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365nm 360nm UV Led Strip

Ultraviolet A (UVA) has a wavelength of 320~400nm. The wavelength of this ultraviolet lamp is 360nm, 365nm. It is a UVA lamp and has a wide range of uses.


365nm black light strips features:

 • Voltage : DC12v or24v. 

 • PCB width : 8mm or 10mm

 • Length : 5000mm,could be customized.

 • Installation: Self-adhesive.

 • Cutting point : 10cm/5cm

 • For more product information, please download the specifications. 2835-UVA-Suntech-365nm.pdf

12V 360nm 370nm UVA LED strip

LED chip info:

 • Taiwan Epistar Chip                   

 • 3 years Warranty

 • 2835 Packaging

2835 packaging

3M Self-adhesive Tape

 ◾ As our LED tapes are very small and light, this 3M backing will 

   usually be sufficient to hold the LED tape in position.

 ◾ Each type of LED tape has different cut points.

    • 60led/m 12v--5cm

    • 120led/m 12v--2.5cm

    • 60led/m 24v--10cm

    • 120led/m 24v--5cm

2835 UVA strip can be cut

365nm black light strip spectrum:

 • We provide 365nm and 395nm black light.

 • 320nm-400nm led chip are all availabe.

365nm spectrum

Multiple IP Grade for you to choose:

IP Grade: IP20, IP65,IP67,IP68. To know more about IP: Choose right IP Grade

IP rating

365nm black light led strip datashit:

Model Wavelength Color IP Rating LED Qty per meter Power Consumption Voltage PCB Size
W/M V/DC mm
STSN-60UV2835 360~365nm Purple 20 60 ≤5W 12V/24V Double Copper PCB  5000*10mm
STSN-120UV2835 360~365nm Purple 20 120 ≤10W 12V/24V Double Copper PCB  5000*10mm
STSN-240UV2835 360~365nm Purple 20 240 ≤20W 12V/24V Double Copper PCB  5000*10mm

What is black light strips 365nm 360nm? 

LEDs can be manufactured to emit radiation in the ultraviolet range. Currently, the most common types 

of UV-LEDs that can be found/purchased are at 395 and 365 nm wavelengths, both of which are within the 

UVA spectrum. When referring to the wavelength of a UV LED, the rated wavelength is the peak wavelength 

emitted by the LED, and there are higher and lower wavelength frequencies near the peak wavelength, and 

it is sought to be applied to certain purposes. The cheaper and more common 395 nm UV LED is closer to the

 visible spectrum. The LED not only works at its peak wavelength, but also emits purple. This type of LED is 

increasingly used in applications such as UV curing, such as paint or toys. The application of charging 

light-emitting objects in the dark to detect counterfeit currency and body fluids has been successful in digital 

printing applications and UV curing environments.


led lightuv led strip

365nm UV light VS. 395 nm UV light

1. The main difference is that 395nm LED strip emit significantly more visible light than 365nm light strip.

2. Generally, 395nm LEDs emit bright violet light, while 365nm LEDs emit dim blue-white light.

3. 365 nm UV light is considered more powerful than 395nm light. Since 365 nm UV light is better at illuminating

    tiny stains, cracks and spots in dry liquids than 395nm UV light.

If you want to know more about the difference between 365nm and 395nm, please click here  365nm VS 395nm Which is better?

365nm uv light effect395nm uv light

365nm vs 395nm

Application for 365nm uv light strips :

Mainly Used in glue curing, PCB exposure, printing and other industrial fields, and mosquito trap, 

nail art, anti-counterfeiting detection, photocatalyst purification.

365nm application

365nm UV light strips for ink and glue curing printing

Why choose Suntech 365nm led uv strip ?

  1. Our SMD LED use copper base and gold wire which provide good heat dispersion,long lifespan.

  2. Our led chip is CRI>80Ra, we also can do CRI>95Ra.

  3. Our flexible PCB are all high quality double layers PCB, at lealst 2 ounces, or 3 ounces in particular models.

  4. We always require same bin number SMD LEDs for different production batches for the same customer.

  5. Our strip is small tolerance of the CCT within +- 100k

  6. We can produce UV LED Strip as customer request.

  7. We can provide 3 years warranty for the led strip.

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365nm UV led strip lights pacakage

5m per reel, one reel per bag package

UV strip package

Accessories of 365nm uv led strip - Power supply/Driver

power supply

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