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Germicidal UVC Disinfection Module Light Kill Germs

Germicidal UVC disinfection module light kill germs with 265~278nm UVC


Germicidal UVC Disinfection Module LED module light features

  1. Input DC24v, voltage can be customized to DC12v as well

  2. Beam angle 60 degree, disinfection effect is much better than normal 120 degree UVC chip 

  3. Size of the UVC module is customized , currently it is 240x40mm 

  4. Each UVC chip is 15~20mw, not regular 2-4mw of most UVC products in market, much better disinfection effect.  We can use 40mw, 50mw or 100mw for stronger sterilization effect also.

  5. Wavelength 265~278nm as below, realy UVC irradiation. 


How to understand UVC Disinfection light radiation better ?

The effectiveness of the sterilization or disinfection with UV light depends on the exposure, time, wavelength and irradiance6.

  • Exposure or fluence (sometimes called dose) is measured in mJ/cm2 (where 1 mJ/cm2 = 10 J/m2.)

  • Exposure time is measured in seconds (s), minutes (m) or hours (h)

  • Irradiance is the flux of radiant energy per unit area, in other words how much of the UV radiation power (measured in W = 1000 “miliwatts” mW = 1.000.000,00 “microwatts” μW ) reaches the surface. Irradiance is measured in mW/cmor W/m2 (1 mW/cm2 = 10 W/m2) and is dependent on the radiant power, distance and dispersion of the radiation emitted by the lamp source.

Studies that show the effectiveness of UV light in disinfection or sterilization present in their findings the inactivation of virus or bacteria for a given Exposure in an amount of time, for a given UV wavelength.

The exposure (fluence or UV dose in mJ/cm2) is obtained by multiplying the Irradiance (fluence rate in mW/cm2") by the exposure time in seconds.

For example for a UV with a Irradiance of 3 W/m2 the exposure for one hour is 10800 J/m2.

The studies are the science behind the use of UV lamps for sterilization or disinfection. They are the reason why UVC lamps are used in the way they are, with powerful, short emissions in empty hospital rooms. Similarly, research presented in this article will bring forward the revolution of disinfection with UVA LEDs.

Germicidal action of UVC 200-280 nm for rapid disinfection and professional use

There are many studies 1,3,4,5 about the effectiveness of using UVC lamps for disinfection or sterilization, either with Hg lamps or LEDs. For example the results of such a study can be found below:


Examples of results of UV Exposure for microorganisms

Lets explain briefly the link between dose, exposure time and irradiance. For a dose of 150 mJ/cm2 in a period of 5 seconds a 150 / 5 = 30 mW/cm2 irradiance is required. If the irradiance is higher, the required dose of 100 mJ/cm2 is reached in 1.5 seconds: at 200 mW/cm2 the time is less than half a second, while for 5 mW/cm2 is 30 seconds.

Will the Disinfection UVC module work on the coronavirus?

While COVID-19 is a new virus the major difference to others is that people do not have immunity to it as of yet. Exposed to UV light the COVID-19 will die just like any other virus. Studies on both SARS4 and MERS proved that UV light inactivates viruses, so it’s almost certain it will have a similar effect on COVID-19.

265~275nm Germicidal UVC LED Light module product parameters:



 per meter

Power Consumption


PCB Size









Double Copper PCB  240*40mm

Our Disinfection UVC LED module size(mm) :



UVC LED module irradiation distance and optical power density 


UVC disinfection module irradiation area


UVC LED module optical power density at different irradiation distance


Germicidal UVC LED light pictures

15 LEDs 60degrees UVC

15LED UVC disinfection

Please check the product specification for details. UVC Disinfection LED module 15leds  DC24v  - Suntech.pdf

Germicidal UVC LED module lamp Application :

UVC application

DMX Lighting System
UVC LED Disinfection
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