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Germicidal UVC LED Bar Module Light With Quartz Lens 24V

The ultraviolet LED can emit UVC two-way ultraviolet (typical wavelength 265~285 nm, with high photon energy, which can destroy the DNA or RNA molecular structure of bacteria and viruses, leading to the death of growing cells and regenerative cell death, thereby eliminating H3N2 influenza virus, E. coli, Bacteria and viruses such as tuberculosis.


Rigid UVC LED Strip Description 

1.  40pcs UVC LED chip per piece

2.  Good stability, CE & RoHS approved 

3.  Aluminium PCB stable quality and good heat dissipation

4.  15~20 mw each UVC chip

Germicidal UVC LED Strip light with quartz lens

40 LEDs 60degrees UVC Bar

60degrees UVC Module

UVC Bar Light Size

40 LEDs UVC LED module

UVC LED Chip Information

uvc chip information

UVC LED chip information 2

uvc wavelenth

Technological Parameters

UVC LED Module parameters

UVC LED bar parameters

High Power UVC LED Module for Disinfecction

For more details, please check the product specification. UVC disinfection module 40leds  - Suntech.pdf

Why do you need to choose UVC LED products in our company instead of traditional ultraviolet light?

At present, the emergence of deep-ultraviolet LEDs is a rigid alternative to mercury lamps commonly used in the market. Traditional ultraviolet light sources generally use mercury vapor  to generate electricity, then use the excited state of mercury to generate ultraviolet rays, which have many defects such as high power consumption, large heat generation, short life, slow response, and potential safety hazards. The emerging deep ultraviolet light source adopts the principle of LED light emission, which is called deep ultraviolet LED. 

While The deep ultraviolet LED has a simple structure, does not contain a fragile glass shell, is portable and impact resistant, and has a working voltage of only a few volts and does not require a complicated drive circuit. Secondly, the deep ultraviolet LED turns on quickly without preheating, which is very suitable for applications such as rapid detection and high-speed communication. Compared with the traditional multi-line light emission of mercury lamps, our Germicidal UVC LED has a single emission peak and the emission wavelength is continuously adjustable. In terms of environmental protection and energy saving, deep-ultraviolet LED materials do not contain harmful substances that are environmentally friendly. At the same time, deep-ultraviolet LEDs can save up to 70% of energy compared to traditional ultraviolet light sources and comply with the European Union’s hazardous substance restrictions (RoHS standard). Finally, the lifespan of our company's deep-ultraviolet LEDs has been able to reach more than 10000 hours, which exceeds the life of mercury lamps. Therefore, on the one hand, it is an inevitable trend of social development to vigorously promote the research and development of deep ultraviolet LEDs to replace traditional ultraviolet light sources. On the other hand, the application potential of deep ultraviolet LEDs will far exceed mercury lamps and can penetrate into more application fields.


Low voltage UV mercury lamp and typical UVC-LED spectrum comparison(left side)

Germicidal efficacy of ultraviolet rays with different wavelengths(right side)


mercury lamps vs UCV LED

Why do you need to choose UVC LEDs with ball lens instead of UVC LEDs with flat lens?

The beam angle of  UVC LEDs with a flat lens is usually 120°, and that of UVC LEDs with ball lens is 60°. In scenes that are not sensitive to the sterilization range, a small beam angle can make the light more concentrated, showing more irradiation power than the that the UVC LEDs with flat lens can emit , so that the sterilization time is shorter.

The sterilization rate of Disinfection UVC LED Strips for certain virus as below

UVC sterilization rate

Why Does it Have to be UV-C?

The reason why the correct UV wavelength for sterilization applications is absolutely critical is the mechanism of pathogen inactivation. DNA and RNA are the foundation of life, including microscopic organisms and pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and molds. Without this genetic material, the pathogen will not be able to multiply and eventually cause the death of the infected colony.

DNA under UVC

bacteria under uvc light

Germicidal UVC LED Bar Module Application

Surface sterilization: 

high-frequency public contact surfaces such as medical appliances, maternal and child products, smart toilets, refrigerators, tableware cabinets, fresh-keeping boxes, smart trash cans, thermos cups, escalator handrails and automatic ticket vending machine buttons, etc.;

Still water sterilization: 

water tank, humidifier, ice maker;

Flowing water sterilization: 

Flowing water sterilization module, direct drinking fountain;

Air sterilization: 

air purifier, air conditioner.

UVC bar module Application 1  UVC bar module Application 2  UVC bar module Application 3


1. Pay special attention: UV lamps, please do not look directly at the light source with the naked eye! Test please wear special goggles!

2. Please read the product instructions carefully before the product is installed and used;

3. The power output must be DC24V;

4. The product is lightly put, to avoid damage to the product, please hand over to professionals to install and repair, maintenance;

5. Please understand the label tips on the lamp packaging when wiring;

6. When wiring must cut off the external power supply, to prevent people from touching or damage the lamp, the product must be installed after the installation before powering;

7. When using external power cords outdoors, it is necessary to take measures to waterproof and leak water;

8. It is forbidden to press the surface of the LED;

9. The use of any acidic or alkaline adhesive type of glue is prohibited from contactwith this product;

DMX Lighting System
UVC LED Disinfection
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