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254nm 255nm Deep UVC LED Chip Diode 10mw ~ 15mw

UVC chip 255nm 254nm with lens 60 degree


254nm 255nm Deep UVC LED chip diode 10mw ~ 15mw Parameters 




Min Value

Typical Value

Max Value


Forward Voltage







Forward current














Beam Angle














Semi Wave Width







Thermal Resistance







For more product information, please download the specifications255nm-UVC-chip-with-lens-Suntech.pdf


 1. The measurement tolerance of the output optical power is 10%

 2. Voltage measurement tolerance is 0.1v

 3. The measurement tolerance of the dominant wavelength is 1nm

 4. Both can be pulsed (frequency 1000Hz, duty ratio: 5%), the maximum working current is 120mA

If you need higher power UVC LED chip, we have the below models to choose from:

50mw 60mw 255nm 260nm UVC LED,  100mw 255nm 260nm UVC LED350mw high power UVC LED 

Welcome to contact us if you have any questions, we will give you the best suggestion.

254NM 255NM UVC LED Chip Picture

UVC LED with lens

254nm Deep UVC LED chip size


Test report of 255nm LED chip with lens 60 degree. 

10~15mw UVC irradiation

Here recommend our UVC disinfection regular product that you may need:

265nm 270nm DC24V 60 degrees UVC LED Strip

Flexible UVC LED Strip Light 

UVC LED Rigid Bar Light DC24V

Package of  UVC LED chip 

254 nm chip package

Precautions for 255 254nm UVC LED chip use

(1) Storage:

  ● To avoid the influence of moisture, we recommend that the product be stored at 5-30°C and the relative humidity is less than 60% before opening the package;

  ● The unpacked LED light source should be used and installed within 24 hours. If the product is not used up, please dehumidify and vacuum it before storing. When opening for more than one week or the humidity card changes, please be sure to dehumidify. Dehumidification conditions: 60°C±5°C, 12H;

● The product is sealed and stored for one year.

(2) Precautions for assembly:

● Soldering conditions: This product must use reflow soldering. The maximum temperature of the reflow curve should not exceed 260°C. During operation or storage, no external force above 1000g or sharp objects should act on the surface of the lamp bead (such as pressure, friction, etc.) And tools such as pliers and tweezers) to avoid component damage;

● If the operating conditions are exceeded, we will not be able to guarantee the stability of the product. If you need to use the operating conditions beyond, be sure to conduct a risk assessment.

(3) Anti-static measures:

● Please take sufficient measures to prevent static electricity generation, such as wearing static rings or anti-static finger cots; products (factories, equipment, machines, carrier machines, and transportation units) in each manufacturing process should be connected to the ground to avoid electrical charging of products.

(4) Temperature control:

● To ensure that the contact thermal resistance is reduced during assembly, please note that during the assembly process, the heat sink is evenly coated with good-quality thermal paste and the distribution area is reasonable, and there must be no too little or uneven height.

●The heat dissipation medium must ensure that the dielectric withstand voltage test is at least 500V.

(5) Drive control:

● This product needs to be driven by a constant current source, and the output current meets the power usage range in the specification. If you need to use a constant voltage source or other usage conditions, please conduct a risk assessment of the use effect.

(6) Other:

● This product cannot be used under the following conditions. If the product is used under the following conditions, please evaluate its use risks and effects:

---Direct or indirect wet or damp, such as rain, etc.;

---Damage or erosion by sea water;

---Be exposed to corrosive gases (such as Cl2, H2S, NH3, SOx, NOx, etc.);

---Be exposed to dust, liquid or oil;

● All high-power light-emitting LED products are installed on aluminum metal as the core printed circuit board, which can be directly lit, but we do not recommend lighting high-power LEDs for more than 5 seconds without a proper heat dissipation device;

●This product is an LED emitting short wavelength. During use, the LED emits high-intensity ultraviolet light, which can damage the skin and eyes.

Ultraviolet light can damage the skin and even cause cancer. Avoid exposure to ultraviolet light during operation.

Take care to avoid looking directly at the UV light without UV protective glasses. It is not allowed to look directly into the lens of the LED when it is on.

● Reflow soldering should not exceed twice. The maximum temperature of reflow soldering is recommended to be below 260℃. When the temperature exceeds 260℃, LED products may fail;

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