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XB-Z2 LED 100000 Pixels Master Controller

Product Code: XB-Z2 Master Controller. Support up to 100000 pixels Can be used with T-700K or T-780K


XB-Z2 Offline player system features

(1) The playback content stored in an SD card, can store up to 16 effect files. The SD card capacity supports single effect playback, effects playback loop, effect speeds up and speed down.

(2) The controller adopts standard TCP/IP internet agreement, the single transmission is more stable, can use ultra-five cable or fiber optic to connect.

(3) Match use with our T-500K offline operation, can support up to 100000 pixels or 40 sets of T-500K controllers.

(4) Support timed(holiday) playback, global wireless GPS synchronization.

(5) The controller against the DMX IC comes with a coding function; In addition, match use with our 2016 LedEdit-K V3.26 and above edition can make a one-key coding setting.

NOTE: 1. Offline player support 50000 pixels the speed can reach 22frame/second if support 100000 pixels the speed can reach 15 frames/second(The above parameter take 1903 agreement IC data as an example, different IC would have difference).

For more technical parameters and operations, please see and download the XB-Z2 Operation  Manual. 


Support controller:


Screen printing meaning

Button meaning: 

Screen printing button meaning

Speed level corresponds to frame rate:

Speed level correspond frame rate

Wiring diagram

Wiring diagram XB-Z2

Specific parameter:

Storage card:

Type: High-speed SD card

          Capacity: 4GB-32GB

          Format: FAT32 format

          Storage files: *.BIN

 Physical parameter:

Operation temperature: -20℃—85℃           

Operation power: AC110-240V          

Power consumption: 5W

Weight: 1.2Kg        

Data transmission interface: Network port


XB-Z2 size


     (1) To copy files to the SD card, you must format the SD card first, pay attention to is that each copy must be formatted first.

     (2) SD card must be formatted as “FAT32” format.

     (3) The SD card can not be hot-swappable, plug the SD card each time, you must first disconnect the power supply controller.

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