UCS2904 RGBW 4 In 1 LED Strip

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Light strips can be seen everywhere in our daily life, especially addressable light strips. Because of its dreamy color, high flexibility and chasing flow effect, it has a wide range of applications, such as DIY home life, shopping mall decoration, building lighting, etc. This article mainly introduces you to the UCS2904 digital light strip.

Table-1: UCS2904 LED strip parameters



IC Type

External IC





LED Quantity


Cutting Length

12V: 5cm

24v: 10cm

PWM Rate 1.80KHZ

Power Consumption


Refresh Rate up to 60 fps

Output Channel

4 channels

ucs2904 strip

Picture-1: UCS2904 LED tape light

Overview of UCS2904 LED Strip

UCS2904 RGBW 4 in 1 strip LED light is an external IC pixel LED strip, which can program constant LED driver current. It has 3 pins including positive, negative and data line. Usually made to DC12v. Built-in voltage regulator, add a resistor to IC VDD pin only when power is 24V. Regular is 30leds and 60leds per meter.

The actual model of the UCS2904 IC chip is UCS2904B, which is designed by China UCS New Technology Co., Ltd. It uses SPI protocol to drive IC pixel chip. While the UCS2904 offers all of the same features as its RGB counterpart, the UCS2904 IC can run 4 channels, controlling one more channel than traditional RGB solutions. 

You can download the specification to view more details: UCS2904 RGBW LED strip Suntech.pdf

12V 24V UCS2904 LED

Picture-2: 12V 24V UCS2904 RGBW LED strip

UCS2904 Strip Features

1. 12V/24V UCS2904 RGBW 60Leds pixel strip

2. DC12V,/24V, 14.4w/m

3. 10mm width White /Black PCB

4. 3leds or 6leds per segment on 10mm width PCB board

5. 60pcs RGBW LED plus 20pcs UCS2904 IC chip

6. 2pin / 3pin JST-SM connector

7. 3M adhesive tape on backside of UCS2904 LED tape light

8. Support K-1000C, K-8000C, DMX512 control, MADRIX NEBULA, Artnet

Dimension of UCS2904 LED Strip Light

ucs2904 dimension

Picture-3: UCS2904 LED strip size

UCS2904 Connection Diagram

ucs2904 connection diagram

Picture-4: UCS2904 LED connection diagram

Product Application

1) Widely used for decoration and lighting in hotels, clubs, shopping malls, etc.

2) KTV Bar Amusement decoration lighting.

3) Advertising sign board illumination.

4) Decorative lights for holiday, event, stage show, exhibition.

5) Applicable for automobile and bicycle trim, bezel or contour lighting.

Advantage and Disadvantage of UCS2904 LED Strip

UCS2904 Advantage

1) A very high PWM rate of 1.80KHZ allows to capture pixels at 60fps.

2) Driving 4-color LEDs enables hues that were previously difficult to achieve with a single RGB strip.

3) RGB and white (any other single color) can be controlled independently, allowing us to create bolder, more vibrant colors than RGB alone.

UCS2904 Disadvantage

1) 8-bit color resolution, 256 levels of grayscale per color, making the dimming curve less smooth.

2) The refresh rate of the No Clock data line is limited by the speed of the protocol, which is generally slower.

3) No more than 17mA/channel like UCS2903 can be 60mA max.

UCS2904 Cautions

Very similar to SK6812 RGBW protocol/SM16704 protocol, but cannot work with these IC chips.


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