Flood Lights VS Spotlights, what are the differences

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Table of contents

1.What are flood lights?

2.What are spotlights?

3.Floodlight types

4.Spotlight types

5.What are the main differences between floodlights and spotlights(flood vs spotlight)?

6.How to choose spotlights and floodlights correctly?


There are many options for outdoor facade lighting. Spotlights and floodlights are popular. Sometimes, though, customers also have questions about the difference between spotlights and floodlights. This makes them choose the incorrect outdoor lighting equipment. If you are not sure whether to buy LED floodlight or spot light, we will answer all your questions for you. Let's take a look at the main differences between LED Floodlight and LED Spotlight.

1.What are flood lights?

Before you understand the difference between the two, you must understand what is an outdoor floodlight? There are two types of floodlights, one is broadband and the other is artificial. 

Beam angle:Floodlights have a larger beam distribution than spotlights and are generally used for a wider range of illumination. Floodlights generally have a beam of more than 45°, up to 120°. But some lights marked with floodlights will have a 25-degree beam. So, when you want a narrow beam angle, you'd better choose a spotlight.

Application: LED floodlight outdoor uses in many places. They are usually used for sports fields, or outdoor activities. And the DMX RGB flood light is often used for stage lighting, concerts, theaters, etc. Floodlights are even used on TVs at night or during evening games. Not only will it light up your driveway, visitor parking area, or outdoor living space, but it will also allow you to bathe in the moonlight on your garden, lawn or patio. Now, floodlighting in illumination is also widely used in households and commercialization. Especially, external floodlights are more prominent.


2.What are spotlights?

In fact, spotlights are a type of floodlights. 

Beam angle:The beam width of a spotlight is generally no greater than 45 degrees, and its width is generally no greater than 25 degrees. LED spotlights are controlled by built-in microchips. In small-scale engineering applications, it can be implemented without a controller. It can achieve dynamic effects such as gradient, jump, color flashing, random flashing, and gradient alternation. Using DMX to control, to achieve tracking, scanning and other functions.

Application:Spotlights are generally used to illuminate something special, such as statues, doorways, interesting trees,or house features. These works are common in art exhibitions. It is used where high light or special lighting is required, and it can also be used in theater performances.

Spot Light

3.Floodlight types

Knowledge about the different types of Led lights is something you definitely won't learn in normal times. After you have more knowledge about outdoor LED floodlights, you will have more choices.

Here are the main types of bulbs used for outdoor floodlights:

Fluorescent Floodlight

Fluorescent Floodlights.

When purchasing energy-saving lamps, it is best to use fluorescent lamps. The biggest advantage of fluorescent floodlights is that they have high energy and long service life. Although fluorescent lamps are expensive, they are still cheaper than LED and HID bulbs, and this is also the biggest advantage. However, its disadvantages are also obvious, its biggest flaw is that it contains a lot of mercury, which can be dangerous to your body and the environment if not properly handled and recycled.

HID Floodlight

High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Floodlights

HID lamps and each type of lamp have their strengths and weaknesses. HID bulbs are known for their longer lifespan (about three times longer than halogen bulbs), while also being fairly energy efficient. The brightness of HID lamps is high, but the replacement and handling of bulbs are relatively small when in use. In the event of a malfunction, replacing the light bulb is much simpler.

Halogen Floodlight

Halogen Floodlight

Due to their excellent quality, halogen outdoor floodlights are also known for their excellent performance, and as a result, they are already the highest-rated and best-selling products among customers in outdoor lighting. Halogen bulbs are very bright and can be used anywhere outdoors. They live longer. However, due to the inefficiency and short lifespan of halogen bulbs, other types of floodlights, such as LED flood lights, are a better choice in areas that require long-term exposure.

LED Floodlight

Light Emitting Diode (LED) floodlights

From the perspective of energy efficiency, physical quality of life, performance, etc., LEDs are exactly the ideal choice for outdoor led floodlight fixtures. Garden floodlights, industrial floodlights, and stadium floodlights are almost all preferred LEDs. First of all, LEDs almost use up or less energy than fluorescent tubes, and their lifespan can be extended (50000 hours) with proper utilization and maintenance. This will have a big positive effect on your monthly electricity bill. Another great advantage of LED bulbs is that they can achieve maximum brightness in a very short period. Plus, compared to the options above, these products are green and won't cause serious harm to your environment and your body. While this may seem like the best option, it should be noted that LED bulbs are also the most expensive. Still, if you want the best bulbs out there and want to do something with your floodlights for outdoor use, LED bulbs are the way to go.

4.Spotlight types

Although there are subtle differences between spot and flood light, it has also undergone a lot of refinements and technological chanes. The following are the main types:

Beam Projector.

It is a type of spotlight that emits a large beam without the use of lenses.Its spotlight beam angle is larger than ordinary spotlights.

beam project

Fresnel Spotlight.

Fresnel Spotlight is also known as O'Gustinefinier. The Spotlight was designed by Augustin Fresnel (Augustin Fresnel). Its function is similar to a floodlight that illuminates the central area. However, it does not have the advantages of other light sources, eg. The style of the Fresnel spotlight cannot be changed.

Fresnel Spotlight

Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR) Spotlight.

This is recognized as the best stage lighting in the industry. is an outdoor LED floodlight that requires the use of low voltage PAR spotlights. Compared to conventional external LED light sources, they can provide a narrower beam. PAR spotlights consist of filaments, reflectors, lenses, etc., arranged in a fixed position.

PAR Spotlight

Casual Spotlight.

During the show, take advantage of the entertaining spotlight. Can be used when light is required to capture moving objects.

Casual light

Follow Spotlight

Primarily in theater performances, the lights follow moving objects (eg, actors). Typically, these lights and their trajectories are man-made, not automated.

follow spotlight

5.What are the main differences between floodlights and spotlights(flood vs spotlight)?

After reading the above, we think that we believe that you have understood all the major aspects of spotlights and floodlights. Now, you need to know two different lighting styles.

Beam Angle Comparison

If you swap the lens of a spotlight for a smaller angle, it's a floodlight, so the biggest difference between the two sources is the angle of the light. The principle and structure are the same! Spotlights generally emits no more than 45 degrees of light. This light is denser and easier to aim and maneuver.

The beam of the floodlight can reach 120°. Like spotlights, its power and brightness can achieve lighting effects.

Portable floodlights are one such type that emit a narrow beam of no more than 45°. But, on the other hand, outdoor led fluorescent lamps can produce an angle of 120 degrees. This means that LED floodlights will cover more targets. It can make LED floodlights and spotlights play different roles.

IIIumination form

Floodlights have strong diffusive and scattering properties. It shines light on the entire scene from all sides. However, due to the effect of focusing, it can be done more accurately. When a qualified spotlight is turned on, a special object can be brought into focus and glare is eliminated.

Using a spotlight when an object is highlighted or when you want to target a specific object, such as wall art, architectural details, or terrain features.


So, use a spotlight when an object is highlighted or when you want to target a specific object, such as wall art, architectural details, or terrain features.

Application of floodlighting in places where large areas are illuminated, such as driveways, stages, warehouses, parking lots,flood light in stadiums or other places that require a lot of even light.


6.How to choose spotlights and floodlights correctly

The best thing to do is to look at where you need the application. Floodlights should only be used on special occasions, such as on sports fields, landscapes,or roads. So, if your application meets the above conditions, then you can use all floodlights.

Now for a more definitive answer. It is best to use the following elements for your application:

Cover Area

The most important thing is coverage. How much lighting does your application need? If you have a larger venue (larger area) then there are only flood lights. But in small venues, you can use one or more outdoor spotlight fixtures.


If you're indoors, your options are limited. Floodlights are only used when using domains (for example, warehouses) if you have a large interior area. Otherwise, you need to choose a narrow beam-led spotlight.

Niche Apps

Some applications require a light, such as emergency searches on highways. Spotlights project more volume and can illuminate narrow roads, while they are smaller and can be mounted on police cars.

Electricity estimate

Finally, the power budget is a second consideration when you're choosing your lights. But for landscaping, such as landscape lights or building lights, this makes it easier for you to make decisions. Floodlights consume a lot of power, and you may not have enough wires to support more power. In this case, it is best to use multiple spotlights. In comparison, outside spotlights' power will be much smaller than outdoor led flood light.

Spot vs Flood


At first glance, spotlights and floodlights appear to be the same, but if you look closely, they can be very different. Floodlights are wide and thick, but emit a lot of light. Although the spotlights are small and smooth, they have very little light, but all the light is concentrated in a single beam.

We hope this article helped you better understand LEDs and the main differences between spotlights and floodlights. SuntechLED has more than ten years of professional lighting experience in architectural lighting and media facade lighting. As a premire LED outdoor light supplier and manufacturer, we not only provide quality product to you, but also have a professional engineering team to design the lighting effect for you.

The company's products include LED spotlights outdoor, floodlights, LED pixel dot light, media mesh screen, and other lighting products. Our most commonly used lights are: track spotlights, architectural floodlights, waterproof outdoor flood lightsled high bay lights, LED strips, etc. And we can also customize the product as you need, welcome to contact us.

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