, so you can choose us with confidence.

  • 5 years warranty

Poor heat dissipation will affect the service life of LED lights, and more seriously, LED lights will stop working. We provide 5 years warranty for our LED flood lights and other outdoor lighting fixtures.

Suntech will strictly control the heat dissipation when designing LED, and we use the LEDs from OSRAM and CREE, so that both the LED chip and the LED driver are keep at a suitable temperature, so we have solved the heat dissipation problem well, you can choose us with confidence.

Here are some related lighting cases you may want to know about:

LED Stadium Lights Recommendation

LED stadium lighting has the characteristics of brightness, safety and energy saving, replacing traditional stadium lights. It can also be widely used in football fields, badminton courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, sports fields, etc.

high mast

LED high mast light

The high mast pole with led flood lighting system leads all tall mast lighting in the industry, with lumens up to 165lm/w, it can emit even and soft light, good color rendering and excellent lighting effect. In addition, it has the advantages of high quality, high brightness, energy saving and long service life, which is very suitable for football stadium lighting.

LED flood light

LED flood light

Sports flood lights with adjustable mounting brackets can help you adjust the right angle to accurately focus light output, reducing light loss and glare for the best lighting experience.

All quality led flood lights are durable, we also provide a 3 to 5 year warranty, and can provide you with installation and technical support as well as guaranteed after-sales service.

LED stadium light

LED stadium light

The beam angle of soccer stadium lights is adjustable, and the lumen value is up to 165 lumens per watt, which not only brings high lumens, but also saves at least 50% of energy consumption. This product uses high-quality LED chips with a 5-year warranty and uses a die-cast aluminum heat sink, which can make the heat dissipation effect better and the weight lighter.

In addition, the product has passed UL, CE, RoHS, IK10, IP67 certification, has good dustproof and waterproof effect, and is very suitable for outdoor use.


LED sports lighting fixtures offer the best option for avoiding sports-related damage due to glare or shadows. As an experienced LED flood light supplier, Suntech LED stadium lights can provide the best and professional lighting solutions for athletes and spectators. If you have any LED outdoor sports lighting needs or other lighting plans, welcome to contact with us, and Suntech will takes care of your lighting needs at all times.

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