Pool Around Lighting Ideas: Make your pool charming in summer

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Types of Swimming Pool Lights

4 Reasons to install LED Pool Lighting

How do I light my above ground pool?

6 Amazing Lighting Design to illuminate my pool

Upgrade Your Backyard Pool With Suntech LED Lighting System


In the height of summer, what could be more enjoyable than swimming in your back garden?

Come to a romantic and exciting night tour at night, with comfortable lighting to set off the atmosphere, you can feel the warm lighting, what do you think?

Swimming at night is a favorite option for many pool owners, whether it's for a family gathering in the backyard, or just for an evening of entertainment. But if you don't have anything to light your pool, you won't be able to enjoy your beautiful pool after sunset.

Fortunately, there are many high-quality pool lights on the market today that can meet the needs of different pool owners. A pool at night with lights is very useful for night swimming when swimming at night. This way you can not only swim at night. It can also improve your outdoor environment and enhance your home pool experience.

Also, a bright pool is very attractive. This adds a special atmosphere to your garden. With the right lighting or pool luminaries, you'll have more fun in your new water playground. In this article, we'll make your outdoor pool lighting ideas even better!

Pool lighting

Types of swimming pool lights

With the advancement of technology, the types of modern pool lighting are also increasing, and the advantages and functions of these products are also different. Picking the right decor for your outdoor space can enhance its functionality and visual appeal. We have introduced fully functional and colorful pool lighting options to enhance our night-out experience. When picking out lights for your swimming pool, there are three main options: incandescent, halogen, and LED.

Incandescent lamps

Incandescent lamps

Previously, if you owned a permanent pool, this light was the cheapest option. This light is very similar to the ordinary light bulb that most people use at home. These bulbs heat up as heat escapes from the bulbs. The output light is yellow. Even the cleanest pools turn green when incandescent lights are turned on. In the past, the life of this kind of bulb was about one year, but because of insufficient production technology, people had to replace it at least twice a year. If you decide to use this option for swimming pool lights, it is very expensive to maintain such a regular brightness all the time.

halogen lamp

Halogen lamps

Once upon a time, after the incandescent bulb, swimming pool light fixtures added another,the halogen bulb was often referred to as the "new bulb" due to its longer lifespan and about 20% less power consumption. But the bulb still uses filament technology, which produces a yellowish smoke when the filament is heated. The difference between incandescent and halogen bulbs is caused by luminescence. Unlike regular incandescent bulbs, the halogen gas in halogen bulbs allows it to work in smaller bulbs. This is why most people choose to use this swimming pool light. However, halogen bulbs are more than twice as expensive as incandescent bulbs but have a very short lifespan.



LED pool lighting has now become the standard contemporary pool lights for pool lighting, whether you are in an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool. The reason for this is that, when using incandescent lamps, they are much brighter and require very little energy. This light fixture has a long life and saves you time when you need to replace old bulbs in your sink. Replacing an incandescent light in a swimming pool is extremely difficult without a professional. LED bulbs are also less expensive to run and not only produce colorful lights but also allow users to generate five different colors in seven different pre-defined programs. Unlike any other light bulb, LED bulbs do not use a filament to create light. The LEDs are white or colored. The advantage of LED light is that there is no yellow light, no heat is consumed, and there are unlimited colors to choose from. The lamp has an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours.

4 Reasons to install LED Pool Lighting

In the past, swimming pools used traditional incandescent lamps, but in recent years, LED sinks have appeared. This light fixture can bring many benefits to your pool, both practical and aesthetic. LED bulbs are perfect for the light swimming pool at night, especially in winter when the days are shorter and the nights are earlier. Plus, LED lights are also a great way to decorate your pool the way you want them.

Eco-friendly LED pool light

The biggest advantage of LED pool lights is that they are more environmentally friendly than incandescent lights. While incandescent bulbs are 300 to 500 watts, LED bulbs are only 40 watts. The dramatic reduction in power means that LED lights are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. The way light bulbs work affects the energy they consume. Incandescent bulbs are heated to ignite the filament, and therefore lose 90% of their energy, which is not the case with LEDs.

LED pool lighting will save you money

LED swimming pool lighting is not only good for the environment, but it can also save you a lot of money. Because of its low power consumption, you can save energy when you use LEDs. An LED pool light costs just a few cents a day, compared to a dollar a day with incandescent light. You may have to pay a little more when you buy and install LED bulbs, but because of the energy savings, you can get your money back right away. Because of the current popularity, the price of LED bulbs has been greatly reduced.

They are durable

The main responsibility of swimming pool lighting is to maintain the lighting of the swimming pool. Compared to regular incandescent lamps,  annual maintenance is a headache for swimming pool owners. It's a great way to elevate your LED pool lighting. Their lifespan is 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Although you can enjoy the energy savings, you will also need less frequent maintenance of your pool lights than you currently use.

Enhance pool safety

Swimming pool lights can improve pool visibility and safety. It enhances the contrast and enables transitions between the pool and decks, walkways, stairs, and other areas that are not visible. Underwater lights make swimming at night safer and more enjoyable. Not only can swimmers see better at night, but they can also better monitor others, especially children and pets. LED pool lights allow you to see more clearly those in and out of the pool, giving your family and friends a safer place.

Enhance pool safety

How do I light my above ground pool?

Sometimes, we ignore the importance of pool design, so we do not go into depth. However, above ground pool lighting ideas are important,lighting a swimming pool is not a simple task, and many factors can affect the suitability of a system or system. That said, to make this pool even better, a custom light is a must. Let's take a look at a few tips to make your pool design a success!

Wall selection

Be sure to place spotlights on a suitable pool wall so that it doesn't make the house or garden look like a bar at night.

This is a very common mistake, many times, around pool lighting is integrated with the swimming pool, and it has to be integrated with the outside, the patio, the garden, the property itself, etc.

Choose the right power

Depending on the width of the pool, select the desired focus intensity for each area.

Not all types and shapes of swimming pools are suitable. To do this, you have to choose different manufacturers, so you can combine them according to different areas.

Choose the exact location

To accurately position a spotlight, you need to take into account the intensity of the beam and the brightness specified by the manufacturer. The opening of the beam and the brightness of the focus are the keys to determining the distance between the two. To illustrate, if the beam angle is 110°-120°, then the spacing between the light sources should be 2.5 to 3 meters. If the beam angle is 5° to 10°, then the interval should be 10m~20m.


The lighting depth of the pool

Remember, to prevent too bright or too dark, it is best to set it according to the depth of the pool. When the depth exceeds 1 meter, the spotlight must be placed at 50 cm. A piece of water. Below 1 meter, the light should be half as deep as we can.

Choice of manufacturer

We recommend that you find a suitable manufacturer first, to give you the greatest choice.

To do this, you need to consider:It is available in various models and sizes and can be combined according to different needs.

The same bulb can give you a variety of options (RGB) and whites (cool, neutral and warm). This way, you can customize a pool to suit your requirements with just one click. The system has a comprehensive light brightness adjustment function. Using this option, you can adjust the color of the light of your choice, or the brightness depending on the environment.Since it is an underwater light, it must be extremely waterproof and have your manufacturer ensure services like a repair warranty.


6 Amazing Lighting Design to illuminate my pool

Pool Deck Lighting

Actually, lighting ideas for around the pool are closely related to pool lighting.There are many activities near your pool. Whether you're at a pool party or chatting with your family by the pond. Unlike the ground directional lights, the lights on the ground can be well illuminated. Never worry about bumping, damaging,or tripping over your active guests or family members.

pool deck lighting


If your pool is in a backyard with lush trees, then backyard pool lighting is perfect for your backyard. Shine onto the pool deck from above, hang lights from trees or on roof ledges, and lights over swimming pool create a moonlit feel. Who doesn't love to swim under the moonlight? Use the Moonlight theme to maximize your lighting effects. This creates a beautiful, mesmerizing view of your pool. If you have a mature tree around your pool, we'll attach a light to the branches above to simulate moonlight. This creates a beautiful shadow between the foliage, from the pool to the leaves. However, if you have tall trees near your pond, you can place some branch lights above the pond to create a natural moonlight. Plus, it creates a mesmerizing shadow on the pool and poolside foliage.

Highlight surrounding trees and plants

You can also accentuate them with trees and plants that create a nice poolside light at night. Don't push your tree too low, though, and try to make it look as pretty as possible. Landscape lighting around the pool makes a great accent. If you have tall trees around your pool, you can light them up nicely. You may only need two or three brackets. You can use the first fixture to make a narrow beam of light that runs through the trees from high above. Using the second bracket, make a broad line of light that moves gently around branches, leaves, etc. This staggered shade is also very romantic.If your pool is surrounded by flower beds, you can place 2-4 LED lights to make your pool magical.

highting surrounding

Water Features

If your swimming pool has water features, such as waterfalls, then you should start imagining your pool area lighting idea to make your pool even more beautiful.To make a waterfall look amazing, you can illuminate the waterfall from below and make it appear as if the light in the water is dancing. Combine that with light from the corner of the pond or the trees close to the pond to create a beautiful, soft light for the waterfall.

The light from the LED illuminates the surface of the pond and the water vapor in the air, creating a wonderful movement of light. Imagine you and your lover or family enjoying such a view at night!


Lighting Structures

Don't overlook the building near the pool. Outdoor lighting around the pool also needs to be lit and get them into the party mood. Pool surround lighting can accentuate the highlights of the entire building.

If your pool area has a pergola, you can enjoy a cool drink and shade after a long day in the pool. At night, though, the gazebo can provide magic for itself. Imagine sophisticated recessed lighting serving food and grilling to your table. We were able to hide all the wires and plugs so you could see the soft lighting. Bulbs mounted at the base of the roof pillars or on the ground accentuate the structure of the building. To add to the holiday party vibe, add a couple of funky bar lights and hang a string of lights overhead to lift your mood.

Lighting Structures

Stair step light

The residential pool lighting ideas are generally led by stairs to a platform or deck. Then swimming pool step lights are very important.Just to be on the safe side, don't forget to turn the lights on.A good way to do this is to install lights in the vertical part of the stairs.The tread lights on the stairs are to concentrate the light on the steps below the stairs. They provide ample lighting without being distracting.

Stair step light

Upgrade Your Backyard Pool With Suntech LED Lighting System

Swimming pool lighting includes common halogen and incandescent lamps, as well as LED products suitable for existing and new swimming pools. While halogen and incandescent lamps will be cheaper, using more efficient LED light sources will lower your electricity bills. With LED products, the number of bulb replacements required is reduced and the time required for repairs is reduced. LED lights can also light up your pool, adding more color and adding to your outdoor experience.

Compared with ordinary incandescent lamps, the LED light source can save 75% energy and increase the service life by 25%. Greatly reduces your maintenance costs. The company is the world's leading manufacturer of LED energy-saving LED lamps. Suntech LED pool lights, deck lights, and back garden lights add bright color to your surroundings. There are a variety of dynamic, light-changing colors to choose from. The bulbs can be designed in size and different brightness levels according to customer requirements. If you want to showcase your swimming pool environment with bright, bright colors, welcome to contact us! 12 volts are the most commonly used LED light-emitting diodes. Thelast 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs and save 84% of energy consumption.

With Suntech LED's light control program design, you can display carefully designed colors in front of you. Use the timer or turn it on when you're going to the pool. For ease of installation, this switch can be retrofitted into an existing light switch. With the light switch, you can adjust the speed, motion and brightness at will to set the mood and theme of various scenes.

Upgrade Your Backyard Pool


Artistic lighting around the pool will bring you outdoors so you can spend an evening here. Adding lights to your pool can change your mood and feel, adding a sense of mystery and elegance to your backyard. It keeps your pool longer, allowing you to indulge in summer evenings, poolside swimming, and active social life. The lights you choose can improve your safety, improve your vision, and make your transition areas, such as stairs and slopes. If you install LED lights outdoors, you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor view even at night. If you think your pool area needs professional artistic pool landscape lighting, we'd be more than happy to hear from you. We will serve you a full range from pool lighting design to swimming pool light installation details.

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