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Wireless Arduino LED Controller

ST802NA is a cheap but effective LED controller with RF wireless remote control,the control radius reaches 40m, built-in 16 programs and can drive many chips. The remote control distance is 40 meters.


1.Wireless arduino LED driver operation manual

(1) The red indicator light is on after power-on, controller output data as set before. If the LED lamp is out of control, please refer to (2)~(6), otherwise, please jump to (7).

(2) Enter “Command” mode by pressing remote control button “DCDCDCDC”continuously, then the “CMD” indicator light is on. In “CMD” mode, press “A” to change chip types, the controllable chip type includes 

APA104(WS2811、WS2812、TM1812、TM1809、TM1804、UCS1903、UCS1909、UCS1912、INK1003,LX1003)、APA102、LPD6803(UCS6909,UCS6912)、TM1914、TM1926(TM1913). Note: the same color means the same time-sequence chips.  Press “B” to set gray scale, which includes 32 levels, 64 levels, 128 levels and 256 levels, default is 128 levels. You can press “C” to restore factory settings: drive APA104 and the same time-sequence chips, play the first program, speed is 30 frames/sec. Press “D” to exit “CMD” mode.

(3) Press “A(program)” to switch programs. Controller is built-in 16 kinds of programs.

(4) Press “B(speed up)” to raise playing speed, the maximum speed is 60 frames/sec.

(5) Press “C(speed down)” to lower playing speed, the minimum speed is 1 frame/sec.

(6) Press “D(on/off)” to turn on or turn off controller.

2. Ports definition


3. Specifications

   Input Voltage

DC5V or DC12-24V(note the mark on label)

Power Consumption


Drive pixels number




Working Temperature


Controller Dimension

L83 x W46 x H22(include output terminal)

Remote Control Size

L92 x W37 x H18

Remote Control Distance

40 meters




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