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Sterilization UVC LED Strips 18leds 12v

UV-C LED lights have shown great promise in providing effective sterilization and disinfection of surfaces.This is due to the way in which the DNA and RNA molecules react to these wavelengths, rendering the pathogens sterile and unable to reproduce.



Item No.: STSN-18UVC3535-12V

Light Source: UVC LED chip

Input Voltage: DC7v~DC13v

Power Consumption: 9.6W/m

Wavelength: 265~278nm

Dimensions: 1000mm*12mm

Beam angle: 120 degree

Radiant Flux: 90mw/m

Germicidal UVC LED Strip

18LEDs UVC LED strip

Product Detail Description

(1) 18 pcs UVC LED chip Per meter 

(2) Good stability, CE & RoHS approved 

(3) Flexible PCB 3oz thickness 

(4) Genuine 3M tape or good heat dissipation function blue tape 

(5) DC12v input, safe installation

UVC LED Strip size(mm):

UVC LED Strip Size


UVC LED chip information 

UVC LED chip

How many dose can kill microorganisms?

UV Dose is the amount of UV radiation a microbe is exposed to and depends on the intensity of UV radiation and exposure time. A number of biological studies have produced widely accepted typical UV dose requirements for most common target microbes in disinfection. For example, to achieve a 3 log reduction (99.9 percent) of B. Subtillus (ATCC 6633) requires a 60 mJ/cm2 dose.

Wire Connection

wire connection

wire connection

For more product information, please download the specifications. 18leds DC7vDC13v  UVC strip light - Suntech.pdf

Is UVC LED Safe?

With serious breakout of coronavirus in many countries, an increasing number of people decide to apply uvc light in various kinds of fields. But is it safe for people? Click here to know if it is safe for people.

What is UVC LED Strip used for? 

 It is widely use for waterworks, industrial sewage and harmful gas treatment, household water and air purifiers and other fields.

Technical Parameters




Package of UVC strip

UVC LED strip package

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UVC LED Disinfection
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