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XB-C100 Code Editor 2048 Pixels DMX Encoder With SD Card

Product Code: XB-C100 Code Editor


Product features:

(1) XB-C100 code editor: Large display panel, convenient touch screen operation and rich display.

(2) XB-C100 supports operating system upgrades.

(3) XB-C100 adopts a built-in battery, supports continuous work for 10 hours.

(4) XB-C100 supports mainstream model DMX512 chip, can write code and write parameters to DMX512IC.

(5) XB-C100 can perform DMX512IC lamp channel address test and test results.

(6) XB-C100 port outputs enhanced TTL and 485 differential (DMX) signals, which can load TTL/DMX512 lamps.

(7) XB-C100 can support a maximum of 512/2048 pixels (DMX lamps with a maximum of 512 pixels, for example with three channels).

(8) XB-C100 22 built-in test effects (optional three-channel / four-channel built-in effects).

(9) XB-C100 can insert an SD card to play effects (software effect output selection K-1000), using the same as the K-1000C controller.

The XB-C100 is specially for DMX lighting products like DMX LED bar, DMX LED tube, and DMX LED pixel tape to set address for each pixel.

Code editor interface definition:

Code editor interface definition 1

Code editor interface definition 2

Code editor interface definition 3

For more technical parameters and operations, please see and download the XB-C100 Code Editor Using ManualXB-C100-Code-Editor.pdf

The content includes the following:

Test function: Smart address writing; Test the address; Setting parameters; Test effects.

Play function

Time setting

Battery settings

SD card format

Function definition:


Output port wiring mode

Output port wiring mode

XB-C100 LED Editor Specific parameters:

Physical parameters:                        Storage card:

Working temperature: -20℃—85℃                       Type: SD card

Working power:DC 5V -24V INPUT(Built-in battery)   Capacity: 128MB—32GB

Battery capacity: 4000mAh                          Format:  FAT or FAT32

Power consumption: 4W                            Storage file:  *.led

Data transmission port: 4pin terminal block                 

Weight:  1.7Kg                

Dimension:  L140mm * W100mm * H40mm

XB -C100 Dimension

DMX Lighting System
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