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K-8000L 8 Ports TTL/DMX512 LED RGB Pixel Controller

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Product Code: K-8000L


1.K-8000C system features

(1) 32—65536 Gray level,Support software Gamma correction.

(2) Support the rules and special-shaped handle.

(3) Eight--port output,every port can support 512-1024 pixels(DMX light Max 512 pixels.

(4) store a maximum of 16 programs,copy multiple files to the SD card in order, after formatting the SD card as “FAT or FAT32” format. the SD card capacity is128MB~32GB. 

(5) it can play single, also can be multiple controllers used in combination, playback content stored in the SD card. If need combination, the rule should be followed as follows:

The max distance between the two K-8000Ls is 150 meters, it will be needed to use the 0.5㎡ fine copper line.

(6) enhance TTL and 485(DMX)signal output.  

(7) the controllers have 16 programs in advance ( chip1903).                

2. Support chips(K-8000-RGB)

UCS1903,P9813,LX1003,WS2801,LPD1886,TM1913,TM1914,P9883,DMX512,DMX512 high speed,DMX512,DMX512,INK1003,APA102,UCS5603A&B

NOTE1.The controllers do not support RGBW light.

For more technical parameters and operations, please see and download the K-8000C Using Manual.


3. Mode of connection


4. Specific parameters


         Type: SD card


          format: FAT or FAT32

          File saved:*.led

   Physical parameters

        Working temperature:-20℃—85℃

        Working voltage:100-240V input

Working power:5W



Physical parameters size


(1) Before copying files to the SD card ,The SD card must be formatted in a FAT format.

(2) SD’s format must be“FAT“or” FAT32” format.

(3) You must turn off the power when you push out the SD card.